La Corda D’Oro - 20

 Hino gives Lili the violin back saying that she can’t play it anymore. Lili asks her if it’s really no use, Hino tells him “please understand” Lili thanks her for going along with his selfish wishes. When the violin is going away from her hands she remembers what Tsukimori said about her loving the violin and whether in reality her tears are her true feelings. Kanazawa-sensei’s cat jumps out and runs after Lili so the violin is left in Hino’s hands. Fuyuumi asks Hino if she is going to start practicing again, Hino tells her that she is not going to play the violin anymore. Fuyuumi tells her that she loves Hino’s violin and that when she hears her play she feels good inside. Hino tells her that her violin is not such a great thing and she wishes Fuyuumi luck for the next selection.

Hino tells her friends that she is quitting the concour and she tells them that in the beginning itself it was too much for her. One of her friends tell her that it seems like its too hard for her now, Hino tells them that they just need to go back to how they were before the concour. Her friends tell her that they can’t go back to how they were, they loved the violin playing Hino. They are having a meeting for the selection. Kanazawa tells them that Yunoki is quitting b/c he has to go to England. Fuyuumi asks him about Hino, and Kanazawa tells them that Hino might quit too. While going out Fuyuumi tells herself that she made it this far b/c Hino was there. Hihara asks Kanazawa why he didn’t stop Hino, he tells Hihara that he doesn’t have time to be worrying about others and he tells Hihara that for the last selection he wants to hear a good performance from Hihara. Hino is thinking to herself about why everyone wants to hear her play the violin even though she has no right to play it and that she doesn’t want to fool anyone anymore. Shimizu is telling himself that when he imagines Hino’s sound then a sound that he has never heard is born. He tells her that he wants to hear Hino’s sound and that when he hears it he feels like he can catch something, something really precious. He tells her that the sound is necessary for him, Hino tells herself that her sound is fake.

Ousaki tells Hino that when he looks down he feels really small but he gets excited when he thinks about how big the world is, b/c of the many unchanging people who play music and achieve a lot, when he thinks about that he becomes really excited. He tells her about a volunteer concert he is doing with the kids they played for last time, when he thinks about it that way he thinks that music is not that special and that it’s similar to when you are laughing, playing around and having fun. He tells her that she doesn’t need to try really hard to get an answer b/c eventually the answer will come out slowly. The next day Hino is saying that yes she does love the violin and she does want to play it but if the violin isn’t magical she can’t play it. She says that she is afraid of her own feelings. Shimizu asks Tsukimori if he had ever made a girl cry.

 Hihara asks Yunoki why he started playing the flute but he says it was just like that. In his head he is saying tha he started playing the flute b/c his brothers were playing the piano b/c in no other way could he surpass his brothers. Tsuchiura is wondering why Hino gave up so easily. He played the piano only at home b/c he hated the music students for the firsst time. After listening to Tsukimori play the violin Hino tells herself that after getting the magic violin all really good things happened and that everything is b/c of that violin. Hino says that she doesn’t want to seperate from the violin.  She apologizes for causing it so much trouble and saying that after all of this she still wants to play the violin. She asks the violin if she can play it again, Lili answers saying “yes, ofcourse” and that he is really happy that she didn’t start hating the violin or music. Lili tells her that he can fix the string but the magic is gone, and that there is a bond between the violin and Hino that can’t be taken away. At the end she says “Corda, kizuna”

  • At the end I think Lili tells her that the string is also known as Corda which is kizuna. I don’t get the last part too well but I think the strign that was first broken cannot have magic powers but there is a nother string “corda” that also has the magical pwoers Not too sure.
  • Next week everything is back to normal.


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  1. mio says:

    thanx a lot for the summary^_^
    its really good^_^
    but I hadn’t watched the episode yet.
    could you tell me where I can watch episode 20 ??

  2. diwj says:

    thank GOD SHE FINALLY ACCEPECTED HER TRUE FEELINGS!!! it was getting a bit annoying, heck! oh the angel Shimizu!! so CUTE! now just get everyone else happy and play… i wonder if she can play now…

  3. Geraldine says:


  4. Karz says:

    The episode should be on youtube. ^_^

  5. melody says:

    Yeah !! i can tell from the preview that the next episode is going to be cool yuppie!!

  6. birbrained7 says:

    Thx for blogging this episode.
    P.S. The episode is on youtube

  7. regina says:

    thanks for the summary.

  8. :) says:

    why did he ask len if he ever made a girl cry?

  9. Karz says:

    Shimizu made Hino cry by asking her to return to playing the violin but she said she can’t and then she started crying. Tsukimori was the first person he saw so he asked him.

  10. Diana says:

    i searched on youtube btu episodes 19 and 20 aren’t there =(
    they aren’t on either. only 21 and up…i think.
    anyone know what happened to them?

  11. Nekomata says:

    yup…! I’m not sure, ’cause it’s really deep for an anime, anyway the italian “corda” is very similar to the latin “cor, cordis”, which means… heart.
    Maybe this is what lili thinks.

  12. bostafu says:

    no!!… i can’t find 20…. how sad… its not on youtube anymore…and its not on veoh either.. *sigh* oh well… at least i had ur summary!! yay!!! thnx so much!

  13. labantayo says:

    hi… may i ask where i can watch this episode or even download it?

  14. labantayo says:

    hi… may i ask where i can watch this episode or even download it?

  15. Ira says:

    wher did you watch it?

  16. Ira says:

    wher did you watch it?

  17. Eleonore Magi says:

    Well, I myself watched it on, right now you can still find the ep there.

    Thanks a lot for the summary, it saved me)