Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - 01

 Let me introduce the characters first: 1st pic: Manabi Amamiya, 2nd pic: Mika Inamori, 6th pic: Mutsuki Uehara, 10th pic: Mei Etoh and in the 11th pic: Momoha Odori 

   Starts of with Manabi going to her school in the train. Then shifts to Mika who is running since she is late for her swimming competition she is talking to Mutsuki. Then Manabi jumps out and sees that Mika is late so she gives Mika a ride on her skateboard rocket thingy. While thats happening Mutsuki is freaking out because Mika isn’t here yet and the competition is going to start. But right in time Mika and Manabi come flying and fall into the swimming pool. Mika gives Manabi one of her swim suits and Manabi gets ready to participate. But instead of swimming she starts of with a run in mid-air and some gymnastic moves and ends up stuck in the yellow rope.

   Next day of school we are introduced to Mei who seems to be the type to keep to herself. But Mutsuki comes and troubles her lol. Then all the students of the school are having a meeting type for who wants to join the student council, which is lead by Mika. More like she is the only one in the student council. Mika is really freaked out but ends up giving a powerful speech only to see that everyone is sleeping.

  Manabi is trying to get to school and meets Momoha who is videotaping the birds. She asks Mutsuki for directions and instead of using the stairs to get ot the school she goes through the bushes! So anyway Manabi comes into the room flying again. When Mika asks who wants to join the student council no one puts their hand up. But Manabi says she wants to. The teachers are debating whether she should be allowed or not. To show that she, Manami loves this school she sings the school song? And ends up in the student council.

  Next day everyone is introduced to the new transfer student Manabi. Mika, Mutsuki, Mei, Momoha and Manabi are all in the same class.

My thoughts: This show seems funny and cute lol! Have you noticed that all the main characters names are with “M”! I just noticed it when I was writing the summary. Anywayz I am going to continue blogging this cuz I want to see the funny antics of Manabi.


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  1. Danny says:

    man such a barrage of cuteness its killing me lol