NANA - 39


      This episode starts off with everyone watching the Morning 7 news, they are talking about Ren and Nana. Hachi’s family is shocked that the girl who came over to their place with Hachi is with Trapnest’s Ren. Shouji calls up Kyosuke and Junko, asking them to switch on the TV. Hachi and Takumi are watching the same thing and Takumi quickly calls up some people. Hachi leaves becuase Takumi told her that it doesn’t matter if what they are saying is true or not also when she is going, she tells him that he really is a weird person. In the car Hachi is talking to Junko and telling her that she is going to meet Nana. Junko asks her if she is marrying Takumi of Trapnest etc Hachi is crying and talking about Shouji, Nobu and Asano (all her emotions come out) Kyosuke tells her not to go meet Nana because the media is waiting outside Nana’s place waiting for her to go out and if Hachi went it would cause lots of problems.

Nana wakes up to the door bell ringing she asks who is there, a guy from Weekly Search is here. He is asking her if she is Nana Osaki, girlfriend of Ren Honjo. He wants to talk to her about what has come on TV. But Nana doesn’t have a TV or cellphone so she doesn’t know about whats happening. Shin and Nobu are watching the news, Shin tells Nobu that it’s weird that they are using Ren and Nana’s scandal as a way of promoting Blast. Then someone knocks on their door, it’s Kawano. He is telling them to pack up so they can go to a hotel. Nobu asks him about Nana, he says Yasu will take care of her. Nobu asks him if this was all Gaia’s way of promoting them and he says that he can’t trust anyone, Shin flashbacks to Hachi. Kawano tells him that Yasu called him up in the morning and told him to watch the news. Yasu goes to Nana’s place and punches one of the reporters who is outside her door. Nana is crying and hits him and asks him why he is trying to act so cool and not thinking. Nana’s voice is saying that “if I don’t sing there will be no future for the members of BLAST. Ren is also watching all of this.

Nana and Yasu come out, they are surrounded by the reporters who are asking them lots of question. Nana takes the mike from one guy and says “Hachiko watch me, I will make sure your wish comes true” Hachi flashes back to the letter she had written “please come on TV a lot and show me your face” Hachi is really happy and starts crying. Kawano and Matsuda are looking at a picture of Ren and Nana together. Nana’s voice at the end says “Hatchi, you always looked over me, thats why from that day onwards whenever I fell I was able to stand back again.”

My Thoughts: Hachi cries too much. But anyways this was a big episode because it shows a bit of the debut of BLAST. Now they are in the limelight. Also BIG NEWS!!! 2 months left till the end of NANA!!!! NANA anime is going to end in March nooooooo!!!! I would love to hear your thoughts for this episode.

Next Episode:

BLAST, Debut!!!

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7 Responses to “NANA - 39”

  1. Leia says:

    Thanks so much for recapping these. I have only found the subbed versions thru episode 36, so I’ve been really relying on your recaps.

    Thanks again!

  2. Karz says:

    Ur welcome! ^_^

  3. stach' says:

    Just a small post to thank you for this. This anime is just obessing me >_

  4. stach' says:

    there was a mistake sry. i said:
    Just a small post to thank you for this. This anime is just obessing me >_

  5. Karz says:

    ur welcome i luv this anime too!!! but it’s going to end in 2 months!!!

  6. cyla says:

    hello, i read the comments, and i was wondering where leia did you find the subs for the episodes 36 ?

    i desperately looking for them, and i don’t find anything. nana is for sure the best manga to me.

    thank you for your summaries, it helps me waiting for the subbed episodes.

  7. lynxz says:

    YASU!!! KAKKOII!!!
    thx 4 summarizing the anime…it’s getting interesting o~~~^^
    gambate ne~~