D.Gray-man episode 13


Bookman is introduced to Allen. Allen and Lavi go to the city. There we come to know that Lavi is 18 years old while Allen is 15 years old. We also come to know Kanda’s first name is Yu. Allen freaks out when he can’t make out whether a person is a human or an akuma. He understands what the other exorsists go through everyday. Allen asks Lavi how he knows if someone is an akuma. Lavi tells him that he thinks of all of them as akumas. He also says that since we wear the cloak that shows that we are exorsists the akuma will come to us making us their immeadiate targets. At the end Allen eye patch comes of and his left eye is healed so he knows who is an akuma and who isn’t.

Episode 14 preview

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