NANA - 45

Episode starts off with Nana and the other BLAST members thinking Takumi might be with Reira. Nana is very angry, but she has to calm herself b/c she starts feeling like her breath is going away. Blast and Trapnest are getting ready to come on TV. Hachi and Junko are watching the show and they see Nana. Junko asks Hachi whether she is excited to see Takumi but Hachi says that she sees him everytime. Junko tells her that Nana doesn’t have time to think of Hachi, Hachi says that she doesn’t mind if Nana isn’t thinking of her but she wants to be able to help and support Nana. Miu and Yuri are watching the show too. Yuri tells Miu that Nobu is the coolest but Miu tells her “isn’t the most normal looking? Yuri tells her that she likes guys like Nobu. Yuri thought that Miu and Nobu were together. Miu tells Yuri that he is too young.

Nana is saying how Ren changed to being cool and calm when the camera was rolling. Nana is telling herself that everything is planned, and this whole show is boring. She also says that ther life is like a drama and that she will make her own future. Flashback of Nana as a small child. Nana is saying that she is no more a small kid. Nana is saying that she loves Ren and if they do marry it would end there as the public would think that its a happy ending. But she feels like everything and everyone is fake! But she is fine with that b/c she can’t take another day of not being with Ren forever. (Nana thinks that the marriage is just for showcase) The interviewers ask Reira how she wrote a song like Shadow of Love she says that when she imagined it, the images and words just came out. Right then Shin remembers Reira crying like a baby saying “I can’t do it” while trying to write the song.

Nana is asking Ren if Takumi and Reira are together, Ren tells her that he asked Takumi and he said that, that would never happen. Ren tells her that they will talk about it later, Nana asks him when is later. Ren says “who knows” Nana says “Do you want to get married or not?” Ren “does that mean..” Nana tells him that she will talk to the manager about it and that she can’t let Ren do everything on his own. Yuri is wondering when they will all be back. Yuri suggests playing Mahjong with all the BLAST members. Miu flashbacks to when Nobu tells her he loves Mahjong. In the car Nana is telling herself that she will regret telling the manager and Ginpei.Then Nana thinks that if she tells Yasu then he will do something. They show a picture of Nana as a small school kid holding onto Yasu lol!  Ginpei asks Nobu who he keeps on mailing, he thinks he is mailing Ren. Nobu tells him that Ren doesn’t really check his mail so.. Nana thinks “is it Hachi, or the girl next door.” Then she tells herself “find someone and be happy quickly Nobu”

Hachi thinks that Nana is a bit worried b/c she was day dreaming a lot. Junko says that she was more worried about Nobu since Takumi was right there. Then Hachi tells her that she got a mail from Nobu some days back saying  he wanted to talk to her b/c they had broken up with out properly talking but she doesn’t know how to reply so a week has passed since. Hachi tells her that even now when she thinks about Shouji her heart aches a bit. Hachi says that she never thought what he might feel and she says that in reality she didn’t know anything. Junko gets angry and asks her why she is thinking about it now, she can’t do anything. Hachi tells her that she wasn’t planning anything but she was just thinking about him and about all the bad memories it became and that she didn’t know what was true and what was a lie. Hachi goes on to say that believing in someone and being betrayed by them is very hard to erase. Hachi thinks that if Nobu has a girlfriend now, then it will become into a bad memory. Hachi says that now she can’t face Takumi, and that she might have chosen Takumi but her love for Nobu wasn’t fake. She wants Nobu to understand that.Kyosuke and Junko are talking about what all thats happened right then Sachiko and Shouji come in. Shouji tells them about the firewroks festival happening the next night. Shouji and Sachiko invite them for the fireworks festival, then Junko says “Nana is free why don’t you invite her?” Shouji is shocked and is like no,no…

Miu wins in Mahjong against Yuri, Nobu and Shin lol! Yuri is all over Nobu. Miu tells them that she had to paly the role as a mahjong player so she got good at it. Yuri is getting angry that Nobu seems more interested in Miu than her. So Yuri tells him about the video she is gonna be in *nose bleed*.. Shin goes off saying he is bored, Nobu says that if Shin doesn’t win he feels bored just like a kid, Shin’s reply “I am a kid after all” He goes to Yasu for support. Nana is telling herself that Nobu has hit it off with Yuri so she should be quiet for now. Yuri asks Nobu whether he has a girlfriend, he says no, Yuri tells him that he will comfort him, right then Yasu says he is lonely too. When Yuri says something, the way Nobu says no is just like Hachi. Nana is shcoked saying ”Oh no Yuri will see Hachi in him at this rate.” Shin gets a mail and quickly asks Yasu the schedule for the next day. Shin seems pretty sad when Yasu tells him that schedule. Shin wants to cancel the thing what they are doing at 6:00. Nana is telling him no way. But then Shin says that Hachi wants to meet them and go to the fireworks together. Nana and Nobu are shocked to hear this. Nana snatches the phone and shows the message to Nobu and asks him whether he is going to go or not. Yuri is saying no you can’t go, but Nana tells Shin to quickly answer her. She tells him the time and place to meet. Hachi gets the mail and is very happy. Nana’s voice “It’s not a dream Hachi, all of us will laugh again, together like that day. We can go back, once more we can try to return to that night, together lets go back” Ren is about to tell Takumi about him and Nana. He asks Takumi where he bought Hachi’s ring and how does it look. Nana’s voice “Hachi, both of us who are so different, would never have thought even in our dreams that we would go to the place we are most scared off. It would be nice if you still treasure that ring.”

  • Ren wants to buy the same ring Takumi bought for Hachi! kyaa >_< I wrote this in a hurry so there could be spelling mistakes enjoy!
  • New ending song by Anna Tsuchiya  ”Stand By Me”
  • Hachi and Nobu!!!!


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  1. lynxz says:

    yay~ hachi nobu~~
    ^^ thx 4 summarizing~

  2. candylicious says:

    who is yuri ?

  3. chrisssyyxo says:

    where’d you watch the episode? i’ve been looking for episodes 45-47 for a long time and i can’t find them. any ideas?

  4. tikirabbit says:

    i think Yuri’s the porn star