NANA - 44

Nana’s voice “My dream was to make the band really popular and to make every japanese person know our name even if I had to go to everyone one by one”

Nobu and Shin are looking at their schedule. Yasu goes to see Trapnest, there Reira calls him a traitor. Yasu sees Ren’s hands shaking and goes to talk to him. He asks him whether he is still taking it, (drugs?) Ren tells him its okay and that he will stop. Yasu tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about him taking Nana away from Ren. He also tells him that Ren becomes worried when Nana isn’t there and that Nana is the same. After BLAST’s performance Shin rushes to the car saying that he isn’t feeling well. Nana goes to her room. While walking towards the room she wonders if her feelings for Yasu are just brotherly feelings.

Ren is waiting for Nana in her room. Nana is thinking “If we can’t be together forever then it will be better if it ends now. Ren must be thinking the same thing.” When Ren says that he wants to talk, Nana says in her head “I am ready, but I am scared.” Nana is worried that they are going to break up. Switching to Shin running to the car and Reira meeting him there. Reira comments on how no one will be able to see inside. Shin says he will do anything she wants. Reira tells him that she wants to do what Shin wants to do b/c she is no more a client. On the other side Ren is telling Nana to sit down. Nana is thinking about how Ren seems to have become thinner and she is wondering if he is eating enough. Then right when she is sure he is going to say that he wants to break up Ren says “marry me…” Nobu goes to meet Miu at her work. He comments about how good she looks and then she tells him to not harass adults. Nobu quickly tells her that he might look like a high school kid but he is going to be either 21 or 23 not sure. But Miu is 27. Nana’s voice “since I was a kid I thought I was a person who wouldn’t be loved by anyone. That’s why when I met Ren I thought I was in a dream that became reality.” Reira tells Shin that her birthday is next week and that she is turning 23. Shin tells her that his birthday is next week too and he is turning 16. Their birthday happens to be on the same day. Nana’s voice “To love someone and be loved is a miracle to me. I thought it was an enemy of destiny” Ren asks her whether she will marry him she says its impossible. Ren tells her that he wil die if she doesn’t say yes. He says something about when he dies it will be a dead end for her which causes Nana to say “then kill me”

Later on Yasu comments on how her face colour seems to be back and asks her if she slept well, Nana tells him to shut up while blushing lol! Their make-up person saw Ren leave Nana’s room. Yasu tells her that Ren still acts like a kid so she should be a little kind to him. Nana is saying while looking at Ren “I am not anyone else I am Ren’s woman, I wonder why I didn’t sense something so easy as that.” Then she continues on saying that Yasu and Ren were together since they were born. Nana is protecting herself from Reira but Reira comes and says “Nice to meet you Nana-chan, I am Reira from Trapnest, lets get along” Junko goes to meet Hachi. Junko comments on how Hachi has become a great cook. Hachi tells her that if she was living alone she wouldn’t try so hard to make good food. Hachi says “May be b/c I like to see the person’s happiness when I make food for them and I can atleast feel useful.” Junko then says how Nana introduced Takumi to Hachi. Hachi flashbacks to the first time Takumi was at Nana and Hachi’s place. Junko says how now Hachi seems to be the happiest. Nana’s voice “Hey Hachi, about me introducing you to Takumi, back then I was worried but even if you are happily staying with him right now then I am a bit at ease. Thats the no 1. favour”

  • About the last line what I meant by “thats the no 1. favour” is that Nana feels like that was the best thing she had done if Hachi and Takumi are still together.
  • Also about Nobu either he is turning 23 or 21 I am not sure b/c I think one of them is his birthday date.
  • Shin and Reira!!! >_<

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  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the great NANA episode summaries ^_^ really enjoy reading them since I can’t understand Japanese lol.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. lynxz says:

    wad??!! NOBU wif MUI?!
    a older girl!!!
    it pissed me off the more i read!

  3. Mary says:

    haha I love Nana

  4. Reira says:


  5. ..confused.. says:

    i was just wondering about what ren’s addiction was?

    later in the series, when Takumi says he’ll stop smoking for the baby, and when Reira questions him about it, he says that smoking is a “chemical dependency.” However, they say that Ren doesn’t have the same issue, and it’s just that he has to quit.

    What sort of drug is addictive without a chemical dependency??

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