NANA - 43

                                       Blast, Guerilla Live

    Nana’s voice “If I died now I don’t think Ren would die with me, but thats fine, if it wasn’t like that I wouldn’t be able to go on. The me who thought that, that was sad/painful is strange for sure.”

    Nobu goes to the next room, Miu’s room, asking for a paper bag. He asks her what to do she shows him how to properly breath into the bag etc. Miu tells Nobu not to worry too much b/c someone stable like Yasu is there. She tells him that she was jealous that there was someone like Yasu for Nana and apologizes for being rude. Ginpei took Nana to a hospital. The doctor tells her that she should reduce her smoking. But Nana says she can’t stop something like that. The doctor says that with somone like Yasu by her side she should be okay! lol The doctor tells her that nothing else is wrong. Nana asks if she really is fine b/c she felt like she was about to die. Nana says that the doctor should do something b/c she doesn’t want to lose her breath on stage, performing etc. He tells her that since its to do with stress he can’t do much about it. When Nobu asks her what the doctor said she tells him that he said that somethings wrong with her head. Ginpei tells her that its usual for a celebrity to have stress and that she is sensitive too. Nana is telling herself that she hates the weak part of her and she is wondering how Yasu,Nobu and Shin can go on with her.

    Takumi tries to use Shin’s lighter which Reira has but she tells him not to touch it. Naoki is surprised that, that is a lighter, Takumi tells him that he said the same thing when he saw Shin’s lighter. Ren says that the lighter is one of a kind, Takumi asks Reira whether that is Shin’s and starts asking her why she has it even though she doesn’t smoke, she lies saying a fan gave it to her. Nana is saying that she was scared and that when she heard Ren’s voice she felt painful. Nana tells her self that she is better off busy. Nana is saying that there are many people involved in Blast’s debut project. In the car Nana’s voice “If I met Hachi now I feel like I could talk to her with a smile and listen to what she has to say about Takumi and their child but I didn’t have any time for that”

    Nobu goes to do his laundry and meets Miu there. Nobu asks Miu to listen to him. He tells her that the doctor and staff said that if Nana has the breathing problem again then they should act calm and like nothings wrong b/c it can make her feel uneasy too. Nobu asks Miu “in that painful moment, won’t she feel lonely?” (if they act like nothing is wrong) He tells her that he can’t act calm in a situation like that and that he doesn’t trust himself to. Miu tells him that even if he is calm if she feels his emotions or thoughts then she won’t feel lonely. She tells him that thats how she is. Miu is reading a script for a movie she is in its about a mahjong player. Nobu tells her that he loves mahjong even thought he sucks at it. Nana is wondering how many people in the city know her name.

    BLAST performs on the streets. Nana is thanking the paparazzi because of them she is now well known. She thanks everyone and then starts singing. Hachi is watching BLAST and Nana perform from far away. Nana’s voice “Hey Hachi, we are a bit far but the place you are is the safest. I wonder if the baby inside you can hear me.” On the TV Hachi sees Trapnest’s new single’s video “Shadow of Love” After seeing the dress Reira is wearing she tells Takumi she wants the same dress as the one Reira wore for the video. Takumi tells her that its not the dress its Reira. Reira is pretty and he says that it won’t suit Hachi! Nana is shocked to see Nobu chatting with Miu. She tells herself that there was no reason for them to change rooms if he was going to become friendly with some other gorl.  She is wondering how people can change so fast even though before all Nobu was saying was “Hachi,hachi,hachi” and she says that Hachi was the same too. In the elevator Nana feels like she is going to lose her breath again but she sees Yasu and is fine. Nana tells herself that she can’t let Yasu have any more bad memories. Nana is telling herself ”I can live if Ren wasn’t there with me like I did before but if Yasu isn’t there, I am sure I would be useless. When I meet Ren this time for sure I am not going to be comforted.”

  • At the ending I think they say that Trapnest is going to be in some music show and Blast will also be there (not sure)
  • Another nice ending song by Olivia Lufkin
  • New Ending song “Winter Sleep” by OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA ~Trapnest~
  • If you want the song check out this site while you are there check out the other stuff it has. Also buy the CD and support the artist.

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  1. lynxz says:

    who is mui?

  2. Karz says:

    It’s not mui, it’s Miu she is living opposite Nobu and is the one who told him how to take care of Nana when she was hyperventilating. If I wrote Mui then it’s my mistake her name is Miu.

  3. lynxz says:

    nono i write wrong …haha
    XP sry sry…

  4. tokyosista says:

    thanks for the summary. It helps, wile I’m waiting for the the eps. to be translated. ^^

  5. ... says:

    i was thinking if u cud actually sub de episode ? n uplaod it to you tube.

  6. Karz says:

    the thing is I don’t know how to sub episodes and my japanese is not that good, so the sub titles could be wrong, Inuyasha Forever Fansubs is subbing the episodes.