Venus Versus Virus - 3


    Sumire goes to meet Yoshiki Kusanagi, the boy who she met in the playground. Later at the store a girl named Tsuyuko comes in and asks them to help her save her twin brother Youji. She then shows them the Venus Vanguard flyer. They then understand that she can see the viruses. So Lucia, Sumire and Tsuyuko go to check if its true. Tsuyuko asks her brother to come out but he tells her to go away. Then Lucia comes and tells him that she can see it too and that she can help him. He allows her to come in, Luchia tells Sumire not to move and to keep on eye on Tsuyuko. Luchia talks to him. While this is happening Tsukuyo asks Sumire to come downstairs with her to get something to eat. Luchia hears a huge sound. She goes out and doesn’t find Sumire and Tsukuyo. Simire is being attacked by Tsukuyo who is actually a virus. Sumire tries to runaway luckily Luchia comes and saves her. Then Youji comes and Tsukuyo goes to him saying that he would be better than Sumire.  She is trying to fight  her virus self and is telling him to run. Then she tells Luchia to help her. So Luchia shoots her, then when she is dieing Youji is telling her that he loves her a lot. He tells what happenend that day. They were playing and then a virus came out and both of them could see it, the virus killed Tsukuyo but Youji ran away and locked himself up in his room. Later when Tsukuyo came she acted like nothing had happened but he could see the virus so he pushed her out because he was scared that she was after him. The next day Sumire is telling Yoshiki about her manager being cold, then he asks her what she thinks of her manager she says that she thinks she is not that cold. At the store Youji comes in and Luchia gives him the chain Tsukuyo wanted to buy. She tells him that Tsukuyo didn’t know that the virus was in her and that everyone ignored her because viruses cannot be seen by most humans. Episode ends with Sumire saying that Luchia looked a little more warm because she was blushing. 

Next Episode Preview

Next episode is about how Luchia and Sumire met.

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One Response to “Venus Versus Virus - 3”

  1. Danny says:

    interesting episode, though i thought they breezed through the angst caused by the death of the twin far too quickly, as if it wasnt at all important