Venus Versus Virus - 4


  Luchia is going after a virus, while she is going after it her broach falls off. Sumire is going back home after shopping with Nene. She finds the broach and accidentilly gets pricked by it. Suddenly she starts hearing things and she starts seeing the viruses luckily Luchia comes and save her. They both run away and try to hide from the virus. Luchia tells her about viruses and while they are talking the broach falls out. Luchia tells her that most likely because she got pricked by the broach she can see the viruses. The virus appears, they run to the cemetery. Luchia shoots the virus with her anti-virus bullets. But when it gets cornered, the virus catches hold of Sumire. Luchia shoots aiming for the virus but ends up shooting Sumire in her shoulder.The virus drops Sumire and is ready to kill Luchia when Sumire suddenly stands up. Luchia starts holding her eye like she can sense something dangerous. Sumire kills the virus and her eyes turn red. The real Sumire is inside her head and is trying to run to Luchia but she turns into the berserk Sumire and has Luchia by the throat. Sumire wakes up to see Luchia and Lola by her bed. Nahashi tells Sumire about her berserk self and that they will have to run tests. He says that she is very powerful and is needed by them. Luchia asks Sumire to join them to defeat the viruses. Sumire asks them if she is still human and then she runs out. But there are viruses everywhere. Luchia tells her that there is a barrier so they can’t sense Sumire. Sumire tells Luchia that she is scared of the berserk and the viruses,Luchia tells her that she understands but they need her. Back in the present Sumire is trying to shoot properly but keeps on missing. Luchia is asking herself that maybe her mother made her meet Sumire. Inside the broach she has a picture of her mother and herself. Sumire then goes to meet Yoshiki Kusanagi.

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Sumire’s friends go to the store.

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