Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - 3


  Mei is teaching the girls how to play dodge-ball or volley-ball. Mika, Mei and Manami play the next day. Mei gets hit by the ball twice on her face! ouch! When Manami goes to wash her face she meets Aikou Gakuen’s Takako Kakuzawa. Manami apologizes that when she came last time all of the student council members weren’t there. Later on when the game is over the student council from all the other schools meet and they try to see what they should do to change things in the school. Manami can’t come up with any good ideas but Takako comes up with some. Later on Mika thinks that may be Manami is down because of that but when they go to eat ramen Manami is back to herself. The next day all 5 of them go to meet Takako at her school. There they see a catalogue for the school. Manami tells her that she doen’t think she can make the school as good as Aikou school is. So syaing that all of them leave but then Takako wants to tell them something but doesn’t. This bugs Mika and she asks the others what they think of what Takako might have wanted to say. When Manami goes home she thinks of stuff and draws all the 5 of them together. Then she realises something and runs out. She calls all the others and they meet her at school. There she tells them Takako might have wanted to tell them that they don’t need to make a school like hers but one just like them. She tells them that the page is totally blank we can do anything etc She turns into this angel and flies around all over, fire crackers burst etc The others agree with her. 

My Thoughts: Mei getting hit by the ball 2 times right on face! that must hurt, the mark stayed for some time too. Also when they go to meet Takako, Mika is totally blushing when she sees Takako so Mutsuki and Momoha both agree that she is in love!lol! Another funnyish episode. I’m not too sure if it was dogeball or volleyball. Also I’m not too sure if it is Manami or Manabi. Anywayz im going to stick with Manami.

Next Episode Preview

In the preview they show Takako sad hmm… wonder what will happen? 


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