Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 5

Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Aoi, Komaki, Daigo and Kisaragi are trying to figure out how a person could turn into an oni. Aoi thinks that maybe the onis they fought with were also humans but Kisaragi tells her that those were different from Ryouichi and that most likely someone is using some kind of jutsu to give them powers. Also the one that calls for the jutsu is the darkness in a person’s heart. Aoi is saying that they can’t allow innocent people to become victims and die and that it’s their fight. Aoi remembers a fire happening and her friend (not sure) asking her to help her. So she says that she will fight and protect people. All of them except Komaki are with Aoi. Komaki is telling Aoi that she could die if she fought with an oni of that type. That’s why they should forget about this and get back to their normal school lives and that it’s summer at last, so why can’t they go to the pool or play around as they promised. Aoi tells her that it’s already begun and they can’t back out now. Komaki asks her whether saving someone else is that important even though she can’t even save herself. Komaki says that its not just hard for Toono but its hard for her too. The detective guy is given info that the girl who died said something about a dog. He is thinking that lately all wierd things are happening. In the news they are talkign about the high school kids that suddenly died or fell unconscious. Kyouichi is telling Daigo that he will be fine considering the darkness in the heart.

Aoi apologizes to Toono about what happened and for giving Toono scary thoughts. She tells her not to worry about what happened and that they will protect Toono. Aoi tells Toono that she always wanted to get along wit her. Kisaragi calls up Aoi and tells her that he has a job to do so he won’t be able to contact her for awhile. Komaki apologizes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi for what all she said. The girls get to go the pool but the guys have to study lol! Komaki sees Aoi acting really friendly with Toono so she asks Aoi who is more precious to her Toono or Komaki. Suddenly Aoi goes blank and this guy comes out of the pool saying “Aoi, atlast we meet” He tells her to come with him. Kyouichi sees Hiyuu rushing to the pool, he follows him. Inugami tells them to take her to the hospital and that he will take responsibility. Hiyuu feels something wierd at the hospital they go to, Kyouichi tells him that this is the number 1 place he wants to run away from b/c there is a certain person here. Inugami told her that Kyuoichi is coming b/c of that he is getting really nervous. Aoi is in some wierd desert type world where people’s heads are inside stuffed animals!?  Marie Claire and Kozunu are watching, he is saying that there is a toy there, let see what all he does and that this will be fun. All the shrines Kisaragi is going to are broken and he says “Just as I thought, here also..” 

  • Hiyuu is so cute! when the teacher comes to him and tells him that he was doing very well in studies and asks him why he has gone down, he shows her this drawing he did and gets hit by her lol! Also Before Komaki apologizes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi, Kyouichi tells Hiyuu “yo, you aren’t looking to well, boyfriend” lol!!! atleast thats what I heard.
  • Something seems to be up with Aoi, I wonder who that guy is. Also that nurse could see the dog that was a ghost and she knew something about Aoi b/c when she saw her she said “That girl….” Inugami knows something too…

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5 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 5”

  1. Lissa says:

    omg. i can’t wait for the next episode! thanks so much ^___^.

    gah. i wonder if aoi is some kind of really important person

  2. Danny says:

    AOI LOVE and toono is a lot more important that i originally thought…to aoi at least

  3. diwj says:

    duhhhh she is important! lol, i can’t believe you guys thought she was a minor chracter, just think in every anime there is always a princess type, the hospital creeps me out, man, isn’t there anything normal in that world… only the school seems normal. Hiyuu is soo cute! ~_^/

  4. Lissa says:

    tatsuma is cute, but i like kyouichi =P

    if anyone wanted to know, i found out that the long version of “0:00 AM” is supposed to come out on 2.28.2007. at least thats what my resources tell me

  5. Karz says:

    thanx for the info! ^_^