Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 2

Opening “0:00 AM” by ACID


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Hiyuu’s teacher tells him that he has done well till now, but now he has nothing more to teach Hiyuu. So he is sending him to Magami Gakuen (School) Aoi meets up with Komaki in school. Komaki tells her about the new transfer student and everyone is wondering if it is a guy or a girl. Kyouichi is sitting in a tree when he suddenly feels something, at the same time Daigo, Komaki and Aoi feel something too. Kyouichi looks up to see the new transfer student. In class when Hiyuu is about to be introduced Kyouichi stands up from his seat and tells the teacher that he wants to go home and then he starts attacking Hiyuu. But Hiyuu already knows that and defends himself. They take the fight outside. Aoi, Komaki and Daigo run out to see whats going on. Toono runs out too. Hiyuu and Kyouichi start fighting, but right when both of them are about to give the final blow they stop mid-way. Kyouichi introduces himself “Kyouichi Houraiji” and Hiyuu introduces himself too “Tatsuma Hiyuu” Toono gets a picture of all 5 of them together. When Hiyuu and Kyouichi are going to get ramen they pass by the violin girl who died in the last episode. The next day Kyouichi is angry that Toono put a pictue of him fighting with Hiyuu in the school newspaper. Aoi and Komaki come and Aoi tells Hiyuu that the teacher said to be careful because many students have gone missing etc. Later on Kyouichi and Hiyuu go to get ramen, they meet Daigo there. Aoi is talking to Komaki on the phone who is saying that Daigo is going to fight Hiyuu. So Aoi runs out to stop them and Komaki follows. Hiyuu and Daigo start fighting in this old abandoned mansion. But Aoi and Komaki come in time and stop them. But then something starts happening and the red marks start to appear on Kisaragi’s hand and the Buddha statue gets broken. All the protective seals are taken off.  And then this darkness surrounds Kyouichi, Hiyuu etc makeing them see hallucinations of a girl with long black hair. Hiyuu and Kyouichi wake up from it and see everyone tied up, the others wake up too. And then the demon comes out and aimes for Hiyuu’s heart and cuts him but the red marks start appearing on his face and Kyouichi takes the demon out but gets thrown. All 5 of them have the red marks on their faces. Luckily Kisaragi comes and finishes it off.

My thoughts: I luv this anime!! it’s so cool! when they get the red marks, their eye balls roll up and disappear from their sockets! I couldn’t understand somethings they said but at the end i think Kisaragi said something about they are trying to call us or contact .. not too sure but i am going to continue blogging this because it seems like a good anime even thought i don’t get the plot too well yet. Hiyuu’s master tells him that he needs to wait in the school for the time. The time for what?? Also Inugami has something to do with all this as he knows about all this too because Kisaragi comes and talks to him. Plus in the ending Inugami says that “it’s going to get noisy from now on” Maybe more zombies or demons or whatever they are. hope you enjoyed! I am waiting for the next episode.

Ending “Hanafubugi” by ACID


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7 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 2”

  1. Danny says:

    loved this episode! not as much fighting but tghe intro-story was nice and intruiging

  2. diwj says:

    thanks for sharing the music! i’m hooked to it now! by the by, do you know the band’s name? i would like to find the whole song! thanks for introducing this anime!

  3. Karz says:

    I don’t know the band’s name. I have been looking around for it. If i find out i’ll put it up. your welcome I think the band’s name is ACID the sang both the op/ed. not too sure though

  4. Lissa says:

    Yep. It’s Acid. I’ve been looking around for the full version of “0:00 AM”. Thanks so much for blogging this! :)

  5. Karz says:

    Your welcome! I have been looking around for the full versions of the op and ed but I can’t find it yet sadly :(

  6. fyll says:

    do anyone know where I can fnd the full version of the op?

  7. Alice says:

    The single for both op/ed came out wed. 28th. (heh, coincidently on the day you asked :P) It may be a week though before it actually gets out though, and since their a J-Indie type group it’ll be pretty tough.

    This is probably the only site that I know of that has both full versions (not downloadable unfortunately ;_;)