D.Gray-man - 14


  Allen ends up going with Kanda to find an Innocence. Lavi and Bookman tag along too! In the train Lavi troubles Allen but eventually Allen goes to sleep so Lavi goes and braids Kanda’s hair, he gets angry and is ready to cut Lavi when they show what Lavi did to Allen’s face. They reach the place but there is a blizzard they still walk on and come across two bodies, one of the daughter and the other of her father. Kanda goes on his own while Lavi, Bookman and Allen take care of the father and daughter.

   Allen and all come to know that they are looking for something. Later on the father and daughter follow Lavi and Allen because they think Allen and Lavi know something. On the other side Road is asking if Skin has gone to look for the innocence etc. The akuma who are working for Skin come out but Allen knows that they are akumas, they start fighting. Finally Kanda comes and saves them.

My thoughts: I like the new ending by JUNE. They also sung the current ending of Bleach. I enjoyed the funyn stuff Lavi did. Inbetween the episode he also told Allen that they should stay warm by hugging each other lol!   

New Ending

Song: “Pride of Tomorrow” by JUNE


Next Episode Preview

Next episode they fight with the akumas again. I am guessing that Skin will also come and fight with them.



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One Response to “D.Gray-man - 14”

  1. Danny says:

    i would have though this episode would be more focused on Kanda…still, pretty enjoyable ep and awesome new ED!