Venus Versus Virus - 2

Opening: “Bravin’ Bad Brew” by Riryka


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Ending: “Shijun no Zankoku” by Yousei Teikoku


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Sumire is going back from the store and she is remembering the first time she went to the store.  At the store she had to go through many tests to see when her killer/berserk self would come out. When she was in the berserk state she couldn’t stop herself and no one else can stop her. Sumire remembers fighting the virus from the last episode. She was conscious but her body moved on it’s own. Flashbacking, she remebered that she thougth that these people didn’t understand how she felt so she goes to her friends dorm room and runs away from the store. Back at school she tries to make things the same as before but she see a virus. She knows that no one else but her can see that and that the virus likes to prey on humans that can see them. When the virus notices her she takes out a ring and the virus looks past her.

   Later on Luchia comes to her school and tells her that she went through the same thing at first and that she can understand what Sumire feels. Luchia asks Sumire to come back, instead Sumire runs away. Later when she is having lunch with her friends she sees that same virus. She takes out the ring again but this time a ball comes and hits her hand causing the ring to fall out of her hand. The viruse notices her. Sumire runs to her class to get the gun with the anti-virus bullet in it. She tries to shoot him but keeps missing. Then when she is cornered by him she shoots herself. But when she shoots herself with the anti-virus bullet it turns her into her berserk/killer self and she kills the virus. Then Luchia comes out and she is about to attack Luchia but a barrier comes between them and she turns back to herself. Back in reality she understands that things can’t go back to the way they were. She goes to a playground where she used to play with her friends. There she meets the same boy she bumped into in the last episode. Episode ends with her going back to the store where Luchia, Lola and Nahashi-san asks her why her face is red.

My thoughts: I like the border/frame that comes when they are flashbacking lol! I like the opening song too. I think I will continue blogging this. The guy Sumire bumps into seems to be her love interest. Luchia seems to have a sad past, her mom was killed by a virus we know that from the first episode. well, hope you enjoyed! If the links don’t work please tell me.

Next Episode Preview

They don’t say much about what is happening in the next episode. Lola is saying that viruses were human before they became the scary, gruesome things they are now. 



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2 Responses to “Venus Versus Virus - 2”

  1. Hazel says:

    Sumire looks so cool with the anti-virus gun! Thanks for the OP music, and the plot description because my episode file was partially broken and died just after 19 minutes so I didn’t know how it ended!

  2. Liss says:

    I’ve seen all 12 eppisodes and love this anime. i can’t wait till its actually releaced so i can buy it.