La Corda D’Oro - 22

Tsuchiura, Shimizu, Fuyuumi, Tsukimori, Kanazawa and Hihara are hearing people talking about Hino and how she should quit etc. Hihara’s friend tells him to practice and to do his best b/c when Yunoki goes only Hihara will be left from the 3rd year music students. Hihara asks Kanazawa if just loving it is enough and he feels that this all has no meaning. Kanazawa tells him to not feel down instead play his trumpet and make his own music. Hino sees Hihara practicing and tells herself that his playing sounds different from before. Then she understands that Yunoki had said about Hihara being the other one who’s sound had changed. Hihara tells Hino that he wondered why he chose the trumpet even though before he was into sports and he had a very close friend. In the flashback Hihara’s friend gets angry when he talks about the trumpet. Hihara only ran b/c he liked to so he ended up quitting that and entering the brass band. But his friend kept on training on his own. When the day of the competition came Hihara went and played for his friend. His friend placed 2nd but he said that Hihara’s best would have been much better. Hihara tells him that he might have quit the club but he still likes to run a lot. When playing the trumpet he feels great. But after that his friend left (the school/moved?) Hino tells Hihara that when she hears him play she feels the happy emotions. His friend said that when he heard him play he got a lot of strength from it even though he played bad. Then Hihara plays for Hino. He tells himself that “This is all I can do, but if it makes her happy then…”

Hino asks Mori-san how she did, Mori-san tells her that at her level it will be hard for her to compete in the concour. But she says that when she sees Hino playing she thinks that something unexpected will happen. Tsuchiura and Tsukimori are wondering if Hino will be able to do well in the selection. Tsuchiura tells Tsukimori that some school’s teacher said that it could be magicc? but Tsuchiura thinks that she is working hard for sure. Shimizu and Fuyuumi are talking about Hino’s sound and how her emotions will show through. Amou shows Hino some pictures she took of her. Then Amou shows a picture of her playing and says that if someone saw Hino and didn’t know her they would say that “she loves to play the violin a lot” Hihara tells Yunoki that “music is after all really good” he also congratulates Yunoki for winning the last selection, Hihara says that he never really congratulated him and he tells Yunoki to do his best in England.

Hino tells Kanazawa that she has decided to practice really hard. Kanazawa tells her that he admires her and that he couldn’t stand back up.(most likely about his past)??? Yunoki kidnaps her again! He takes her to dinner. He asks her if she is going to continue playing the violin, she tells him that she doesn’t know about before but now she wants to take it one step at a time. Hino asks him if he will continue playing the flute in England and she asks him if he has to go. Yunoki says “are you going to say something like, I want you by my side” lol Hino tells him that she wants him to continue playing and not quit. Yunoki says “It was fun, Kahoko” The next day he leaves.

  • Next Episode seems to be about some tape in which small Tsuchiura went against small Tsukimori??
  • For once Tsuchiura and Tsukimori didn’t fight they actually talked. Just 3 episodes left!!! La Corda ends on March 25!

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7 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro - 22”

  1. Mori says:

    thanks so much!
    hopefully the magic will come back to her violin.

  2. Rumi says:

    Ahhh…I so wanted the YunokixKaho pairing. They are so cute together. Darn that meddling Grandma anyway.

    I think her music sounds better with practice and it truely is from her heart now. I like how everyone in the concours are supporting her (even Yunoki). She might not win any contest, but she will get a popularity vote I bet.

  3. mio says:

    your summary help me to understand what going on the episode
    thanks alot
    keep going

  4. Lissa says:

    no wayyyyy.. the subs have only come up to ep 11, and its already ending?! thanks anyway

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for your summaries. :D They make me happeh…

  6. Lilithia says:

    I think he was hoping she’d ask for him to stay.

  7. Daizy says:

    Anyone know when 19~25 are going to come out subbed >_> reading these is pretty good but its not the same :(