La Corda D’oro ~Primo Passo~ - 16


     Everyone who is participating in the concour are called for a meeting by Kanazawa-sensei. There Shinbu Ousaki asks them to help him perform in this school for some kids. But Yunoki, Tsuchiura and Fuyuumi say they have work to do. Ousaki is even more happy because the string players can come and they can play in a quartet then, hearing this Shimizu seems really happy. Hihara is also free so he will help them set up etc. So the 5 of them go to the school and meet the kids. There they are going to play one of Mozart’s pieces. Hino flashbacks on some hours ago where she is telling them that she can’t play a piece she has never heard, but then Tsukimori and Shimizu say that they will take the hard parts. When they start playing, right away they no that their playing is not going together but the children don’t know. Tsukimori helps Hino by telling her to follow his playing and then they start to play properly. After their performance is over Hino thanks Tsukimori and he comments on if she can’t do that much what will she do later on, she agrees with him which shocks Tsukimori. Hihara who was doing an errand comes in but sees that everyone has finished playing and is sad but Tsukimori tells him it wasn’t worth hearing or seeing.

     Later on all of them are helping the kids play, Hihara tries to play the violin too. When Tsukimori starts teaching all the girls surround him and almost all of them want to ask him questions lol! As Hino is watching all the kids have fun and play she feels like she should have learnt the violin when she was small too. When they are getting ready to go Ousaki notices that some violins are missing so Hino goes to get them. When she finds the violin she thinks to herself that she has never touched a normal violin. So she tries to play but ends up pretty bad. She starts feeling sad and says that “I knew this would happen” But Tsukimori hears her say that ahd he had heard her play the violin badly too so he starts asking her questions about what she just said but Hihara comes in thinking she needed help in getting the violins. Hino runs out into the playground. When she is sitting on the swings thinking, the kids from before come and tell her that they want to play really well just like her. She asks them if they hate liars, they all say that they hate liars. Hino starts crying, Hihara sees this but doesn’t understand anything.

   The next day Tsuchiura asks her if anything is wrong but she denies it right then Tsukimori comes causing Hino to run out. Later when she is practicing she is playing furiously saying that if she practices a lot it will go away. But then Tsukimori stops her and tells her that she will spoil the violin. He tells her that it’s as if she can only play that violin but she denies it and he says that if she got into the concour like that and with that sort of feeling then he will never acknowledge her.

My Thoughts: Pretty intense episode. Tsuchiura is shocked when he hears Hihara call Hino by her first  Since Tsukimori is onto her she will have to be much more careful. But where is Lili in all of this?? shouldn’t he be guiding her? I hope everything is fine but next episode seems like it’s going to be bad.

Next Episode

The competition day has arrived but Hino doesn’t think she can play. Also it seems like something big happens as everyone looks shocked. I think Hino’s violin’s string loses its power or breaks.


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39 Responses to “La Corda D’oro ~Primo Passo~ - 16”

  1. Brittany says:

    omg, I just hope that Tsukimori and Hino will end up together, becuase HECK! they are friggin rivals now… rival loves rival… ohh I love that idea.. lols (>.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Could you please tell me what the theme for the third sellection is? Because you didn’t say it in the 13th episode’s summary… And the one for the 4th one, if you haven’t posted it either… Please?

  3. Nekomata says:

    thanx for writing down all these posts about the episodes of la corda d’oro!
    can’t find other episodes dubbed but the 12th, so you’re helping a lot!!!

    arigatou, ne!

  4. April Amizola says:

    I always want Tsukimori and Kaho forever!!! I watch all this episode and I was so excited when I am watching it! Thanks for all!

  5. April Amizola says:

    I want all episode !!!especially when Kahoko plays a violin together with Tsukimori! OOOOHHHH! This anime la corda d’oro!

  6. April Amizola says:

    But most of all I want is Shimizu because he is cute and always sleepy!

  7. imafan says:

    love this anime!!


    la corda d’oro needs a second season!!
    sign for a petition here:


  8. April Amizola says:

    Yah I want La Corda D’oro had more and more episodes and seasons……..

  9. Radiohead says:

    I want tsuchiura nad hino to get together….the guys in this anime are wayyy hot!

  10. PiGgY says:

    sorry to spoil it but she didn’t end up with anyone !! I cant believe myself either…5 hot guys !! and she cant pick one !!!

  11. Kc says:

    I love La corda d’oro primo passo…..Fan of it!

    wish it has many seasons and episodes…

    cuz its so cool and romantic…

    The guys and kahoko… so cute!!!
    love them all!


    Thanks very much!


  12. Pallavi says:

    Omg!! i love this show i cant wait to see if Tsukimori and Hino, are gona end up 2gether… i hope so, like her wacky/funny friend said that story in the 1st epi, that the 2 violinists who were rivals fell in LOVE!!! this might sound a little weird, but I fell in love with Tsukimori the first time i saw this show… Can u belive it and we are only into the 4th episode….

  13. ayasi says:

    i love la coda d’Oro primo passo!

    i wonder who would finally get Hino?…hahaha…i cant wait.
    i’ve already downloaded tons and tons of pictures and videos of them. i cant believe that this is so romantic…

    tsukimori might seem that snobish but he is kind of cute. all of them are cute after all…

  14. ayasi says:

    this show rocks!
    its so cute!
    hino is so adorable and so as tsukimori. i hope they get together.

    i love hearing Chopin’s piece…

    its so romantic that i could melt just looking at their pictures…

  15. loveranime says:

    i really really like this show…im too addict…what do kohoko will do i think she cant prefer to choose….woooooooo….im 100% like it….wow i have a crush of azuma…and keiichi too…i wish azuma and kohoko will be together or maybe keiichi….and so i think len and kohoko will end up??…..

  16. hino kahoko says:

    i like like like like and LOVE la corda d`oro primo passo!!!!!i allways waiting la corda season2…….!!!!!!!!

  17. Janella Mariz says:


  18. Gisela Arin Nugraha says:

    I like Kahoko because she is beautifull and I like to see her with the violin! And of course, the boys I like are Kazuki, Ryoutarou, and of course,Ousaki Shinobu Sensei. My fave chara are Kahoko, Len, Kazuki! And I dont really like Azuma because he have a purple long hair and because he just playing with his mouth to have some name is “good boy”.

  19. karen says:


  20. LAURRY says:


  21. MCL says:

    I love ‘La Corda D’oro Primo Passo!!! esp. Hino Kahoko & Tsukimori Len. holding hands, sleeping together.

    I hope more than that stuf will come out bec. i’m only on the epesode nnniiinnneee!!!!!!!!

    I wish there is season 2.

    hhheeeyyy i forgot about Fiyuumi/fyuumi & Shimizu, aren’t they cute??? 2 1st. yr together…the ‘SLEEPing beauty’ & the ‘SHYning star’ he he!!!

    Well thats it si ya!!!

  22. kyuhyun16 says:

    i love watching “La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo”. it. ..especially Len Tsukimori and Kahoko Hino. ..

  23. Margot_28 says:

    I really loved this anime! I came up to appreciate classical music!!! I like all the characters in this anime, men, they’re all great!! I also hope that there will be a season 2! Hehehe!

  24. Joshua says:

    I Love Kin’iro no Corda (La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo) because Kin’iro no Corda is Romantic anime.
    Tsuchiura Ryotaro is Nice Guy and Hino Kahoko is Cute Girl. I Want Tsuchiura Ryotaro and Hino Kahoko become a “Koibito”

  25. francine says:

    i love this anime so much!i wish to have a season 2!!!
    cross fingers!!

  26. della says:

    i very love this anime..
    coz..this anime make me smart in my music study..
    i like Hino and Len..
    i wish to have season 2..

  27. nueeq17 says:


    la corda d’oro primo passo did it’s way to capture my attention…!!

    and now I am addicted to it like hell..hahahha

    I love len and kahoko but i also like kahoko for ryoutarou….

    Keichi’s kinda mushy.. lokks like a gay..

    I don’t feel Azuma for Kahoko for he is so blunt…

    Kuzuki on the other hand is too annoying..

    It’s just my opinion.. so don’t throw any daggers at me…hehehehe

    I love this anime very much….

  28. divya says:

    hi ! I

  29. divya says:

    hi ! everybody I also like this pogramme very much . It is best for music but there are many things which have been left incomplete . Like who will be the one for kaho. I just hope that there will be a season 2 . Of course the boys in this show are yyyyyyy too hot especially Hihara.

  30. mar says:

    by watching it make me want 2 play violin..^_^
    oso, i’ve jote down all d music dat have been play by beautiful n i cant describe by word my feeling when i’m listen all d song..
    i do agree this story is incomplete, but sometimes it make me think dat mybe d creator of dis story give every one an opportunity 2 end up it following 2 individual preference. like some people want kahoko with len @ others 6 guys.
    im not sure if others who interested in those 7 guys which everybody wants kahoko 2 be pairs with their own guys in dis story, will satiesfied if d creator of this story had detrmine his/her character 2 be pair. what d sad ending right?!
    jez assume urself as kahoko n u can choose ur own guy..its more better n can b a happy ending..i hope so.
    d important is, d objctve of dis story is 2 tell us dat,if we want a success in what we do,we must put an effort. success dont come by jez like dat. learn from xperience..
    dats was an indvdual perception. sory if my words make u guys boring..

  31. catty says:

    i love this show and i think everything in here is cool n hot too kohoko in my opinion is just simple and innocent so she is loved by all handsome guyes hope it has got a second season as well love all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. PRIYA says:


    Hi! everyone this is priya n i love this show very much i think that everything in this show is so cool.the character of kahoko is superb she is very sweet n innocent n ilove her music very much dats y she loved by all 6 hansom gyus. In this show all 6 guys are very good n specially”KUZUKI HIHARA” he’s so cool n so handsome n the way he talks the way he walks is so coooooooooool.
    n his music is 2 good n i lov him soooooooooooo much.
    i hope dat there will b a second season 2.

    bye lov u everyone.

  33. akshata says:

    This is akshata. Ilove lacorda . i am the biggest fan of this anime.I even started crying when i learnt that it was the last episode.i really miss it. Hope that many more seasons of it will be relesed . i know all of them will be superhits!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite characters are kohoko , kazuki and also riyootaro.

  34. AKSHATA says:

    hi every body
    this is akshata. i love watching animax and all prgrammes showed in this channel . my favourites are lacorda doro and also cardcaptor sakura. i really dont undre stand why everyone wants kohoko and len to end up together according to me kazuki suites kohoko more than len.kazuki is really sweet. i just love him.

    ok then good bye every one

  35. trisha says:

    I love !!!!!!!!!!!

    La corda d’oro primo passo very very much… I love Azuma, Len, Kazuki and Kahoko… But I want Len and Kahoko will end up together…

  36. trisha says:

    I also like the music at the beginning…. I think the title of that song is… BRAND NEW BREEZE!!! nice song!! LOVE that show

    La corda d’oro primo passo…..^_^ BYE-BYE

  37. rea says:

    I like the song and the show….. I love all the charaters…
    I really LOVE…..

    La corda d’oro primo passo!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^… bye-bye

  38. rea says:

    I love the song of BRAND NEW BREEZE thats will make me happy!!!! I love it very much!

  39. RAHIL says: