Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 4


   Hiyuu saves Aoi. Raito hears a guitar playing and goes after it. Raito finds crow-kun apparently he is Ryouichi. Hiyuu and Kyouichi follow him and catch up to him and Ryouichi. He made Hiyuu and Kyouichi say bad stuff about each other. Ryouichi says that he has got God’s power. He makes Hiyuu and Kyouichi choke each other. Raito tells him that, that music is not their music. For a moment Ryouichi acts like he has become normal but he plays his guitar and disappears. Kyouichi tells them that he can manipulate people’s body and heart. Toono remembers that Ryouichi, Raito and two other guys were in an indie band known as “Crow”  and they are all in high school, but they disbanded and Ryouichi disappeared after that. Ryouichi or the band were known as the God of Underground. Ryouichi is crying saying that he can’t do it and can’t do his best. But Kozunu tells him that he is the only one who can do it. On the other side all of them leave to where Raito and Ryouichi are and they stuff Toono into a pot or vase lol! Aoi tells Kyouichi that what they did to Toono was a bit hard but he tells her that if they didn’t do all this they won’t be able to protect. Raito and Ryouichi met when they were kids. Ryouichi was always alone so they played together. They formed a band so they could play together and show people how good they were. When Raito found Ryouichi that was the day that the earthquake type zig-zag line ran through the city and from then on Raito got the powers he has. Raito tells him that Ryouichi is a Shinigami (reaper) not God. Hiyuu, Daigo and Kyouichi come too. They start fighting. Raito is asking them why they are helping him even though he went after them. Sakurai asks the same question to Aoi and she flashbacks on what Hiyuu had said that Raito is not an enemy because he didn’t use his full force he just wanted to check if they were enemies or not. Raito puts a spear through Ryouichi. Then Aoi tells him that he doesn’t need to kill him, she doesn’t know what their history is but he can save the person’s soul or heart. Ryouichi turns into this big crow or bird thing and flies away. Toono gets away and is going to where the others are. They starts fighting using their full power. The girl in the car sees the crow thing and then Ryouichi/big crow throws the car and it smashes. Hiyuu sees a small toy fly out of the car. Raito is asking Ryouichi for whom did he make the music. He gets affected by this and flies away. Hiyuu saves the girl and tells Kyouichi that he can’t leave her alone. The real Ryouichi is trying to get out and so he becomes back to normal but he is almost dead. Aoi asks him why he was in the oni’s disguise and he says something about guefort but then he gets killed by an axe. Kozunu is telling them that even though he gave the powers to him a bit of Ryouichi’s human heart was still left and that he might have gotten eaten by the oni’s power. Toono has seen all of this. It ends with her in shock.

  • Sorry it took so long for me to put the summary up but my computer crashed and just came back from repairs today. So now I won’t be putting up screencaps only summaries really sorry. I will put the other summaries up but it will take sometime since I need to watch the episode.

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6 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 4”

  1. diwj says:

    that Glasses girl is already getting on my nerves! Argh! Can’t wait for your summary, i’m just guessing what they are saying at the moment. lol

  2. Lissa says:

    yep glasses girl is really annoying. im wondering if that girl that tatsuma is holding is another important character, the girl with the wind blowing through her hair in the OP

  3. TokiDoki says:

    This series is awesome but I still don’t understand what those red stuff are on their faces and why they appear.

    Oh and for some reason the sidebar isn’t showing up properly, I’m using Firefox and some of the category list names have big spaces in between words.

  4. diwj says:

    huh… isn’t the girl with the wind blowing through that princess gir.. Aoi???????? i’m watching the op again… wait.
    nope, i can’t get a better picture of the op, i still think it’s Aoi.

  5. Karz says:

    the category list is like that the longer the title is the more spaces it has. I don’t get the red stuff yet too but when they go full force in their power then it comes.

  6. ohphive says:

    i agree the journalist girl is really annoying. she should be the next victim of the next monster.

    it’s gotta be a sin to make an anime character so freakin hot. tetsuma *sighs* too bad someone like him can’t exist in real life :(