NANA - 42

     Reira is thanking Shin for replying back to her mail and she tells him that she has been saved by Shin’s words again. Hachi’s dad asks Takumi whether he can handle taking care of Hachi and the baby while being famous. Takumi tells him that he will take care of them well. Reira is telling Shin about the wedding dress she wore for the promo video and she tells him that even though it’s got nothing to do with the video they made her wear it. She tells him that with her band members around her she feels like she can find the place she belongs in and that even if it gets hard she will always sing. Reira is telling Shin that the reason Gaia took them away to some place in the hills might have been to strengthen their bonds with their fellow members and staff b/c they will be like a family. Reira tells him that lets both do well. Hachi’s mom apologizes for Hachi and her sister being so noisy but Takumi says he enjoys this. He says that his mother was ill and so he never really knew a person who was really bubbly? (not sure what he meant) Hachi flashbacks to what Nana says about admiring Hachi’s normal life and enjoying it. Takumi tells them that his mom passed away 6 or so years ago and that his sister married (not sure) So Hachi’s parents say that they want to meet them but Takumi tells them that it’s better if they don’t meet his dad.

   Reira finds Ren sleeping in the bath tub, Mari asks Reira whether Ren had too much to drink but Reira tells her that this type of thing is usual. Reira is telling Shin “Shin-chan, the lighter you left behind, sadly I left it in Japan, but I regret it now. I didn’t bring it b/c I didn’t want to break it or lose it but when there is no place to go to, I feel insecure…  She also tells him when she is coming back and asks him when he will be coming back. She tells Shin that she wants to talk to him face to face. She says something about if she opens her eyes she might lose and she doesn’t want to lose. Nana is wondering what to tell Ren if she is going to call him. Nana’s feeling like she can’t breathe in the elevator. Nana sees Nobu already getting friendly to a girl. She is a famous celebrity known as Yuri Kosaka. Nana is abit annoyed that Yasu,Shin and Nobu know of her lol! She acts AV idol (porn star) Nana is wondering why someone like her is here, Yasu tells her that she was an idol first. They are wondering why she lives here even though she must be making a lot of money. Nana tells Nobu that he is dangerous to Yuri so they should switch rooms.

   Nana tells him that he better have not forgotten their plan “The Big Plan of Getting Hachiko Back”  He tells her not to misunderstand she tells him that he was totally blushing when he was talking to her. Nobu tells her that he didn’t really want to fight to get Hachi back and that this and that are different and that there is no connection between the band and Hachi. Nobu asks her why he has to be the one to bring Hachi back to Nana even though now he has totally given up on her. While having breathing problems Nana tells herself ” The reason we are playing music is so that we can become pros that is what we are fighting for, it has nothing to do with Hachi. If Nobu dates someone he will be free, but then how are Hachi and me going to connect. I won’t be going back home, even if I do Hachi won’t be there anymore”  Yasu comforts Nana by saying he will be with her and that he won’t go anywhere. Nana says something about wanting to be with Ren.

  • About Takumi’s dad I think in the manga it said that he was a heavy drinker. They are so much closer now. Yuri has come in and Miu has come in too!
  • Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! ^_^

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21 Responses to “NANA - 42”

  1. FinalHikari says:

    What’s the point of having spoilers when everything you write is a spoiler itself? lol XD

  2. Karz says:

    good point lol! but I mean the manga like if someone puts up something thats going to happen in the manga. There r people who get really upset when spoilers are put up. thats why.

  3. Hachiko says:

    I just wanted to ask (being a Nana fan ^W^) where you watch the Nana episodes??

    I have searched the internet but I can’t find any episodes above 38 (watched the first 38 episodes of Nana)

    - If you could help me that’d be great ^^

  4. Karz says:

    I watch it on youtube. ^_^

  5. tokyosista says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the summary of the episode. You made my night! ^^ I wathced it on You Yube, yet i don’t understand Japanese, so I did not know the whole details of what happened.Yet, I have been reading some chapters of the manga, which were translated into english, so it helped. I really hope though that the recent eps. will be in english subs soon enough.

  6. rainbowninja says:

    Nana ep.42 hasn’t come out on youtube with english subtitles yet, i’ts driving me crazy!!

  7. natcor says:

    I just watched ep 42,43 and 44 of nana. GAAAAH!! I WISH I COULD SPEAK JAPANESE!!!!

  8. Hachiko says:

    Yeah it is really annoying that Nana ep. 42 hasn’t got any subs >_

  9. Claud says:

    I have found the ep. 42 of Nana with english subs on youtube, it had been uploaded a week ago, kinda…
    So for the ones that want to watch it here is the link:

  10. andrea says:

    hey thnks claud i was loooking for it n i couldnt find it..but now i cant find 43 subbed:( if only i new japanesse

  11. andrea says:

    hey NATCOR where did you see episodes 43 and 44 of nana…plizzz tell me..thnx

  12. Segue says:

    Since you can tell what they’re saying, would it be possible for you to sub the episodes?

  13. Karz says:

    sorry I don’t knwo know how to sub episodes and plus I don’t have the right things to sub it. You will have to wait for the subs sorry!

  14. natcor says:

    I saw them on you tube but they weren’t subbed

  15. Beholder says:

    Hi guys.
    Is there any place where i can download nana 36-42 series with ENGLISH SUBS or just english subs alone?
    Its a torment for me to wach it online. Too slow…
    Please help!!!))))

  16. Xero says:

    I really cant wait to see 43 with subs I been waiting for some time now lmao

    Come check out my site

  17. Crazy lady says:

    Ok see they don’t have past 41 on youtube anymore is there anywhere else i can see it with english subs?

  18. Sillia says:

    Great anime =)
    But I cant wait any longer…. I’ve even started to learn Japanese ^____^

    Thanks God, I can watch it on english…
    In Russia only 37 episodes are translated…..

  19. Peo says:

    Nana 43:

    Nana 44:

  20. Nobu says:

    theres 47 episodes of NANA and the sub group who did nana 1-41 pretty much stopped doing it. (even tho theres some Spanish subs from 41+. Theirs some nana on youtube. which is being done by fans for fans :D


    hmm.. still cant find 46+47…

    i you want you can watch the movies…

  21. NANALOVES! says:

    sigh..does anyone noes whr to get the last 2 epi?