Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 3


   note: I am calling the guy in the 2nd picture crow-kun.

          Kodzu and Marie Claire go to meet crow-kun. He tells crow-kun that he has been chosen and that he should kill the people who have made fun of him and that he should then become an oni (demon) Aoi wakes up from a nightmare, when she was a kid she was trapped in a room surrounded by fire. Everyone is discussing about what they want to do in the summer holidays. Aoi tells Komaki that she won’t go anywhere because of all the things happening in town. She flashbacks to the nigth before. Kisaragi told them that what they fought was an oni. Kisaragi knows about all of this because his family’s mission was to fight all these demons from the darkside. Kyouichi asks him about their powers but he doesn’t know much about the powers. He tells them to stay low. Aoi goes to Kyouichi and thanks him for saving them. Kyouichi tells her that he isn’t interested in teaming up with them, and he doesn’t care if anyone dies, he just wants to test his powers. Aoi tells him that they should stick together since they don’t know much about their power. Kyouichi tells her that she is no use and she can’t even fight or do anything to help.  

           When Komaki and Aoi are going home, they hear a scream and run towards it. There they see an oni but luckily Hiyuu and Kyouichi come in time and save them, Daigo reaches too. Kisaragi screams out asking them what they were doing there, and that they can’t beat a demon of that level. Later at home Aoi is watching the news they are talking about the crows going wild and attacking people. Komaki and Daigo go to Kisaragi to tell him that they can’t find Aoi. So they all go to look for her. Kyouichi finds her and tells her not to get involved in all of this. Komaki, Daigo,Hiyuu with Toono reach up. Then Umon Raito comes out and he uses electricity. So Kyouichi starts fighting with him. Marie Claire and Kodzu are talking about how the enemy is here. Komaki and Daigo start fighting with him too. Aoi tries to go but Komaki tells her that she doesn’t have a fighting power. Explosion occurs Kyouichi, Daigo and Komaki are on the ground. Aoi goes to where they are and says that she will show that she can fight and protect someone too. She tries to negotiate with Umon Raito but it doesn’t work. When they are about to clash the red markings come on Aoi’s hand and face and on Umon Raito’s face too.

  •  The guy they are fighting keeps asking if they are some guy name Ryouichi’s comrades and where is he. Also when Toono sees him she says that person like she knows about him. hmm… 
  • I think the main evil dude’s name is Kodzu and the guy they are fighting is Umon Raito or Raito Umon
  • I think the op/ed is by some band known as ACID not too sure though.

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3 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 3”

  1. diwj says:

    ACES! thanks soo much, the chinese subs were a bit confusing for me -_-;; your summaries clear things up for me, thanks soo much! ^_^/ i come to this blog often, will comment more from now on! Thank you again!

  2. Lissa says:

    yep. Thats definitely ACID.

    they’re awesome, and the OP/ED rock

  3. diwj says:

    cheers for the info!! can’t wait for the next ep…. soooooo LONG!!! i’ve been checking everyday now for it… lol