Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 14

Starts off with kid version Hiyuu. He is telling his mom that he loves strawberries. Back in the present Aoi is talking to her teacher, and she tells Aoi to come talk to her if anything happens. Aoi and Komaki are thinking about what they want to do after they graduate, Daigo shows them a letter from a scout that he got but I think he wants to become a cook instead. Komaki while looking at Kyouichi says that there are some people who haven’t thought about it at all. It has been a week since the whole Kozunu thing. Hiyuu had fallen and so the nurse lady took care of him. Everyone has gone back to their jobs etc. They show a glimpse of Raito and the miko twins. Ryuuzan is saying that the journey or path of the Kisaragi family isn’t alone and he says to think about it carefully. Kisaragi is telling his teacher that he doesn’t know/understand his path. Komaki makes fun of Kyouichi by saying that Hiyuu has recently started doing things on his own and leaving Kyouichi behind. Then Toono comes out and tells Aoi, Kyouichi, Komaki and Daigo something, so all of them run out saying that its sounds interesting.

Hiyuu is with his parents and has bought lots of food for them and then Aoi, Kyouiochi, Komaki and Daigo come out and Toono is also there. Kyouichi is making fun of Hiyuu b/c his mom calls him “Hii-chan” Hiyuu’s mom says that Aoi is as pretty as it says in the letter. Aoi etc are wondering what happened to Kisaragi. Then Hiyuu  sees a kid in a wheelchair and he looks really shocked to see him, but when Kyouichi calls Hiyuu, the boy disappears. Then they show some girl. Yukino goes to Kyouichi and Hiyuu, and Hinano goes to Komaki. Everyone is called to Ryuuzan’s place b/c he has something to show them. He shows them Kozunu’s hand. Ryuuzan tells them that there is something known as “shukusay” It has something to do with people being born under a star and then they take the path of that star or something like that. Ryuuzan says that all of them met to fight Kozunu and that is is shukusay’s path. Kyouichi says that life cannot be chosen right when they are born and he says that he isn’t fighting b/c of that, he is fighting b/c he wants to. Iwayama is telling the nurse that Aoi’s power and her power are totally different. The doctor explains why Aoi’s power is really dangerous. Aoi says that if that is her shukusay then she will surpass it b/c she has her friends with her and if shukusay brought all of them together then… Ryuuzan says that if she can control her power then she might be able to save a person’s life.

Kisaragi comes face to face with Aoi. Ryuuzan has planned it so that all of them will meet each other. When he is about to leave Aoi asks him where is he going. But Kisaragi tries to go away from there but Aoi stops him, Kyouichi says “You couldn’t kill Aoi, so you want to die” Aoi gives that bracelet back to him, Aoi asks him to stay with them like before. Then suddenly the barrier gets broken and then Kozunu comes out and he collapses, Aoi wants to go help him but Kisaragi is trying to stop her and then an oni comes out from inside him. Ryuuzan is saying that that is the power of geiho’s true identity. Hiyuu and Kyouichi get ready to fight. When they think they have defeated it they see the kidou-shu protecting it. Kisaragi is flashbacking on what all Ryuuzan said. The oni is right infront of Kisaragi and Aoi. Aoi runs to the oni and tells him to stop. Kisaragi comes in the way and the oni slashes Kisaragi. Kozunu’s hand breaks free from the cloth wrapped around it. Aoi is telling Kisaragi that she doesn’t want anyone else to die and that she won’t allow it for sure. Hiyuu is getting ready to finish off Kozunu. Aoi heals Kisaragi. Kyouichi and Hiyuu finish Kozunu off. Aoi goes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi and tells them that they didn’t need to kill him, Kyouichi said that Kozunu wanted this to end. Aoi is telling Kozunu “it must have been painful, but now its going to be over” Kozunu is remembering his mom then he disappears. Ryuuzan is saying that Kozunu couldn’t have got all this power by himself and that most likely there is someone else behind it. They all think that Kozunu came to warn them about whatever is coming and to tell them that its not over yet. Kyouichi tells Kisaragi that Aoi will continue fighting and he tells Kisaragi “If you want to die, die after Aoi. Till then you aren’t in any hurry right?”

  • The character drawings for this episode was pretty bad.
  • This arc is over and i think the next arc is coming back in July 
  • Also the whole thing about shukusay I think it means that a person’s destiny is already chosen before they are born.
  •  Also I am not sure about the spelling of shukusay.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 13

Episode starts off with that Yagyu guy asking Kozunu whether he wants power. Hiyuu, Kyouichi, Kisaragi, Daigo, Komaki, miko twins etc are going to where the oni is. Kozunu is saying that some guy told him that if he wants to release something he needs power and that if he is ready to throw away a person’s heart, then he has the ability to gain that power. They are recaping on all the events that have happened so far and Kozunu is saying that he doesn’t need a heart and that he has already thrown his away. He is also saying “A person’s heart look what it did to mother” Kozunu continues to say that he has been chosen and he is telling to kill and to become an oni, he also says that he will show geiho. Onis are trying to get to the hospital, Ryuuzan tells Toono that they can’t come in the hospital b/c of a barrier. On the other side Kyouichi etc have their weapons ready to fight. Aoi is screaming and there is a big eyeball type thing, Kozunu is telling his mom to watch and see the same thing they had done to his mom. Then a corpse type thing comes out, in the hospital the doctor and Ryuuzan say that it’s here. Kyouichi etc arrive. Raito goes first but goes down easily. Kozunu sends the other onis to fight with them, miko twins tell Hiyuu to go ahead and save Aoi. They are getting beat badly. Hiyuu reaches where Aoi is but when he tries to touch her, Aoi stops his hand and electrocutes him her right eye is a black hole. Shifts over to Kyouichi and Raito fighting. Miko twins are surrounded by wind. Komaki and Daigo are in like a ball of water.

Kozunu takes a blade out and tells Aoi to kill Hiyuu. But Hiyuu doesn’t move he just smiles and closes his eyes, Hiyuu gets stabbed. Aoi’s right eye has a weird purple symbol on it. Kisaragi tries to kill Aoi, but Kyouichi deflects the blade. Hiyuu “Misato-san, misato-san, can you hear me? I am sorry. Even though Misato-san was hurting I couldn’t do anything. I said that I was happy to meet everyone. I had never had friends like everyone. I was very happy and wanted to think about everyone but… Misato-san you were worried about not being able to protect but it’s not like that, Misato-san has protected all of us so many times, so many, so many times, you protected. I don’t know if Misato-san has realized or not but Kyouichi, Sakurai-san, Daigo-kun and everyone has realized that because Misato-san was there… because she protected…. we all have been able to fight till now. We need Misato-san, it doesn’t matter what power you have, but we will protect you. We will show you that we can protect you for sure. That’s why please come back, Misato-san” Then there is a blast and the corpse that was in her goes out and the sword breaks. Aoi is back! Kozunu is shocked that his jutsu was released and he says that Aoi is his property. Aoi “I will protect. I won’t be beaten. I will protect everyone” Daigo and Komaki burst through the water ball, the miko twins also get out of the wind barrier. Raito “ Fight to protect” All of them get their energy back and start kicking butt. All of Kozunu’s onis are being defeated.

Kozunu is remembering the time his mom was taken away. Before Kozunu’s hand can reach his mom it gets cut off by Raito. A yellow stream of light springs out and clears away the red clouds. The nurse and Sagaya reach up with Kyouichi etc. Kozunu is hurt really bad. Aoi tells him that she felt the sadness in Kozunu’s heart, Kozunu tells her to shut up. Hiyuu “Kozunu Tendou, I want to save you” Kozunu starts punching Hiyuu, Kyouichi stops Daigo from stopping Kozunu. Hiyuu punches Kozunu, Kozunu is crying and saying that he won’t be beat and tells his mother that he will come. Then the place starts shaking and that corpse guy comes out and some other things, they try to pull Kozunu down, Marie Claire is also being sucked down and streams of purple light start shooting out from the ground. Hiyuu, Kyouichi etc run out from there. Yagyu is watching all of this and says “One thing that was wanted has fallen, foolish Kozunu Tendou.”

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 12

Episode starts off with Kozunu saying “the time has come to release..” Marie Claire is telling some guy named Yagyu that Kozunu has got Bosatsu’s eye in his hand but he seems to be hiding something else. Yagyu tells her to let Kozunu be. The detective guy is telling the scientist dude that its really quiet and that he has a bad feeling. Kyouichi asks Raito why he came back. Raito tells him that it has nothing to do with Kyouichi etc but when he follows Kyouichi etc Raito thinks that he can meet him (Kozunu?) When Kyuoichi is about to ask him who “he” is, the nurse comes in and tells Kyouichi that Hiyuu doesn’t seem to have any life threatening injuries. Komaki asks the miko twins why they helped out then Daigo’s teacher comes in and says that he will explain. Kisaragi knows Ryuuzan too and the doctor, Iwayama knows him too.

Ryuuzan says that there is something known as bosatsu’s eye and he says that it has a lot of power and something about it being very dangerous. He also says that if someone can manipulate ryuugyaku Ryumyaku (dragon vein) it would be dangerous. He continues to say that a person that has Bosatsu’s eye has a certain kind of power, I think it’s like a healing power b/c Komaki remembers to when Aoi healed that girl and then Komaki wonders if Aoi has bosatsu’s eye. Iwayama says that Bosatsu’s power is different from hers, Bosatsu can make a dead person alive and heal wounds. Ryuuzan says how in the first episode he tried to get Kozunu but Kozunu was too powerful. Komaki then figures out that Kozunu was after ryuugyaku Ryumyaku so he is also after Aoi b/c she has Bosatsu’s eye. Komaki asks Kisaragi whther he talked to Aoi and tells him that he is stupid if he told her and she asks him what he told Aoi. Kisaragi says that he has to kill bosatsu’s eye before it becomes too dangerous. Komaki punches him b/c she is so angry. Daigo and Toono try to stop her, Komaki asks “why? why does Aoi have to be killed???!!!! It’s not Aoi’s fault that she has been born with that power”  Ryuuzan asks Kisaragi whether his father told him to do that and he says that he knows that the kisaragi family protects Tokyo and protected it in the Edo period. Ryuuzan says that Kisaragi family’s mission is to kill Bosatsu’s eye.

Marie Claire goes to Kozunu, he makes fun of her by saying that her master was also using her a puppet. Ryuuzan says that its about time for it to start and he needs to talk to Kisaragi and everyone about something. Ryuuzan says something about Kozunu’s family protecting the person with Bosatsu’s eye by geiho. He is talking about some battle that happened long ago. Ryuuzan says that Kozunu family continued to exist in the shadows of history and he says something about Tendou Kozunu having something. Kozunu remembers back to when his mom was taken. Hiyuu wakes up and says that he thinks he understands. Hiyuu says that Kozunu tried to look inside his heart, he says that he felt Kozunu’s regret, pain and he says that he wants to save Kozunu’s heart. Raito gets angry and says no way. Hiyuu says that he wants to fight to protect and he says that Aoi must have thought that too. Marie Claire goes to Kozunu and asks him whats going to begin, Kidou-shu symbols start flying up, Kozunu says something about the Kozunu family members lying dead there and that when he reads something from a book their blood will be released?? Then Ryuuzan, Iwayama and the others feel something. Kozunu is chanting something and all the Kidou-shu symbols are going into the book, Aoi’s eye is being pulled out, pillars of light shoot out from different places in the whole city. Then all the purpleish light goes into Aoi’s eye she starts screaming. 

Iwayama says that its begun and she tells them to try to get Aoi back as soon as possible. The guy from the before episode who took Aoi away in his little world says that he can hear Aoi’s crying voice. That guy says that Aoi saved him last time so now this time he wants to help her. Hiyuu is looking at the toy and saying “I couldn’t protect you but…” Kyouichi asks Kisaragi whether he is still going to kill Aoi, Kisaragi tells him that, that is his mission, Kyouichi tells him that then he will be Kisaragi’s opponent and Kyouichi says that he will protect her. Raito says that he will get Kozunu for sure, Hiyuu tells him that he won’t let Raito get Kozunu. Then weird explosions are shown, Ryuuzan says that it is an oni. Toono takes a picture of everyone that’s going to save Aoi, then she tells them to come back for sure and tell her everything.  Then Kyouichi says that “this is the last battle, get your spirits up and lets go!!”

  • sorry it took so long to finish the summary. I am not sure if Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou is going to run for 14 episodes or more.
  • next episode seems like a big one, there should be lots of fighting.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 11

Episode starts off with Inugami saying that something is coming tonight??  Anyways Sayo is on the train with Hiyuu. While back in Tokyo Kyouichi and Kisaragi are frantically looking around for Aoi. Kyouichi calls Komaki and tells her that Aoi is missing and that Kozunu has started to move, Kyouichi tells her to contact Daigo and search for Aoi. Toono finds Kyouichi and shows him the picture where Sayo’s hand is only bones and she has blood on her uniform. Sayo and Hiyuu get off at a station, Sayo calls her uncle but he can’t come pick them up b/c he is busy so they have to walk b/c buses don’t run at that time. Sayo suddenly stops and says “I am sorry” Then she starts remembering the accident and how her parents died and her hand starts aching, when Hiyuu asks her what happened she says nothing and they continue walking. They both come across many flowers, Sayo says that there are many flowers of the same kind ahead, she says that its the same as before only then her parents were there. Then Hiyuu says that his parents too, and then he gets that same toy thing out which she had in the car and a keyholder from his hood. Sayo says something about wanting to go around looking for a certain kind of flowers and she wants Hiyuu with her. Then they show Raito. Then they show the hospital with the nurse taking care of the guy who had taken Aoi. The nurse senses something. Then Kisaragi is remembering Aoi crying after hearing everything, then Komaki and Daigo find him. Sayo and Hiyuu have reached the house. Sayo is going in when she tells Hiyuu that he can stay the night b/c it’s too late,but when Hiyuu steps in the house turns into this weird place. Kisaragi says that most likely Kozunu has Aoi. On the otherside Hiyuu is facing Kozunu and Sayo.

Infront of Kisaragi, Komaki and Daigo Aoi comes out, when Komaki is about to go to her, Kisaragi stops her and tells her to look carefully Aoi’s right eye turns into like a ying-yang sign. Kyouichi I think is going after Hiyuu. Kisaragi is flashbacking to different things and then he starts moving towards her but Komaki. Daigo and Kisaragi get thrown back. Kisaragi tells Daigo that they have to stop Aoi and then Kidou-shu appear and Marie Claire. On the otherside Hiyuu can’t move, Kozunu tells him that Sayo isn’t living, then they show how Kozunu brought her back. Kozunu says that she is some sort of an oni and that she died long back and then he shows her hand which is dead flesh. Kozunu said that he brought her to life to bring Hiyuu here, then Sayo says that Kozunu promised that he would bring her parents back to life and that everyone can come back to how they were and then Sayo apologizes. Hiyuu says that he understands. Aoi is fighting with Komaki. Kisaragi and Daigo. Kozunu tells Hiyuu that Aoi has become his possesion, Kozunu had planned it so that Sayo would take Hiyuu away from Aoi. Kozunu wants to know what Hiyuu is. Then Kozunu says that he will see Hiyuu’s truth and then Kozunu sees all  that has happened so far including way before his master told him to go to Magami school. He sees Hiyuu when he hwas a small kid and a guys face with a big scar, when Hiyuu was a baby and way before to I think when Hiyuu fought Kozunu. Then Kozunu says “you, he is..” and then he bangs his head with Hiyuu’s. Then Kozunu sees his mom hanging and I think he kills some other people. Kozunu is saying “wrong, no I am Kozunu, I am Tendou Kozunu.”

Back to present Kozunu says he knows now why he was soo interested in Hiyuu, Kozunu says “you have, your family has” and then Kozunu says “die” and a tear drop falls and then Kozunu screams “die!!!!!” he puts his hand through Hiyuu. Sayo is remembering back to what all Hiyuu did for her when she looks at that toy and says “stop, please stop!!, I don’t care what happens to me” and then Sayo starts melting or something like that, Kozunu tells her that if she likes Hiyuu that much she should go die with him, when Kozunu is about to finish Hiyuu off, Sayo tries to stop him and then Sayo melts away. Hiyuu wakes up to find him self outside there is no house there only the toy is left, Kozunu stamps it. Then Hiyuu starts fighting with Kozunu b/c he is soo angry. While fighting Kozunu says “you, b/c of you the Kozunu family, mother… You, you, to mother, give back mother, give mother back!!!!” Hiyuu gets cut really bad by Kozunu but he heals very fast. On the otherside Komaki,Daigo and Kisaragi are being sucked down by weird things. Kisaragi is chanting something, Maire Claire is watching all this when suddenly weird blue symbols causes the thing which had caught Kisaragi etc to disappear, Marie Claire is really pissed, Raito Umon comes to their rescue and then the miko twins come to help. Raito makes them disappear. On the otherside Kyouichi reaches up, but Kozunu just laughs and disappears, then Hiyuu collapses.

  • I don’t know what is said in the ending and I can’t figure out who it is. 
  • Hiyuu kept on taking stuff from his hood lol!
  • This episode shows us more about Kozunu’s past and Hiyuu’s.

NANA - 47 Season Finale

The episode starts with the same words Nana said in the ending of the last episode. Hachi is saying that she the fireworks will come in, on that day she will be waiting with everyone else in room 707 and she says that she has a yukata ready for Nana. In the present Hachi and Satsuki go to room 707 for the fireworks festival at night, Yasu is there too. Yasu says that when he talks to Satsuki he feels like he is talking to Shin when he was younger. Right then Shin comes in wearing a yukata. Hachi says that it’s the fireworks festival day and she says that even if everyone is really busy they will still get together in this room on this day. Then Nobu also comes. Nobu says that Yasu hasn’t changed a lot. Hachi gets Nobu’s yukata for him and tells him to wear it after his shower. Nobu asks about Ren, Hachi says that he will come only when the fireworks starts. Nobu buys a present for Satsuki, a doll, Hachi is way more excited to see it. Hachi says that time heals wounds but there are also wounds that are not talked about. Hachi also says that time has stopped in room 707. When Hachi is getting the bath ready she remembers talking to Nana in that tub. Nobu comes in and asks what she is doing. Hachi tells him not to worry about her b/c she is fine now. When Hachi is leaving Nobu stops her. Hachi “Nana, there are lots of stories I want you to hear. This room is full of memories.”

In the past Nana, Yasu, Shin and Nobu are watching the fireworks. Nana is wondering where Hachi is. Hachi is crying and saying that she needs to go fast b/c everyone is waiting and that if she doesn’t keep this promise she will be a betrayer but her tears aren’t stopping. Hachi says that she thought that if they talked everything would be fine and thought that they could go back to being friends, she also says that she should have treasured him more b/c now she has lost him forever. Hachi’s phone rings, she tells herself that she won’t be able to face Nobu. Hachi is about to cry and tells Nana “I am sorry, I can’t come” Nana asks her why she is crying. Hachi tells Nana that she is scared to meet Nobu. Nana tells her that Nobu didn’t show up even though he is there. Nana tells her to come quickly b/c Shin and Yasu are also waiting. She also tells Hachi not to say things like she can’t come. Nana “I want to meet you quickly Hachiko, come quickly” Nobu starts leaving, Nana asks him where he is going, Nobu tells her she is going home. Nobu says that Hachi doesn’t want to meet him. Nana tells him that that’s nto what she said, Hachi said she is scared of meeting him and Nana says that Hachi must be still in love with Nobu. Nana says that she understands why Hachi is scared. Takumi and her wedding is close and if she gets back together with Nobu it would be like a drama. Nana then says that Nobu just wants to comfort Hachi and doesn’t even like her. Nobu screams “I do like her!! What would you know?” Nana talks about Miu and how she has the same condition as Nana so sometimes she can’t go to work until she has her medicine. Nana then says that Nobu likes to save girls in situations that don’t concern him, so he can feels like a hero but if Nobu gets too involved he would leave her. Shin, Nana and Yasu are watching the fireworks. Shin says that Nana has purposely made it so Hachi and Nobu can meet. Shin tells her that Hachi might become hurt again if she meets Nobu, but Nobu does his best to choose certain things to make sure that everyone is happy. Nobu is still in the room taking his wig out and he remembers what he told Hachi “I will make you happy no matter what” Hachi rings the bell. Nobu is about to open the door when he remembers what Nana said about Hachi’s world becoming like a drama if they got together. Hachi calls Shin and asks him whether they have already gone b/c no one is answering at first Shin is shocked then he tells her that they are outside watching the fireworks, so Hachi leaves to meet them. On the otherside of the door Nobu is crying.

Hachi finds them. Nana comments on how big the diamond on Hachi’s ring is. Nana asks Hachi why she hasn’t invited Nana, Shin and Yasu to the wedding. Hachi asks her wther they would come,Nana says “Ofcourse” Then Nana says “Become happy for sure!!” Nana says that Nobu thought about Hachi’s happines and didn’t try to get her back but if she isn’t happy he won’t be able to stand it. Nana tells Hachi not to worry about a few betrayals, Hachi flashbacks to when she saw Shoji and Sachiko together. Hachi says something about her emotions flowing but it wasn’t b/c of seeing Shoji and Sachiko. Ginpei asks them if the fireworks festival was good, no reply. Hachi is telling Nana that the summer that Nana was aiming for but couldn’t is here right now. Hachi also says that she will wait forever, 10, 20 or even 50 years. (When Hachi is saying that they show Nana’s yukata that Hachi got) Satsuki wakes up to see the fireworks.

  • The ending song is Kuroi Namida
  • Shin looked cute in the yukata!!!! >_<
  • Nana 1st season is over I hope there is another season. It was fun blogging Nana even if I started from the middle.
  • The manga is still going on, I will be following Nana by reading the manga.
  • That’s it the end till hopefully another season *keeps fingers crossed*

La Corda D’Oro - 25 THE END

Hino is going early b/c she wants to prepare for the last selection when she sees Yunoki!!! She is really shocked, Yunoki tells her that he is playing in the last selection. Yunoki says something about going to England but not to enroll in the school. Hino is happy that in the last selection everyone is taking part. In school everyone is happy to see Yunoki. Hihara, Tsuchiura are shocked to see him back. Kanazawa says that Yunoki went to England to get something back not sure but he is back. Lili tells Hino to do her best, and is about to give her her dress when a girl runs in telling Hino to come quickly. Mori-san has hurt her hand so she wouldn’t be able to accompany Hino, Tsuchiura says that he will accompany her in place of Mori-san. But Hino says that a contestant cannot accompany another contestant, plus Hino is going up first. Then a girl known as Shoji-san comes in and says that she will do it, she was the girl who left Hino in the first few selections, but she says she feels bad for it. Then she says that she thought of quitting piano after that but after hearing Hino practice recently she remembered the fun she had playing the piano and she says that she likes music that’s why she wants to head towards it. Hino allows her to accompany her. But Kanazawa is saying that she won’t have much time to practice, then Hihara says that why don’t they make Hino’s performance last and change the order, all of them say that they don’t mind the order changing so it’s changed.

Yunoki goes up first. On the other side Hino and Shoji are practicing with the help of Mori-san. Hino is telling herself that she is really happy that Yunoki came back and she flashbacks, she continues on to say that she was shocked to see his true self but that helped her to move forward and to trust her feelings. When Yunoki finished Hihara tells him that he is happy that they participated in this together. Next is Hihara. Hihara tells Hino to do her best  and that he will do his best too b/c he likes the trumpet, so that this music can reach the people who I treasure. He continues on to say that he wants this music to give people courage, feel good etc. Hino says “The person who showed me that music is fun was Hihara.” She continues on to say that she wants to give a good performance to thank Hihara for the support he has given her and Hino thanks him for always being there. After his performance Hihara says that he never thought he could perform like this. Next up is Fuyuumi. Hino says “Fuyuumi now you can perform without becoming nervous and being calm right? I used to think of Fuyuumi as my little sister but now the concour has made Fuyuumi so much mroe mature and like a lady.

Next Shimizu. Hino is saying that Shimizu tought her a lot of things, Hino then says that just like now continue letting out the feelings inside of him. Ousaki comes in to tell her that it’s going to be her turn. Tsukimori goes up next. Hino is saying that the one who taught her a lot about the violin was Tsukimori and Hino says that she feels that now his music gives out a feel of kindness and his feelings show more. Tsukimori asks her if she is ready and then says that if she does her performance the way she wants she will be fine. Tsuchiura goes up next. Hino says that he always saved her and worried about her. Hino says that b/c of him being straight out blunt soemtimes he has helped her. Tsuchiura is telling his child self to not be sad and says that Hino has helped him, he also says that he is happy playing piano like this. Tsukimori tells Tsuchiura that his performance was just like him and tells him to continue playing it his way, Tsuchiura tells him “I’ll return those words to you”

Finally Hino!!! Hino has not dressed up, she says that she wants to go like this. Hino says “It’s about time corda, the number of kizuna (I think hurt/pain) the music has given” (not sure)  Hino says “lots of things have happened, the violin has made me meet lots of people, music that gave lots of beautiful memories, there were times that were hard and I cried but. Yes, I love this violin, love music, all the people that supported me and protected me, and Lili, who introduced me to music I want to dedicate this to them.” Everyone claps!!!! All of them are on the stage clapping for her. Hino “Thank you for being with me till now” to the violin. After everything is over and everyone has left, Lili goes to Hino and tells her that b/c of Hino this concour became really good and then Lili thanks her. Hino thanks Lili and says that she will continue playing this violin and playing music together with it from now till forever. Hino hears music and stands up and sees Tsuchiura, Tsukimori, Yunoki, Hihara, Shimizu; they are all performing together. Next to her Fyuumi, Amou, Kanazawa, Mori, Hino’s friends and Ousaki are standing. At the end Hino says that she will aim for something new. In the ending they show the kids performing in the charity with Ousaki, Hihara, Yunoki, Shimizu, Fuyuumi,Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Hino. Kanzawa, Amou and some others are watching.

Hino “It would be nice to meet again”

  • It’s over, it was fun blogging it even though I started blogging it in the middle. The ending was pretty good, instead of being with any one guy Hino said she has fallen in love with her violin and music.
  • This way no one will be disappointed that she wasn’t with a certain guy.
  • Most likely NANA is going to end this week too but the manga is there!.


Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 10

Kisaragi shows them a map type thing that shows where all the onis have killed recently. Kisaragi tells them that lately the onis haven’t been appearing. Komaki thinks that they might have left Tokyo and is excited. Kisaragi tells them that Kozunu most likely has planned something. While going back Daigo says that they have to wait for him to make a move. Aoi is day dreaming, when Komaki asks her whats going on, she tells Komaki that she has been busy lately with the student council. They all are going to eat ramen but Hiyuu says he has to do something else so he goes off. Toono shows them pictures of that girl with Hiyuu. Kyouichi and Daigo think that Hiyuu and her are on a date. But Kyouichi remembers her from the accident with the crow. Her name is Sayu/Sayo Hirasaka ?. Her favourite word is something and that means that a person’s soul can be reborn many times but is lost forever in a world that is sad and painfull. Her parents were killed in the crow incident. When Aoi is staring at the picture of Hiyuu and Sayu Sayo she suddenly sees a zombie type person’s eye. Then Aoi’s eye starts hurting.

Kisaragi is remembering back to the words his master said to him about their family’s mission and about a thing appearing when it will be time, it’s known as the Eye of Bosatsu. His master tells him “Hisui, when that thing shows itself you should…” Kyouichi drops Aoi to her house. He tells her that if anything happens to call him. Aoi comes face to face with Kozunu. He tells her that he has only come to meet her this time. And then he says “It’s scary isn’t it? Your power” He continues on to say how she feels something powerful inside but tries to act like its nothing. He says that if she stays she will hurt someone. Aoi says that she just wants to protect everyone. Kozunu tells her that if she comes with him she can protect everyone her friends and this town. He tells her to remember that she can’t run away from it. In class the next day Kyouichi noctices that Aoi isn’t there. Then he sees Inugami-sensei looking at him and remembers the time he told Kyouichi to take Aoi to the hospital and Kyouichi is wondering who or what Inugami-sensei is. When Hiyuu is going to meet Sayu Sayo, Kyouichi tells him “You do know, right” Hiyuu replies by saying “right now I am sorry, but I have to go now.” Aoi is remembering what Kozunu said “You can’t run away from your destiny, remember that Aoi Misato” Then Aoi thinks that its the same as Hiyuu. Sayu Sayo seems to be leaving Tokyo. Aoi sees Hiyuu and Sayu Sayo. 

Kisaragi is saying some sort of spell/chant and he is remembering Aoi. Kyouichi is behind him.  He tells Kisaragi to tell him everything and not hide stuff. Kyouichi asks Kisaragi about Aoi,whats happening to her and whats he doing. Kisaragi says that the power Aoi has is the Eye of Bosatsu. One of the most cursed powers in this world. Aoi is listening to Kyouichi and Kisaragi. Kyouichi asks Kisaragi if something is wrong with Aoi b/c she is protecting Tokyo too. All the oni incidents that have happened were so that the Eye of Bosatsu came out. Kozunu is aiming for that power so he making people into onis. Kyouichi starts getting angry. Kisaragi says that that power cannot be left alone. He remembers back to the master, he tells Kisaragi that no matter what the situation is he has to kill it, the Eye of Bosatsu before anything else happens a “Kisaragi” has to kill it and he can’t let the Eye of Bosatsu go to Kozunu either. Kyouichi takes his bokuto (wooden sword) out and starts fighting while asking Kisaragi “That means you are going to kill Aoi!!!!!!” Kyouichi says that he was wrong to trust Kisaragi. Then they start fighting. Kyouichi asks him whther what he said about protecting Aoi was all a lie. Then Aoi comes out and says “All this was my fault, all the incidents till now” Aoi then runs off, Kyouichi and Kisaragi follow.  Aoi’s voice “I want to protect a person, save them, more than my life. What all am I saying. I could only say I wanted to protect a person, everything’s result was…” Her eye becomes red and she says people dead like in a war. Then she sees Kozunu’s nightmare about his mother hanging. Aoi jumps from the cliff. But these weird purple symbols save her and she disappears. Toono sees in the picture that Sayu’s Sayo’s one hand is only bones and blood on her uniform. Sayu Sayo is saying that she was happy to meet Hiyuu and then she thanks him and when the train is about to leave Hiyuu gets in and says “It will be okay, b/c I will come too”   

  • Not sure if its Sayu or Sayo. I just changed it to Sayo b/c I found a site that said it was Sayo Hirasaka will change it if wrong

NANA - 46

Reunion! Hachi and Shoji 

Nana’s voice is saying that now they are no more an amateur band and that they have signed a contract with Gaia. Nana also says that she thought that they could play in the band freely with Hachi and her kid. Nana says how their day goes by, first they all play mahjong together then I think Nana takes Yuri to her room. Then Nana tries to sleep but she is thinking about Nobu and says that she wants Nobu to only think about Hachi for now and she wants him to still like Hachi. Then she prays to God, the Demon Lord for Nobu and Hachi to be together. Miu goes to wake up Nobu. Nobu is discussing with Shin whether Miu hates him. Nobu wants to stay in the room next to Shin’s, but Shin tells him that he moved from the 6th floor room next to Nobu to the 4th floor room so that he can escape him lol. Shin asks Nobu is he going to the fireworks festival, Nobu says yes, then Shin happily asks him “You are going to get Hachi back??!!”  Nobu tells him no and that if she is happy its okay but if she is alone then he can’t leave her. In the car Ginpei is telling them that they can’t cancel, then Nana scratches his head saying that he just needs to change the time. Nana tells Ginpei that their make-up artist will dress them up so they won’t be recognized. But Yasu makes Ginpei understands so he changes it. When Ginpei tells them that he has changed the plans and they can go Nana says “Our band has become like a family”  Nana says that she is being protected by such a family that’s why she can be selfish sometimes. Then she is trying to figure out who would be like a father b/c Ginpei is like a mom. Nana says that she has always admired a family like the one in the dramas and she says that if Hachi comes into Nobu’s dream, then it would be perfect.

Hachi has gone to the doctor and she asks Hachi whether she wants to know the gender of the baby or wait till it is born. The doctor tells her to take care of her health. When Hachi is going back her stomach starts growling and so she says “Did you say somethign Sachiko? Ahh! Jackson Burger No not there, there are unwanted people….” (not too sure about why she didn’t want Jackson Burger) Shoui is wondering whether he should go to the fireworks festival or not and if he doesn’t go he feels like Sachiko has got excited for it so it would be sad to turn her down. Then Hachi comes in to the Jackson Hole, Satou Kouichi and Shoji are shocked to see her. Hachi thinks it’s the demon lord’s doing. Shoji asks her why she has come here, Hachi says that Sachiko got hungry. Shoji asks her why she has named her kid Sachiko. Hachi says she doesn’t know why and that she doesn’t like it either but Takumi wanted it. Shoji wants Hachi to get Reira’s signature sicne she is married to Takumi. Hachi tells him that she will try but Reira is busy. Shoji thinks that Reira and Hachi are friends and Hachi plays long.

Takumi is saying that Ren wants to marry Nana, Reira is shocked that Ren said that. He says that Ren has gone to buy the ring and then Takumi says “If it’s that ring, Nana-chan will also like it. There is no need to worry now”  Shoji is telling Hachi that its good things didn’t work out with him b/c then she wouldn’t be with Takumi. Then they start fighting as to whose fault it was. Hachi asks him why he cheated and lied, Shoji says that it must have been the demon lord. Reira is happy that Takumi worries about Ren, Takumi says that he worries more about Ren than Reira does. Reira then says that if Nana is always with Ren then he would stop his bad habits. Takumi tells her that he can stop whenever he wants (drugs), Reira says that she always thought Ren was a guy who if he wanted to stop could stop on his own. Reira says that Takumi said he would stop smoking for the baby but he hasn’t, Takumi tells her that its not easy to stop. Reira tells Takumi to think about Ren as a person not about the band, Takumi replies by saying that, that is not his job. Reira and Takumi are talking about the reason behind Ren’s marriage. Reira says that their main fans are young girls and if Takumi and Ren get married their fan base might reduce.Takumi says “I understand, it should be okay if its only Ren”

Hachi is asking Shoji why Sachiko is working and he is just roaming around, Shoji tells her that they have different shifts. Then he asks her who she is going with to the fireworks festival. Hachi tells him that she won’t tell who b/c celebrities have many secrets and she tells him that if they see each other they shouldn’t call out. Then Shoji apologizs for everything, Hachi says that she also has lots of bad parts. Shoji continues saying that now Hachi’s selfishness doesn’t seem like much, he also says that he enjoys talking to Hachi and is happy that they met again but from now on they can’t meet. Then he asks her when Sachiko is going to be born and I think Sachiko will be born the same day as Shoji’s Sachiko was. Yasu, Shin, Nobu and Nana are waiting in Room 707 for Hachi to arrive. Shin says that the long hair suits Nobu and that Hachi mgiht fall for him. Yasu says that he looks a bit like Shoji. Shoji goes to meet Sachiko for the fireworks festival. Nana’s voice is saying something about how the first time a person is hurt by someone close to them it’s realyl hard and then she tells Hachi that if all of them could meet again then she would be scared again and won’t be able to move.

  • Sorry for the summary being late. I think Sachiko had a ring on…
  • Shin looked sooo cute dressed as Misato!!!
  • I think next week is the last episode!!!! no, no, no!!! :(

Next Week Last Episode - 47

The Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA

La Corda D’Oro - 24

Hino finds Tsukimori on the roof, waiting for her. Tsukimori gives her a ticket for the charity concert he is playing at with his mom. Hino is wondering why he would be performing with his mom when last time he seemed nervous to perform in front of his parents. Tsukimori says “I want you to listen”  Lili comes and tells Hino that the one playing the violin is Hino and not someone else. Amou is taking pictures of Fuyuumi and tells her that Fuyuumi seems to have matured since the first time she entered the concour. Kanazawa is trying to sing like he did on the tape. Hino asks him “Are you going to sing again? The person singing in that tape was you, Kanazawa-sensei right. It was a really good song” Hino sees Kanazawa’s sad face and apologizes and goes off. Kanazawa tells her that when he sees all of them his hurt is shown. Then Hino says that she wants to hear Kanazawa-sensei’s song again.

The next day Hino is practicing and she sees Hihara watching her. Hihara gives Hino a treat to some cake for working so hard. Hihara is about to tell her that cake is something to do with the girl a guy likes… but he stops b/c he starts blushing and instead says that cake is like loving music…?? Then Hino says like Cabot Gavotte cute and makes the heart feel light. Hihara tells Hino that the song he is going to play in the concour will be for the most precious person to him and that he will continue music for that person to be happy and to cheer that person up. Hino is practicing and can’t seem to get one part so she says that she will do it a certain way but Shimizu tells her that, that is not her way and that she should play from her heart. Then he thanks her saying he found his b/c of Hino. Hino goes to the beach b/c she came early for the charity show, she finds Tsukimori there. Hino is surprised to find him at the beach, Tsukimori says that he wonders why he suddenly wanted to be on the beach, the wind warmed him. When Hino is about to pick up a shell, Tsukimori stops her by saying that she could break her finger again and tells her to take care of her finger. Hino says that feeling this way, touching things if everyone showed those emotions through music then it would be great. Tsukimori then says that music being born from the heart is Hino’s music. Hino remembers back to what Lili and Shimizu said.

Hihara has also come for the charity show. All of them were given tickets to the charity concert by Tsukimori’s mom. Hino is wondering why Tsukimori only gave her the ticket. Then Hihara asks her why her seat is in a different row. Then Tsukimori’s mom comes up on stage and starts playing. Then Tsukimori comes and they start playing together. Hino sees herself in a garden with Tsukimori playing. Hihara, Tsuchiura, Fuyuumi and Shimizu are also there. They both finish playing with everyone clapping. All of them are talking about Tsukimori’s performance being really good.All of them go to meet Tsukimori and his mom and thank her for the tickets. Tsukimori’s mom says “I thought so” While going back Hino tells them that she is going to play a song that is her type and that she likes.

  • Sorry for getting this out so late. The next episode is the last episode!! looking forward to it.

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 9

Episode starts off with kid version Hiyuu playing a game with some kids, he guesses who is where and then they go off saying that he is cheating or something like that. Then a girl goes up to Hiyuu and asks him whether he is Tatsuma Hiyuu. Toono is interviewing Aoi about the student council. Daigo is checking whether Komaki is fine. Komaki goes to practice archery,then she remembers that girl lying dead and saying that if they don’t win. Komaki’s shot goes off and she starts puking. Komaki is worried b/c her powers are gone, she can’t shoot properly anymore. Kozunu seems to being having a nightmare about his mom. Marie Claire finds it funny and goes off running saying “mom,mom”  One of the masks go to Kozunu and tells him that they have seen something he is looking for, Kozunu tells the mask to go look for it b/c it will be somewhere in Tokyo. Kisaragi is remembering what his master/father had said to him about the family’s mission/duty On a show they are talking about all the high schoolers dying, while one girl has killed a guy. Hiyuu and Kyouichi check out whether the streets are fine and they go off to help Aoi. Aoi helps a girl. Kyouichi is saying that even though lots of stuff has been happening the city is still pretty quiet. Daigo is beating a guy up thinking he is an oni but he wasn’t one. The next day Aoi, Toono, Hiyuu and Kyouichi are talking about Komaki. Kyouichi says that they don’t have time to waste over someone who can’t fight. Daigo is cooking a meal for Komaki. Komaki is angry and crying while saying “It’s no use, I can’t do it.” She is so angry she throws the food he made.

Kyouichi and Hiyuu find a girl (the same girl Aoi helped) using some weird power to cut a person in half. Aoi remembers her. Then the girl shows her wrists which has red marks like cat scratches. She has the same red marks on her face. Kyouichi saves Aoi and is sitting on Hiyuu lol! Daigo is asking his teacher “You saved me, but I am useless I can’t save a person. I can’t save the girl I like. I want to protect the person who is precious to me. Please tell me, what I should do” Kyouichi is telling Kisaragi that both Aoi and Komaki aren’t any help. Kyouichi says that he and Hiyuu will take care of the oni, he asks Kisaragi whether he has found Kozunu yet, Kisaragi hasn’t found him yet. Kyouichi asks him whether he is hiding anything, Kisaragi says no, nothing. Kyouichi and Hiyuu spilit up b/c Kyouichi has something to do. Kyouichi goes to see Komaki. Kyouichi tells her that she doesn’t have time to mope around, he acts like he is going to do something to her and says that “ohh! I jsut noticed you are a girl”, so she slaps him saying “don’t underestimate me” Kyouichi tells her to calm down and just be herself. Hiyuu goes to check up on Aoi. He tells her to talk to him. Komaki goes to the old school building where everything started and she flashbacks. Daigo goes to her and tells her that he didn’t think about Komaki’s feelings and what she really wanted. He opens up the new bento he made. He tells her “it was hard right, even I would, but Komaki can surpass it. That’s why I want you to become happy. I will protect Komaki, that’s why don’t worry and protect what is precious to you” Toono is watching all this.

Aoi is showing Hiyuu the scar she got in the fire, she says that if she had saved her friend she wouldn’t have minded having a scar like this. Aoi says that she is scared, about a person dying, losing their life, people who become onis and people who get killed by onis. Those feelings get so huge sometimes. She also says that she feels like a power, that she can’t do anything about is moving. Hiyuu then shows her his scar. Hiyuu is flashbacking. When he was small he was playing in the playground when one girl’s ballon went flying up so he jumped and got it back for her. But she became scared off him and ran. Hiyuu tells Aoi that he had this scar since he was born, at first he hated it but his father told him to treasure it b/c one day that will be necessary. Hiyuu continues on to say that since he came to Magami school and started fighting onis he has finally understood what his father had said and that he feels like he has understood the reason why he was born and he is really happy that he met everyone. That girl is going around causing explosions, all of them except Komaki reach up. Komaki is about to shoot the arrow. Aoi tries talking to the girl but it’s not working. Aoi uses her barrier to protect all of them from her attacks. Komaki shoots and it hits the girl. Komaki reaches up and thanks Daigo for the bento. I think the girl blows up b/c Aoi tries to get her back to life by performing CPR. The girl wakes up, her wounds heal but I think she is still dead. Kozunu says he has found it. Komaki is saying “It was really amazing, Aoi having a power like that” Ends with Kyouichi and Hiyuu looking troubled.

  • I think Aoi might have brought the girl to life. Also Kozunu says he has found what he was looking for, while looking at Aoi??? 
  • Also I think the girl who goes up to Hiyuu in the starting is the same girl he saved, who was also in Kozunu’s flashback?? hmm.. maybe….