D.gray-man - 17


                Kanda gets hurt and so does Allen while fighting Vittorio. In the cottage where they are staying at, an old lady tells them the story of the Vittorio. There was a princess named Sandra who said that she would marry the strongest man in the world. So many men fought against Vittorio to marry her but Vittorio kept on winning. He kept on fighting even though she passed away, and some say that he still fights. The Innocence is in the sword. Which means that Vittorio is not compatable with it. The next day Allen and Lenalee tell Vittorio to stop and that he doesn’t need to fight anymore. Lenalee tells Claudia that he will only listen to her but she says that she is thankful he saved her. Kanda comes and get slashed by his sword but he cuts of Vittorio’s arm so the innocence wont affect him. Vittorio becomes old and dies.

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