La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ - 9


    Episode starts off with two people praising Tsukimori and then he wakes up from the dream. When Shimizu is going to school Hino saves him when he is about to walk on the road when the signal turns to red. When Hino sees Tsukimori she remembers back to the day before, when she had said something about him being worried about the next selection becuase his parents were coming and he actually did look worried. So when she saw him she quickly hid and started rehearsing how to go up to him and say hello. Hihara is watching all this, when Hino realises that he saw her talking to herself she says that she was image training. When Yunoki goes for practice he talks with Tsukimori and puts the pressure on him by saying now Tsuchiura is also in the competition. Hino sees Tsukimori practicing but doesn’t go to talk to him instead she just thinks about different things, Tsuchiura asks her if something is wrong and wishes her luck saying that now her rival is also Tsuchiura. When Hino is going to practice she sees Shimizu on the ground and is worried but he is only sleeping. When he wakes up he tells her that he sleeps, wakes up and plays the cello, Hino is shocked to hear this. Then she says that he must really like playing the cello. This causes him to smile and Hino blushes telling herself that when he smiles he loks just like an angel. Then her friends come with snacks as a break between her practice and Mori-san joins them too. The next dad Hino goes to practice outside but Amou sees her and Fuyuumi is also there and she ends up trying on different dresses with them. When she is going back home she meets the guy who knows Tsuchiura (don’t remember his name) he tells her about a concert so she goes to watch it. There she meets Shimizu and they watch the concert together. They also get to meet the players. Hino is asked to play her violin. Then Shimizu says that he wants to hear her play the abemaria. The next day when the selection is there Hino listens to Canon D and says that she will do her best.

Summary of 10 and 11 coming up soon.

Summary of 10 and 11 is it fine without screencaps? because I will be able to put it up faster. Please comment so I will know what you all want! Thank you!

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  1. mio says:

    thanxs a lot for the summary^_^
    Its really perfect
    but could you tell me where I can find your Summary of 10,11,12,13,14,15 and 16 ?!!!please

  2. miki says:

    ty for this summary. take care and do your best coz’s the best! :) bye!

  3. Karz says:

    10 and 11 summary I will be putting up soon. for 12,13,14,15,16 go to the sidebar under categories La Corda D’Oro press that, you should reach a page where the other summaries are.

    Thanx alot! ^_^

  4. mio says:

    thank a lot Karz for your helping^_^
    I really like your summaries its the best^_^
    and I will be waiting for 10 and 11 summary ^_^

  5. feifei says:

    Thanx for helping!!!!
    Take care ok.
    Hope tat You’ll continue doing this!!
    I love it lots!!

  6. Sakura says:

    Please, please, put up a summary of episode 11 because the subbers have appearently stopped subbing!! I don’t mind it without screencaps, because I just go and watch the RAW version after. LOL. But please put up 11 and, if possible, 12! Ja ne and arigatou goziamasu!

  7. Karz says:

    The summaries for 11 and 12 are up. Go to the menu on the right then go under categories, click “La Corda D’oro. All the summaries that are put up are there 11 and 12 are also there, go to previous entries if its not on the first page.

  8. almazioona says:

    I have been look for this anime in RAW and I just find it from 15-25 , so please where can I find the other raw episodes

  9. ayasi says:

    i love la Corda D’Oro Primo Passo!

    its so Romantic!

    i wonder who would get hino?

    i love this show!

  10. tin-tin says:

    hey every body want to be my friend i really love la corda doro primo passo its so amazing im always watching it wed. 7 pm here at phil i mean.

  11. meilia says:

    la corda doro primo passo memang keren!!!