D.gray-man - 16


    Allen and Lenalee go to Rome to find Kanda. Lenalee is not talking to Allen, so he apologizes to her in the train station. She tells him that he shoundn’t do thinks on his own and that they are comrades. She also says she hates his left eye because he can see the akuma. But they become fine later. When they get to Rome they see lots of bounty hunters. Then one of the guys tells them that a girl named Claudia has gone missing and is most likely taken by someone known as Bittorio, so her fiancé has posted this huge reward. Allen and Lenalee go to meet the girls father and he tells them about a warrior guy she saw a week ago. Then her fiancé comes in and the father and him are talking about the reward. The next day Allen and Lenalee see many akumas going towards the arena where the bounty hunters are looking for the bittorio Allen and Lenalee go and start fighting. Later all the bounty hunters are outside and they are talking and saying that those guys inside are monsters referring to the akumas. Allen and Lenalee come face to face with Bittorio. When Allen is going to fight him Kanda comes out and tells him that it’s not his battle. He starts fighting with Bittorio. The finder tells them that the innocence has kept him alive. Kanda and Bittorio start fighting. Kanda inflicts quite a big wound but Bittorio heals himself because of the innocence. And then Kanda gets stabbed by the sword and starts bleeding really badly.

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