Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 6

  The doctor person is telling them that someone has gotten into Aoi’s heart. She tells them that its someone from the outside. All of them are wondering who could be doing this to Aoi. The doctor says that if this continues Aoi could die, Kyouichi tells her that she should be able to cure her and thats why they have come to this broken down hospital. Then she reminds him of when he was a kid he used to cling to her lol! She tells them that the only way they can save her is by finding the person who is manipulating her and stopping him and she tells them that they should find him fast. Suddenly the nurse says that she saw a dog infront of the hospital, the doctor says that she sees lots of wierd things. She tells them that she can see ghosts.

Toono goes to investigate on how the other high school kids suddenly collapsed so she calls Komaki and tells her that it migth have something to do with Aoi. Toono shows a picture to them and tells them that he is the guy who is after Aoi. His name is Reiji Sakaya/Sagaya (i think) Toono blames him for all the incidents involving high school students. She tells them that when he was in high school he got beat up badly by some students who were in a gang? Since then he has never come out of his room but suddenly since the spring there is a rumor that he comes in people’s dreams? Komaki is about to apologize to Toono but Toono tells her that their secret is safe with her. She remembered that they had saved her in the first few eps. Reiji is telling Aoi that they didn’t have any reason to beat him up they just found it fun, but then one day Aoi came. Those guys are telling him that he shouldn’t be hanging out with Aoi. Then afterwards he tells her that he got his chance, he tells her that he will protect her and he is asking her to stay with him in his world. He is wondering why she isn’t opening her eyes he figure out that someone is trying to take her out of his world.

Kisaragi figures out that all the seals are being taken out or broken. Reiji goes to the hospital and gets through the barrier. Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki and Daigo get into his world. Reiji welcomes them to his dream world. He tells them that Aoi is his possesion and will not give her to anyone. The big cuddly toys come and attack Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki and Daigo. Hiyuu tells them that this is a dream they just need to imagine themselves with their weapons. The nurse person takes the hit from the demon dog. When the fangs pierce through her she can see all those bad memories of his and she says “it must have been sad and painful” and she can see Kozunu too. She tells the demon thingy that he is free now and that he can’t be angry with the old him he needs to get back to his original self. So that he can save his precious person. Hiyuu goes after Reiji. The dog came into the dream world then Reiji asks him why he didn’t get Aoi back. White light starts streaming in.

Aoi’s voice is tells him to stop and tells him that even if he does this the dog and him cannot be saved. She tells him that he actually doesn’t want to do all this and she doesn’t want a person who is precious to her to go through this again. She tells him that she won’t allow him to hurt someone. Aoi also tells him to gather his courage and to get himself back to gether. He says that he doesn’t care what happened to him but he wanted to protect the dog no matter what. He says he wanted to become strong so he could protect what was precious to him. She tells him that he can go back and he can protect with the power. The dream world starts breaking. He thanks Aoi and disappears. The next day in the news they say that all the high school students who had collapsed have opened their eyes. In the end Kozunu is saying “That dream world, hmph, this and that one none of them are useful, next will be him” He is looking down at Kisaragi. Kisaragi says “Just as I thought, these guys are…” Kozunu tells him that this is enough for today and disappears.    

  • They cut out the ending for this episode.
  • The nurse might have a bigger role b/c they show her in the opening.

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  1. Lissa says:

    I was wondering who that lady was in the OP. so its the nurse, huh?

    Thanks so much! I knew you would have this up soon ^___^

    and they better not touch Kisaragi-kun. he’s cool (and cute) XP

  2. Tokki says:

    I was wondering other then your pc crashing why arn’t you posting screen caps? I mean that is mostly the only reason I go to bloggers, to check out the caps. Unless that is the reson why it crashed. If thats it then its okay I’ll still check out your site. Your like the only one who’s even up to date with this series anyways. I love it just hope more people will get into it. XD

  3. Karz says:

    The reason the pc crashed was b/c of the programs I was using for putting/getting the screen caps and downloading the episodes. You can watch most of the episodes on Youtube.

  4. Lissa says:

    here i am again ^___^

    i just downloaded the Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Opening and Ending songs. (and also the instrumentals for both too). and ive already uploaded them.

    i was wondering if you’d like them, if you don’t have them yet? and i know you always blog Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou, which i am REALLY thankful for

  5. Tokki says:

    Right, thats what I thought. Thanks anyways for the info on the show. I do watch it on YouTube. Awesome just like I said I love it and hope u keep up with it.

  6. Karz says:

    Lissa is the opening and ending full? b/c I have been looking for it and really want it. If u have it could you post the link or send the link to me for posting. thnx alot!!

  7. Lissa says:

    ^______^ i happened to just upload it yesterday for a few people.

    and yes, they ARE full. okay. they’re up on sendspace, and this is the WHOLE package



    OPENING (instrumental):

    ENDING (instrumental):

    and that’s all of them. if they don’t work, just tell me, and i’ll reupload them. You’re welcome! ACID is awesome

  8. Lissa says:

    oh holy crap. i just went to my youtube channel, but you wouldn’t happen to be the same karz that commented, right?

    no way, that’s too coincidental.

  9. diwj says:

    ACE!!Lissa!! i LOVE Acid and it’s been a mission trying to find the proper tracks online! i’m downloading it as soon as i can! thank you!
    AND another big thanks for this summary my youtube privilages have beeen taken away by my parentals. T_T your summaries mean soo much!

  10. sonek says:

    i cant seem to download the opening =[

  11. Karz says:

    Here I reuploaded the opening check if it works now when you reach the page with the file right click the link.

  12. sonek says:

    it doesnt work =[. Its okay though, i really appreciate your efforts. at least i got hanabufuki, which is my favorite one hehe:P

  13. Karz says:

    did you right click the link and press save target as or something along those lines when the page opened up?

  14. sonek says:

    yea. it just doesnt let me save it as an mp3 file for some reason, though i did dl alot of other stuff prior and after both links. but thanks anyways

  15. sonek says:

    it worksssssss~! thanks again you guys.

  16. lindsey says:

    Sorry, I just found this website and I have no idea what’s what. Can I download the actual episode from here? If so, how? Because I don’t see a link or “download” button anywhere.

  17. Karz says:

    You can’t download episodes from here. There are only summaries to read, no episodes to watch here.