Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 9

Episode starts off with kid version Hiyuu playing a game with some kids, he guesses who is where and then they go off saying that he is cheating or something like that. Then a girl goes up to Hiyuu and asks him whether he is Tatsuma Hiyuu. Toono is interviewing Aoi about the student council. Daigo is checking whether Komaki is fine. Komaki goes to practice archery,then she remembers that girl lying dead and saying that if they don’t win. Komaki’s shot goes off and she starts puking. Komaki is worried b/c her powers are gone, she can’t shoot properly anymore. Kozunu seems to being having a nightmare about his mom. Marie Claire finds it funny and goes off running saying “mom,mom”  One of the masks go to Kozunu and tells him that they have seen something he is looking for, Kozunu tells the mask to go look for it b/c it will be somewhere in Tokyo. Kisaragi is remembering what his master/father had said to him about the family’s mission/duty On a show they are talking about all the high schoolers dying, while one girl has killed a guy. Hiyuu and Kyouichi check out whether the streets are fine and they go off to help Aoi. Aoi helps a girl. Kyouichi is saying that even though lots of stuff has been happening the city is still pretty quiet. Daigo is beating a guy up thinking he is an oni but he wasn’t one. The next day Aoi, Toono, Hiyuu and Kyouichi are talking about Komaki. Kyouichi says that they don’t have time to waste over someone who can’t fight. Daigo is cooking a meal for Komaki. Komaki is angry and crying while saying “It’s no use, I can’t do it.” She is so angry she throws the food he made.

Kyouichi and Hiyuu find a girl (the same girl Aoi helped) using some weird power to cut a person in half. Aoi remembers her. Then the girl shows her wrists which has red marks like cat scratches. She has the same red marks on her face. Kyouichi saves Aoi and is sitting on Hiyuu lol! Daigo is asking his teacher “You saved me, but I am useless I can’t save a person. I can’t save the girl I like. I want to protect the person who is precious to me. Please tell me, what I should do” Kyouichi is telling Kisaragi that both Aoi and Komaki aren’t any help. Kyouichi says that he and Hiyuu will take care of the oni, he asks Kisaragi whether he has found Kozunu yet, Kisaragi hasn’t found him yet. Kyouichi asks him whether he is hiding anything, Kisaragi says no, nothing. Kyouichi and Hiyuu spilit up b/c Kyouichi has something to do. Kyouichi goes to see Komaki. Kyouichi tells her that she doesn’t have time to mope around, he acts like he is going to do something to her and says that “ohh! I jsut noticed you are a girl”, so she slaps him saying “don’t underestimate me” Kyouichi tells her to calm down and just be herself. Hiyuu goes to check up on Aoi. He tells her to talk to him. Komaki goes to the old school building where everything started and she flashbacks. Daigo goes to her and tells her that he didn’t think about Komaki’s feelings and what she really wanted. He opens up the new bento he made. He tells her “it was hard right, even I would, but Komaki can surpass it. That’s why I want you to become happy. I will protect Komaki, that’s why don’t worry and protect what is precious to you” Toono is watching all this.

Aoi is showing Hiyuu the scar she got in the fire, she says that if she had saved her friend she wouldn’t have minded having a scar like this. Aoi says that she is scared, about a person dying, losing their life, people who become onis and people who get killed by onis. Those feelings get so huge sometimes. She also says that she feels like a power, that she can’t do anything about is moving. Hiyuu then shows her his scar. Hiyuu is flashbacking. When he was small he was playing in the playground when one girl’s ballon went flying up so he jumped and got it back for her. But she became scared off him and ran. Hiyuu tells Aoi that he had this scar since he was born, at first he hated it but his father told him to treasure it b/c one day that will be necessary. Hiyuu continues on to say that since he came to Magami school and started fighting onis he has finally understood what his father had said and that he feels like he has understood the reason why he was born and he is really happy that he met everyone. That girl is going around causing explosions, all of them except Komaki reach up. Komaki is about to shoot the arrow. Aoi tries talking to the girl but it’s not working. Aoi uses her barrier to protect all of them from her attacks. Komaki shoots and it hits the girl. Komaki reaches up and thanks Daigo for the bento. I think the girl blows up b/c Aoi tries to get her back to life by performing CPR. The girl wakes up, her wounds heal but I think she is still dead. Kozunu says he has found it. Komaki is saying “It was really amazing, Aoi having a power like that” Ends with Kyouichi and Hiyuu looking troubled.

  • I think Aoi might have brought the girl to life. Also Kozunu says he has found what he was looking for, while looking at Aoi??? 
  • Also I think the girl who goes up to Hiyuu in the starting is the same girl he saved, who was also in Kozunu’s flashback?? hmm.. maybe….

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3 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 9”

  1. Yuki says:

    *.* I really love Hiyuu ^^ He so cute.. I want to see more episode anout him.. For some reason, I can’t seem to stand AOI tho. -.- Don’t get me wrong I like her and all, but I can’t stand her. She in to many episode that is about her -.-

    Get to other people to -.- Like Hiyuu there is something about him, that I would really like to know.

  2. Lissa says:

    awesome! thanks so much again!

  3. diwj says:

    i haven’t seeeeeen this ep!! sorry man, i really like Aoi, i don’t know why, but hse is probably one of the most sensible princess-like character every anime has. lol.