NANA - 40


                                                BLAST, Debut!!

   Everyone is talking about Nana and Ren. High school kids, middle school and even mothers are talking about Nana and Ren. Gaia or search weekly (not sure) is being flooded in with phone calls. Kawano and Matsuo are talking about what has happened and the consequences. And they are saying that they can’t back down now. Nana is complaining that Kawano should have put her in a sweet room or deluxe but Shin is saying that they should be grateful that they atleast found them a room but he is also sad that there is no room service. But Misato tells him that she can go buy some food for him. When she is going out she bumps into Yasu. Shin had told her where they are staying so Misato can help them by buying stuff since they can’t go out. Yasu hands them some food from Gaia’s Nishimoto when they open it Shin, Nana and Misato are staring at it in awe like it’s holding them in a spell lol! Yasu takes the food to Nobu’s room. Nobu doesn’t want to debut like this (Ren and Nana’s scandal) Yasu and Nobu are talking about how it could have been Gaia who had done all this. Nobu says that his life is full of things that he isn’t satisfied with. Yasu tells him to realize that justice doesn’t always win. Nana is watching Ren on TV surrounded by reporters. Nana says that she doesn’t know how far she will go with Ren and she doesn’t know what she is aiming for yet.

Hachi calls Takumi she apologizes for saying what she said before. Takumi doesn’t even remember he does this whole flashback thing and then remembers. He tells her that he will be going to England. He also asks her what she wants from there she says she wants an engagement ring. Nana goes to talk to Nobu. She apologizes saying that if he hadn’t join the band he would be happy back at home but he says he wants to be in the band. Nobu all so says that he must be stuck in some story with Nana’s and the name of it is ‘the Story of Nobu” Nana tells him that Hachi cannot disappear from her heart and Nobu says that she can’t disappear from his too. Nobu says that he must be already out of Hachi’s story. Hachi is telling Junko that, that full moon night was one of her happiest moments in her whole life and that she felt that she had everything she wanted. Hachi also says that most likely she will never feel that happy again. Nobu is telling Nana that he thought he could do anything for Hachi but he couldn’t do anything after all. Nana tells him to co-operate in her plan “Get Hachi Back” Nana’s plan was to show Hachi a lot of Blast so then they would have to get back in her life.

Nana, Yasu, Nobu and Shin sign the contract. “We are aiming for the whole of Japan” said Nana. Ren meets up with the other Trapnest members. Takumi shows him the article about him and Nana. Hachi goes back to her home town then she gets the call from Misato telling her that Blast’s debut date has been decided. On the other side Reira is asking Mari when their album is releasing it ends up being the same day as Blast is debuting, October 31st. When Hachi is going she sees something on the wall  she sprays it out and writes somethingelse. Nana is saying “Hachi I can’t be the hero in your story anymore, but the hero in my story is again you, Hachi.”

  • I don’t know what was written on the wall but I am guessing it had something to do with Nana because Hachi was very angry when she saw it!
  • The full moon night Hachi is remembering is when Nobu tells her that he likes her a lot and they get together!!!! ^_^ awesome episode!


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4 Responses to “NANA - 40”

  1. diwj says:

    in the manga, on the wall said something on the lines of ‘Die Nana’ or ‘Nana sucks’ something like that, i think it’s die… i have to check. But yeah, Hachi got angry n in the manga, she sprayed over it, ‘Nana love.’

  2. Karz says:

    Oh!! Thats what it says I am reading the manga too, but I guess I missed that. I can’t wait for the next episode! ^_^

  3. Yuna says:

    yeah it says “Die Nana” so Hachi was got mad. i love this episode. Very interesting! ^_^

  4. lynxz says:

    omg i’m crying!!!