NANA - 38


       Mari comes into Reira’s room and tells her that today she has lots of stuff to do like the recording etc. When Reira goes to the washroom she finds Shin’s chain/lighter and she remembers back to the first time he had left it and she is really happy. Switches to Nana and Ren talking about how the strawberry glases broke and that Hachi was really sad when it broke. Ren also asks Nana if she remembers about putting the cellphone in the sink etc. Ren gives Nana a piece of paper with Hachi’s address. So Nana goes with Ren to buy a new pair of strawberry glasses and then she goes to Hachi’s place. When Nana and Ren run out into the car, Kurata the reporter dude gets pictures of them together. Hachi leaves to go meet Shin. When Hachi is going in the taxi Nana is standing outside asking for directions to Hachi’s apartment! Nana finds the place and dials the number 302 in but no one pics up the phone, the guy at the reception desk tells her no one by the name of Nana Komatsu lives there but he is lying because he thinks Nana is Takumi’s fan because she has a gift too. So Nana goes outside and waits.

     Hachi goes to meet Shin and tells him that she is getting married to Takumi, he knows straight away that its because she is pregnent. Hachi asks Shin if the situation at Shin’s house is the same like hers. Then she says that Shin’s mom would have wanted to see him alot etc. Shin tells her not to worry about what he thinks and that the situation might be the same but the person is different so things can change. Then Shins says that he wishes that he was born as Hachi’s child. The reporters from Weekly Search are talking about Shin’s mother being dead (i think she killed herself) and that his father is not known. The main guy is asking him to search about Nana’s mom. Then he says that he will give Nana and Black Stones a big debut even if Gaia doesn’t. Hachi never came so Nana left and when she is going back behind her Hachi and Shin come out! Nana says to herself she will check again. Shin is telling Hachi not to worry too much. Hachi tells him to do his best, but Shin says that it doesn’t matter, but then Hachi says they will be famous for sure. When Shin is leaving she calls out to him and asks him how Nobu is doing, Shin tells her that he keeps on playing his guitar and doesn’t let him sleep. The next day when Shin wakes up at 7:00 he switches on the tv and he finds Nana on the tv. Nobu tells him he shouldn’t watch his own videos early in the morning but he says it coming on tv and says that it’s Nana channel. Nobu is saying it doesn’t exist. Then the news anchor comes and says that Ren’s girlfriend is found, she was in the same band with Ren and she is Nana from Black stones. She is trying to have her major debut with Gaia. Hachi sees this and so does Yasu.

My thoughts: sorry it took so long for me to put this up! Why didn’t Nana look up and back?!! She would have seen Hachi! It’s catching up with the manga yay!! Can’t wait till their major debut. Another awesome episode. Also Nana dvd 7 is out! please leave any comments ur thougths etc thnk u!

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  1. Komatsu says:

    I so know what you mean. Nana would have been able to sense Hachi was there