La Corda D’Oro - 19

Yunoki goes to Kanazawa-sensei and tells him that he is going to resign since he has to go to school in England. Hino is telling herself that it would be easy to resign and that she has no reason to play the violin. Then he tells her that she looks like she wants to throw everything and run off. Yunoki tells Hino about him going to England for studying and offers her to come along. She asks him if he is fine with resigning the concour this causes her to think of what she herself is planning to do. Hihara hears about Yunoki’s leave to England from a friend who heard it from the fan girls. Hihara bumps into Hino and they talk. Hino comes to know that Yunoki didn’t tell Hihara about him going to England, Hihara tells her that he knows he can’t do anything but he wanted him to confide in him and tell him about it. Then Hihara apologizes for not noticing her problem in the concour. She tells Hihara that she wants to stop playing the violin, at first Hihara says that if she really wants to stop playing she could. But then he flashbacks on all the times he saw her play and then says that no he didn’t want to say that but she has already gone.

The next day the news abut Yunoki leaving to England has spread. Hihara says that he wanted to know if it is true. Then Yunoki tells him that he must have some things that he hasn’t told Yunoki either. Hihara says “Since when have we stopped telling the truth to each other” In class Hihara is thinking about how he used to say that he loved music but now Hino doesn’t smile anymore and then he thinks will just liking music end or is it not enough. Shimizu is looking in all the rehearsing rooms for Hino but ends up watching Tsukimori practicing, much to Tsukimori’s shock lol! Shimizu tells Tsukimori that he is looking for a sound but can’t find it even though he practices and then out of nowhere Shimizu says that he wants to see Hino and then he asks himself why he wants to hear Hino’s playing/sound/music so badly. Shimizu tells Tsukimori that he loved hearing Hino and Tsukimori play Avemaria together. Then Tsukimori wonders why he felt that way when he played with her. Ousaki asks Hihara whats wrong he tells Ousaki that Hino wants to quite playing the violin and that he feels bad he can’t do anything, Tsukimori hears this.

Hino tells Kanazawa that she wants to resign/quit the concour. He asks her if she will be able to find something new after leaving concour and then he flashbacks on his life. He tells her that even if she does want to quit now it won’t change the fact that she is really good and that she will find somethign new after this. Lili asks her if she is really planning to leave the concour, Hino tells him that she can’t do it anymore because the violin cannot be fixed anymore. Lili tells her that most likely when the string broke off the magic power sealed inside disappeared and now it’s become a normal violin. She tells him that she can’t play anymore and that she wants a break from it so then she won’t need to lie anymore and fool anyone. Hino is getting ready to go home and comes face to face with Tsukimori. He asks her if it’s true that she is quitting the violin and if she is ok with that. He tells her about the time he saw her playing an imaginary violin on the street. Some incident happened to Tsukimori when he was a kid some older kids hurt/broke his finger and so he was worried if he would be able to play the violin again and the words “I will not let you play the violin again” keeps on playing in his ear. He asks her if she can live without playing or hearing the violin. She says she is fine with not playing and that she wasn’t interested in the beginning and says that she doesn’t like the violin, Tsukimori says “Then why are you crying?” He tells her that those tears are her trueself but she tries to denie it and runs off. At the end Tsukimori says “Where are your real feelings?”

  • Sorry that I put the summary up late and there will be no more episode pics sorry. My computer crashed for the fourtt time and it had to do with the programs I was using to get the episode and the screeencaps. So I will only be putting up summaries from now on. Hopefully you all are fine with that. Otherwise you can watch it on youtube or some other site.  Sorry!

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  1. nss says:

    wow, thanks for the summary!!! i can’t believe everything turn into a disaster!!! urghh, with yunoki going, hihara and all the rest in dilemma…gawd…its like a soap opera!

  2. Bibliofil says:

    Totally OK with only the summaries!!! I always had problems loading your page, so for me this is MUCH better ;)! Especially since Im always waiting VERY eagerly for your summeries….They are great!

    Thank You!

  3. mio says:

    thanks you for the summary….its perfect even without pics…
    keep going

  4. Rumi says:

    I still think Yunoki feels very comfortable around Hino, thus the way he acts around her is the true him. This is why he asks her to go with him, he wants that with her.
    Hino is so caught up in her turmoil that she can’t see anyone else worrying about her or the fact that there is some genuine feelings out there for her.
    This will get very interesting in these last few episodes…how is it going to turn out? hmmm…

  5. Sarah says:

    Wow, this really made my heart do a little number. I almost cried at the end too. Thank you so much for writing these summaries; you’re the best. :D For realz.

  6. diwj says:

    thank you! ^_^/ with your summaries at my side as i watch the RAW, it all makes sense to me. lol.
    Gosh, she has to get her act together! She’s making alll the guys upset and sad!!! it’s really bugging me!

  7. cammie says:

    tahnks for the summary :) i can’t understand when i
    watch it raw..its like jibberish to me

  8. Karz says:

    ur welcome! ^_^ I am happy u guys are ok with no pictures.

  9. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for the summary!!!!!!!! dont worry about the pictures, we can always go to youtube and look for the raw episode to get a feel of what it looks like.

    I’m just happy someone is telling me what is happening in the serie because I dont get anything by just looking at the raws:D


  10. kyou1234kite says:

    hey though can u subbed the episodes on youtube or if no than that’s ok to but like they need subbings for those who don’t understand as well

  11. kyou1234kite says:

    oops sorry for asking im soooooo sorry ignore that last comment…XD

  12. TinyA says:

    Thankyou so much! =) with the help of episodes from bakusaru icey dragon, everything fits together nicely! keep up the excellent work!

  13. Sam says:

    Where did you find the raw version of la corda d’oro 19?

  14. Sam says:

    Where did you find the raw version of la corda d’oro episode 19? Can you please tell me?

  15. Miko says:

    you can find them here, but some of the newer ones aren’t subbed, so I hope you like raw..sorry ^ ^.

  16. whitzly says:

    u can find it at there is ep 17 to the end in raw so hope u all fine wif no subtitles

  17. tenten says:

    hey how did u understand? why dont u sub the episodes so we could watch it. try to do it on

  18. Yunoki-saamaaa says:

    wow…!Thanks so much for the summary..! This helped a bunch..! ^.^

  19. xuan says:

    OMG!U just save my life!!thank you for the subtitles they are wonderful.i didnt really understand the raw 1s so this summary u provide is really useful!! hoto arigato!!=)

  20. ichigo says:

    subb please i hav w8 for very long, gettin impatient

  21. jasmien says:

    yeah well mayb im asking to much but if you dont know how to sub mayB you could try to translate it line for line kinda make a script of it but thank you for everything

  22. +ya0i+aiNamefre3k+gurl+ says:

    thank you for the summary! ^_^ :)