Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 7

Episode starts off with a flashback showing Aoi meeting Kisaragi when they were kids. Kisaragi is hurt pretty bad and he flashbacks to when he was a kid and he broke a cup at Aoi’s place. Kyouichi notices that Aoi has been day dreaming a lot so he asks her why she is day dreaming a lot. Their teacher Maria asks them whether something happened betwen Kyouichi and Aoi since they are actually talking properly with each other. Another flashback of Aoi and Kisaragi going to a tunnel type place. At the end of the tunnel there are lots of fire flies. Small Aoi tells Kisaragi that this is her secret place. She tells him that her father got angry the last time she came here so she tells Kisaragi that they are even. She gives him a bracelet. Kisaragi’s master/dad (not sure) tells him that they have had a connection with the Misato family for a long time and that they are here to protect Tokyo. He tells him to start getting ready for his mission. Small Kisaragi is training hard. Kisaragi is telling himself “if those things start moving….” Kozunu is chanting some kid of spell and then he gets these memories of a war. His eyes start glowing and then he says “I have accepted it, you heart that is.”

All of them are asking Kisaragi what he was doing and how did he get wounded. He says that the reason he thougth that all of this was happening wasn’t the reason it has something to do with geiho?? Geiho is like different types of things combined like tendou, jindou etc Inside all of that there is something known as kidou. (not sure)  Kidou is a way to call demons or something. Apparently there was a family that had that kidou. It had to do with people of a certain era. They had powers to call forth demons I think. They got something known as Kidou-shu. They are trying to use the darkness in a person’s heart to rule Tokyo with Onis. Kisaragi says that he will fight against the kidou-shu b/c that is the mission of the Kisaragi family. Even if he is alone he will fight. He tells them that they are different they don’t have a reason to fight so it doesn’t matter if they fight or not. He tells them that there is still time. He tells them that if they are ready to lose their lives then… Aoi says she will fight, so does Komaki. Then Kyouichi comes in and says that if they finish off Kozunu then people will stop becoming in to Onis so Daigo is also in, everyone will fight. Kisaragi tells Aoi that he willl protect her no matter what. Kozunu and Marie Claire come out. Kidou-shu were realeased by the Kisaragi family but now Kozunu is manipulating it.

 He introduces himself as Tendou Kozunu. They all get ready to fight. Suddenly everyones eye starts doing these wierd things. Its like they are hallucinating. When Kisaragi hurts himself the hallucinations stop. Those things let go off everyone. Kozunu wants a certain thing from Kisaragi thats why he let him go last time. Hiyuu and Kozunu start fighting. When Kozunu’s axe goes and tears off a piece of Marie’s clothes she totally flips! Her eyes become huge she becomes scary and she goes totally crazy. Kozunu wants a sword from Kisaragi. Anyways Kisaragi was actually testing Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Daigo, Komaki and Aoi. But Hiyuu seems to be worried about something. Somewhere else some guy is saying that the time has come.

  • At the ending the guy who is saying “that the time has come” looks like Kisaragi’s master/dad?
  • Marie Claire totally went ballistic!! that was seriously freaky.
  • Hiyuu strength is shown in this episode I am surprised he got up and fought after Kozunu pushed his head into the ground.
  • Also when Kozunu and Hiyuu started fighting Kozunu had this weird flashback with some girl in it?
  • I am not too sure about the Kidou-shu.
  • Those mikos from the opening are going to be coming in the next episode I think.


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10 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 7”

  1. Yuki says:

    I love Hiyuu! He so cute Thank u so much!!

  2. Lissa says:

    awesome! thanks ^___^ im gonna go watch it now

  3. Lissa says:

    i just saw it… im wondering who hiyuu is. with that flashback and all; the girl from the OP was in it. wasnt that also the girl who was hurt back in the car accident, in episode 4?

  4. Karz says:

    Ya, I think the girl in the flashback was the same one who was hurt in the car accident I wonder how she fits into the story….

  5. gim says:

    okay when’s next ep coming not many people upload it bacause it’s not that popular and it’s new

  6. Karz says:

    Next episode is on March 9

  7. kenji says:

    Does anyone else think that the four seen in the flashback (after the sakura tree) look a lot like Kyouichi,Daigo,Sakurai,and Misato?

  8. gim says:

    umm it’s passed march 9th and ep 8 is still not here

  9. Osaka says:

    Um… I can’t find episode 7 anywhere… D: Anyone know where I can possible find it? :3

  10. mio says:

    Could you tell me where I can watch episode 7, please?
    and thanx for the summary^_^