D.Gray-man episode 12

 Allen and Lenalee fight with Road. Road kills her own akuma to make Allen suffer as he can see the akuma’s soul. He can see the pain he is going through. Allen tries to safe the akuma but Lenalee stops him saying that he will die too. Late when Road is about to leave, Allen comes and his his hand gun thing to her head. But she knows he won’t shoot her as she is human. Allen and Lenalee reach back to the real world where they ask Miranda to stop the time thing but she tells them if she does that all of their wounds will come back but they persuade her. The next day Allen wakes up with Komui taking care of his wounds. Allen is introduced to Lavi.

Lavi’s seiyuu is the same seiyuu as Hikaru!!! ^_^ another good episode!

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  1. Danny says:

    lol @ linali’s bitchslap xD