Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - 2


   Manabi and Mika start to clean up the student council room but end up making an even worse mess of it. So when Mutsuki comes she finds them lying on a table looking up at the sky. Mutsuki decides to help them but she also ends up looking up at the sky with them and not doing any work. Eventually the table breaks and all of them fall. When Mutsuki is going to get juice for them Mei comes and Mutsuki drags Mei into helping them. Mei tells them that they need to throw away all the unwanted items and keep only the useful items. So at the end the room is all empty and cleaned up.

  Since they have lots of unwanted stuff they sell it to the students. The teachers are watching them selling and think it’s wrong and that they should stop them. Then Shimojima-sensei falls and spills water all over the test papers and get the teachers attention away from the students. They make quite a lot of money so all of them with Momoha go buy things to decorate the student council room. They want the room to have a cafe style.

   Then Momoha does this news reporter type thing and broadcasts everywhere about the student council room being decorated. She asks Manabi why she wants to change the look of the room. Manabi says that she wants this room to be a fun room where anyone can come and talk about school etc. After this is said everyone from different clubs come to help them out. And the room gets finished at the end. The next day Aikou School’s student president is introduced.

Another cute, funny episode. I like the animation for the opening. More funnyness to come in the next episode!

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  1. Danny says:

    man the OP animation is uber cool!