La Corda D’Oro - 10

 Episode 10

   Everyone comes in to see the concour even Tsukimori’s parents come to see him play. Tsuchiura is blushing when he sees Tsukimori’s mom. She tells him that as a fellow pianist she is waiting to see him perform. Tsuchiura performs first. Next up is Hino. She is playing Pachabel’s Canon. She also says that she doesn’t know if this is a fake or a lie and that today she is going to play for what she believes in. Tsukimori goes to practice after hearing Hino play. Next up is Hihara. When Tsukimori is putting some of his things in the closet some guy comes out of nowhwere and pushes him in and locks the closet. Next up is Fuyuumi. Hino notices that Tsukimori is missing so she goes to look for him. She finds only his violin. Tsuchiura and Hihara go to look for Tsukimori. Shimizu goes to perform. Kanazawa tells him to slow things down. So Shimizu walks very slowly lol!

Tsuchiura and Hihara search outside for him b/c some 2nd year music class students said they saw him outside. Hino suddenly realizes after remembering the violin lying in the room and what the 2nd year music students said, that they were the same ones who before had said bad things about Tsukimori. Yunoki goes up next. Tsukimori tries to open the door but it doesn’t open and he has to perform next. He is thinking he won’t make it in time and that no one will come looking for him since they are rivals. But Hino comes in screaming his name. She notices sounds coming from the closet. Tsuchiura over hears the 2nd year music students talking about not keeping the key in and he confronts them. His parents tell Kanazawa that they shouldn’t wait longer as this is a competition. She tells him she will get the key from Kanazawa but Tsukimori tells her that it doesn’t matter b/c he won’t make it in time. He tells her that there is no use playing when he goes back, Hino tells him that she was waiting to hear and see his performance.

Hino and Tsukimori reach but it’s too late everyone is leaving. He apologizes and doesnt say what happened to him. Hino bumps into Tsukimori’s mom and she praises Hino for playing really well. They both hear a violin playing, it’s Tsukimori. Also he is not playing the way he usually does. His mom is shocked that he is at that level. She tells Hino that he gets to uptight when it comes to the concour and that he should play freely sometimes. Hino says that Tsukimori and her worlds are totally different. But he is somewhere in her world.



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2 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro - 10”

  1. mio says:

    thanx alot for this summry^_^
    Hino looked so cute in this episode….

  2. nono says:

    hey fren, do u have any pictures of tis episode?
    especially when hino is playing the violin in her pink dress!!!
    i like it very much!!!
    can u pls….?