Nana - 41

Ren wants to go back to Japan and isn’t happy that Takumi got to go back to Japan. Takumi has gone back to Japan to meet Hachi’s parents. Hachi is back at her home-town and she visited her family and told them that Takumi is coming tomorrow. Her sister is telling her that Takumi seemed like a nice guy on the phone. Her sister asks her how Nana is doing and whether they still keep in contact, Hachi tells her that Nana’s cellphone is broken and she can’t email or phone her either and nothing is coming from Nana. Nana’s voice “All I thought about was showing my singing face to Hachi quickly, but I never thought about what she must be doing now and I didn’t really want to hear about her kid or Takumi, but it was just jealousy. 

Reira gets an email from Shin, who is telling her about the Blast training camp he has gone to and what all is happening there. Shin says it would have been much better if Misato had come and then Nana says that Misato should leave school and become their manager. Yasu also agrees that they should have a cute manager like her. Matsuo tells them to take a break from practicing and there will be a meeting with Kawano. In the email, Shin is telling Reira about Gaia and how this place is much more peacefull than Tokyo and he likes it alot b/c at night he can watch the stars and he remembers Reira, but he doesn’t know the reason why. Blast is getting a live in some places in Japan and they are deciding different things. Trapnest is getting ready to shoot a music video. Reira is asking Ren if he heard from Naoki about Yasu and Weekly Search. Also that they think that Yasu and Nana are together but she asures Ren that, that can’t ever happen and that what they are doing is really cruel. Weekly Search is aiming for Yasu. Apparently Yasu’s dream wasn’t to become a lawyer this causes Reira to says that only lies are coming out and that she doesn’t know the truth anymore. Reira says that he went so far for the band’s sake but Ren says that he is not doing all of this for the band’s sake and then Ren says this is bad, because he cannot do that much for Nana’s sake, but his love for Nana isn’t changing. Ren says “Since when did I become such a cold human being” Reira is shocked to hear all this.

Shin’s email says that if Reira is lonely right now then he, Shin will come right away to London, and will go anywhere. Also if Reira’s heart and body can cool/calm down a bit then it’s fine. Then Shin’s voice ” Don’t misunderstand me to be a really kind person, but I haven’t had someone who is this precious to me yet. That’s why I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I am sorry if I am being selfish.” Takumi goes to where Hachi is and he has got lots of gifts for her, she picks up almost all the gifts but she doesn’t figure out the box the ring is in. He tells her that the ring is not a gift but it’s in her right pocket, she takes it out and he puts the ring on her finger. Takumi tells her that for him women are 2nd and Hachi says that she is happy being the first in the 2nd but he tells her that she is the 2nd in the 2nd and asks her if this gift would be good for the 1st, she quickly thinks of Sachiko but he actually meant their child.

Shin is telling Reira how he bought a notebook computer using the money he got from her. But he says that he doesn’t use it just for himself and that he can’t be a romantist but he will send her mail from time to time. Nana finds Yasu sitting by himself. She tells him that she can’t sleep after hearing about the live, Yasu tells her to get her sleep now b/c when she gets back to Tokyo she will be flooded with the promotional events. Nana talking to herself “Since I have left my hometown I feel like I have become stronger with Yasu but when I am with Ren I feel lonely and now nothing can be like it was before. I wonder why? even though my love for Ren doesn’t change” Hachi is thinking up different names for their kid but Takumi says that Sachiko is a good name. Nana’s voice says something about stars and brightness and “Whenever I see something glittering I think of Ren even now.”

  • Sorry it took me time to put this up. Sadly I won’t be putting up screencaps/pictures anymore only summaries. The ending theme changed back to “A Little Pain” for the last few episode of Nana only 8 or so episode till the end.


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4 Responses to “Nana - 41”

  1. moonphase says:

    WHy would Hachi name her daughter Sachiko!
    Isn’t Sachiko the girl that shoji cheated on her will. She is seriously a pile on rocks

  2. Karz says:

    She accidently says the name Sachiko out loud when Takumi is talking about their kid. So Takumi ends up saying that Sachiko is a great name so they should name her that.

  3. lynxz says:

    i dun like dat name!

  4. bisforbodacious says:


    but there was nothing wrong with sachiko. she was cute! ^^

    shoji was the stupid one, so i guess it’s not that bad.