La Corda D’Oro - 21

Hino wants Tsukimori to teach her how to repair the violin. Tsukimori flashbacks on the first day they meet. He tells himself that “she looked at me with the same eyes as that time” Anyways he takes her to this guy Nakata-san who owns a violin shop and makes violins etc. Nakata-san tells her that even if the violin breaks it’s not the end and that its different from people b/c it can go on for a long time. Nakata-san takes a look at the violin.  He tells her that a rabble/labble label is not there, that has the name of the person who made the violin written on it. He tells her that its a very good violin and that she should keep it safe. Tsukimori plays one of the violins to check it. Nakata-san comments on his performance saying that its become warm. Hino goes to buy strings for the violin and meets Tsuchiura there. She tells him that she is getting back to playing the violin. Tsukimori teaches her how to put the strings on. Then she checks to see if she can play it. Hino tells herself that she wants to start from the beginning and learn to play the violin b/c she loves the violin.

Hino tells Lili that she fixed the strings herself with the help of Tsukimori. Lili then says that the reason she can see him must be b/c of the way she is. Hino tells Lili that she will do her best with the violin he gave her b/c it is the no.1 violin in the whole world. Hino starts practicing and she is not as good as before. Hihara is very happy to see her playing again. Hihara asks her if she hurt her finger b/c it sounded pretty bad, she tells him that, that is where she is at now and she will do her best b/c she loves the violin. Shimizu and Fuyuumi are really happy to hear her playing again. Everyone is talking about how bad she is. Tsukimori says “use more power, Hino” Tsuchiura has decided to leave the soccer team fully. But the captain tears his letter and says that he wanted to know which he would choose b/c both music and sports are very competitive and if a person can’t concentrate on one thing, they can lose.

Hino tells Tsuchiura that she has planned to go step by step and slowly. Tsuchiura tells her that he has had bad memories of concour then he tells her about what happened to him in a junior competion. He was one of the youngest and he played his heart out and did his best. But someone else won. From then on he stopped playing the violin piano infront of anyone except the day he played for her performance. He said that, that was the first time he had played for someone else’s performance. He says that when he heard her play the music in him felt like it became bigger. He tells her that its b/c of her he came back to playing infront of everyone. Yunoki’s fan club goes and tells Hino that she is horrible and that she is ruining their last moments with Yunoki. Luckily Yunoki comes in acts friendly etc so they leave. He tells her about how her sound/music has changed and he also says that there is someone else who’s sound/music has changed.

  •  I think Yunoki is talking about Tsukimori’s sound/music changing b/c Nakata-san had said that his sound/music had become warm.
  • Next episode is more on Hihara.  

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9 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro - 21”

  1. mio says:

    Thanx a lot for your summary^_^
    Its really perfect..

  2. Sarah says:

    Your summaries are so helpful! Thanks so much for posting. ;D

  3. Letty says:

    Your summary’s great:) But in the last paragraph shouldn’t it be Tsuchiura stopped playing the piano instead of the violin?

  4. joanne says:

    haha, thanks for the summary as always! heh, i think the part about the rabble/labble might be ‘label’. haha, probably referring to the thing printed on the inside of the violin which usually has the maker’s name or something. or the brand/model.

  5. Karz says:

    Letty sorry for the mistake thnx for pointing it out! ^_^

    Joanne thnx for the info will change it now! ^_^

  6. Chuchi says:

    thanks for the summaries but could you pls. upload the pictures again, it will help us to visualize things better :P
    but then again..thanks for the effort of putting this summary!
    love lots

  7. yanoto says:

    the summary is really perfect. thank you.

  8. Eleonore Magi says:

    Thanks a lot for the summury!) They are saving me, cause otherwise I wouldn’t understand much… Thanks for such great work!)

    Also, about someone’s music changing, it might as well be Hihara, since we saw Yunoki listening to Hihara’s play in the begiing of the ep (or in the prev. one), and they are closest friends after all.

    Although he also noticed Tsukimori’s music changing long ago, when they played Ave Maria together with Hino)
    Yep, I think the second version is closer to the truth)

  9. Leanne says:

    Thanx so much for the summary.

    About the last part where Yunoki mentions someone elses music changing, I think he’s actually talking about himself. Remember, he’s never shown anyone his true self, except to hino. He always walking around with a mask (not literally) and his real music came out during the 3rd selection because he was so engrossed in thoughts of hino, he forgot about himself and let himself go.