Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 8

The two mikos tell the old man the situation. People are being attacked by onis and Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki, Daigo and Aoi are fighting one of the onis. Later on all of them are training. Aoi is trying to train by fighting against Kyouichi. Toono is asking them if an oni came out the night before. Komaki thinks that there aren’t only onis coming out and Toono agrees saying that some of the incidents seem like an onis doing but it could be just a normal incident. Kyouichi “people are dying, it doesn’t matter if its real or fake” Toono shows them a newspaper clipping of one of the incidents that is most likely an onis doing. The detectives are getting information about one of the incidents. All of them come to know that Hiyuu stays on his own and all of them think it must be lots of fun to live alone. Kozunu and Marie Claire are trying to decide on what to do next. Kozunu is wondering where something is and he flashesback to Hiyuu and says that something is bothering him. The old man’s name is Ryuuzan (he was Daigo’s teacher) They introduce themselves to him. Ryuuzan stares at Hiyuu for quite a bit.

The detective starts talking to Aoi about how the incidents are increasing. He talks about what the police might be doing and saying that even if the person who did that is found, the victim won’t be brought back to life. Aoi runs off after hearing enough. The oni thats ripping people’s hands apart killed someone else but keeps on saying “no, not this hand” she seems to be looking for a certain hand. Then she sees Komaki. The oni knows Komaki’s name. Daigo prepared a big lunch for Komaki lol! Komaki knows the two mikos one of them is Hinano Oribe and the other Yukina Oribe. Hinano and Komaki were rivals for a long time. The oni is looking at people passing by and saying “no,no,no,no… Sakurai Komaki” The archery competition has started. Aoi is remembering the words of the detective. The oni is going to where the competition is being held. When Komaki’s about to aim, dead bodies start falling from the roof with their arms ripped out. All of them get ready to fight. The oni asks Komaki “you will give it to me right Sakurai-san.. you will give it to me, that hand!!” The oni gets the wings of an insect and flies off with Komaki. She says that her hand has been broken off and so she wants Komaki’s hand. Aoi tries to help Komaki. Kyouchi,Hiyuu and Daigo start fighting with her. The oni flies off again, but Kozunu comes out aand starts fighting with Hiyuu. Kozunu wants to know who Hiyuu is and what he is. Aoi is struggling saying that she wants to protect.

Kyouichi tells the oni to stop it and he says that he hates women who are so stubborn. Komaki comes up with a plan to drop the tank onto the oni. Kyouichi is about to kill her. on the otherside Kozunu wants to know who Hiyuu is. Back to Kyouichi etc the girl seems to be out of the spell and says that she has been made fun off by Komaki again just like before. But Komaki doesn’t seem to remember her. Aoi tells her that if she continues doing this nothing will come off it, she tells her to stop killing people and says that she can become friends with Komaki now. Aoi tells her that if there is something she can do she will. The girl starts asking for her hand back and then she jumps from the building. Komaki remembers her. Her name was Sakuya. Aoi starts crying saying she couldn’t protect. Hinano and Yukina have seen all this. Komaki is having a flasback when she was a kid that same girl was with her. Komaki had said that if they lost, then that girl had said “I’ll kill myself” But Komaki told her that they won’t lose.

  • I am not too sure about some of the new characters name. enjoy!


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8 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 8”

  1. Lissa says:

    wah! thanks! i saw the raw this morning. i find it… bloodier than usual ^^ but a good episode nonetheless.

    looks like Kyouichi is closer to Aoi now. and I really wanna know who Tatsuma is

  2. Yuki says:

    *.* YAY!! A Hiyuu EPISODE! I LOVE IT! IT was GREAT!!! ^^ I wanna hug Hiyuu *.*!!

  3. gim says:

    yah thanks for the summary

  4. gim says:

    I’m so glad that toona was in this ep! I thinks she’s my favourite characer now

  5. diwj says:

    Liking the whole Aoi and Kyouichi going on!!! Love Kyouichi.

    Has anyone noticed a COOL sounding track in the background? around when they are fighting with the freaky ion girl. i think it’s a NEW song!! just checking that i’m not hearing things here. >__

  6. Lissa says:

    nope, i noticed to diwj. I loved the insert song, but I don’t know who it is. Maybe Acid again?

  7. diwj says:

    GLAD i’m not hearing things! >__

  8. Bob says:

    i wanna know the name of that song! dahhh! so awesome