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Happy New Year!!!!!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year to all!!!! Hopefully next year will be a good, happy, prosperous year for all ^_^  Since i have just joined the blogging world lol My full on blogging will most likely start next year. Please look forward!! Thank you! Happy New Year once again!

D.Gray-man episode 13

Bookman is introduced to Allen. Allen and Lavi go to the city. There we come to know that Lavi is 18 years old while Allen is 15 years old. We also come to know Kanda’s first name is Yu. Allen freaks out when he can’t make out whether a person is a human or an [...]

D.Gray-man episode 12

 Allen and Lenalee fight with Road. Road kills her own akuma to make Allen suffer as he can see the akuma’s soul. He can see the pain he is going through. Allen tries to safe the akuma but Lenalee stops him saying that he will die too. Late when Road is about to leave, Allen [...]

Kin-iro no corda - episode 13

Hino’s exams are coming up so when she goes to practice her violin Lili comes and takes her violin away telling her that she should study for her exams instead of practicing. When Hino is walking out Lili talking to himself saying that its not good for Hino or the violin to practice like that. [...]

Kin-iro no Corda-Episode 12


Please tell me if I have spelled the names wrong or that the name I have written is wrong or any other mistakes I have made. I will change it immediately. Thank you!    

    Yunoki tells Hino that she should give up and not try and he tells her other mean things. This shocks Hino and later [...]

Nana - episode 36

                                          Burasuto shinkyoko “Blast’s new song”
Nana is thinking to herself how she can’t go back home, yet she can’t stay in Ren’s house like this either. She is thinking about Hachi and what she must be doing at home alone now. Then it switches to Takumi and Mari. Mari is telling him that Reira is [...]