La Corda D’Oro - 23

Kanazawa gives all of them a copy of the theme for the next and last selection. Hihara, Hino and Tsuchiura are talking about Yunoki and what he might be doing in England when they start walking in a hall where all the girls are gloomy and sad especially the three girls who are after Yunoki the most. The girls tell them that there is no use winning. Tsuchiura says that they need to make it the best performance and Hihara agrees saying that they need to make it unforgetable for Yunoki’s sake and he says that he belives that Yunoki will come back to music. Tsukimori hears Hino practicing and gives her some hints. He asks her how its going with the violin, she tells him that its as good as her skills. He asks her whether she is scared and that she should realize that she is in a very tight spot/ hard place, he asks her whether she is scared of the result and of where she is now. She tells him that b/c of the violin being with her she got introduced into music and met everyone. Tsuchiura is thinking about what music to play for the selection and says that he will play that song for the last selection.

Hino finds something of Amou’s camera. Amou cares way more about her camera than anything else. Hino is surprised to see Amou fixing up the camera on her own, Amou tells her that the camera migth be old but its like her partner. This causes Hino to think about wanting to become partners with her violin. Amou and Hino end up finding a tape and then they play it. Kanazawa ends up hearing it and runs to find it and stops the playing. He tells them not to tell anyone about this tape and goes off. Tsukimori goes to his mom and tells her that he wants to play with her in the charity concert. He tells her that he wants a certain person to listen to it. His mom is wondering who took Tsukimori’s heart. Tsuchiura is practicing in the store. Hino goes to the store to get something for the violin. Tsuchiura is helping Hino and Hihara hears music coming from the store and he meets Tsukimori outside the store too and then they see Tsuchiura and Hino coming out. Hihara then remembers the store, it was when he was trying to choose between sports and the brass band. He had seen a trumpet in the store’s window and then he had decided to change over to brass band. Then the old man comes rushing out of the store saying he remembers where he saw Tsukimori. They all watch a tape of Tsukimori playing. When Tsuchiura came to know about the concour and then his dad (not sure) showed him the video of Tsukimori playing, then Tsuchiura had been shocked at how good Tsukimori was. Tsuchiura is thinking to himself “If there were people so good in the concour then there was no use… who would have thought that, that was Tsukimori”

Tsuchiura is telling Tsukimori “I am sure you are aiming to win the concour?” Tsukimori says “ofcourse” Tsuchiura tells him that he won’t lose in the last selection and then they meet Ousaki. He shows them a flyer about a volunteer concert. But the kids are sad b/c no one is taking their flyer. Then Hihara sees some people setting up to play and comes up with a plan. He and Tsuchiura start playing so the crowds start coming so now the kids can give their flyers to the people. Tsukimori sees everyone having fun and remembers his mom’s words about music being there to make other people happy. Hino is going back home with Tsuchiura, they both tell each other what songs they are going to play. Tsuchiura tells her that when he sees her practicing so hard he feels like doing his best too. Tsuchiura tells her “That song, I would have never thought that I would play it again” Then he says something about him having a violinist like Hino with him.

  • About the last line I think he was saying that the song he is going to play is accompanied with a violin player so Hino is the violin player to him.


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8 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro - 23”

  1. melody says:

    This episode was cool..Man it’s almost over I hope tsukimori and hino end up together or at least that hino gets better in playing the violin..I mean the fairy doesn’t do anything anymore.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for the summary. :p makes me supa happy. Arigato!

  3. mauly says:

    thank’s alot for the summary.i have read this web for long time n always make me nervous about what will happen next.
    i love all the guys there

  4. mio says:

    Thank alot ^_^
    I wonder what will happen in the last episode!
    I’m so excited^_^

  5. mio says:

    we are waiting for the summary of episode 24

  6. kelly says:

    thank you! i actually know whats going onnn lol .. can’t wait till the summary of 24! thanks soo muchh!!

  7. miley says:

    thanks for the summary!

    what’s the theme for the last concour selection?

  8. krystia says:

    Yes indeed!! He meant the Paganini variations for piano. At first, this piece was written for violin but later was arranged for piano. That’s why Tsuchiura was thinking about a performance with Hino-san.