D.Gray-man - 15


  Lenalee wakes up and remembers her past. Allen wakes and finds himself being carried by Lavi. Allen and all stay at a cottage with Elda and her father. Kanda left the finder in the cold but luckily he finds his way. But tells Kanda that he cound’t find anything. So Kanda and Lavi go on their own to look for the Innocence, while Allen and all are sleeping. Elda wakes up because of her nightmare about how her brother died, she finds her father not there. So Allen, Elda and the finder set out to find her father, he has followed Kanda and Lavi. Kanda and Lavi find the innocence and get it. The father comes and tries to get it away but Kanda and Lavi tell him that his son cannot be brought back to life with this. When Kanda, Lavi and Elda’s father are going out the akumas come out and they start fighting with them. While fighting Elda’s father tries to take away the innocence from Kanda but Kanda and Lavi’s feet get frozen. Luckily in time Allen comes and helps them out. They defeat the akumas. Kanda goes ahead taking the innocence. Allen tells Elda’s father that he should take more notice of Elda since she is living and around. Skin is getting ready to go out and fight, when Road comes and tells him that the Millenium Earl has another job for him to do. Allen, Lavi, Bookman and the finder are leaving in the train. While Allen sleeps Bookman asks Lavi what he thinks about Allen. Lavi says that Allen has a hard battle/fight ahead of him. When he is saying this the focus is on Allen whose face has been drawn on again by Lavi and he has also drawn on the finder’s face lol!

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