La Corda D’Oro - 24

Hino finds Tsukimori on the roof, waiting for her. Tsukimori gives her a ticket for the charity concert he is playing at with his mom. Hino is wondering why he would be performing with his mom when last time he seemed nervous to perform in front of his parents. Tsukimori says “I want you to listen”  Lili comes and tells Hino that the one playing the violin is Hino and not someone else. Amou is taking pictures of Fuyuumi and tells her that Fuyuumi seems to have matured since the first time she entered the concour. Kanazawa is trying to sing like he did on the tape. Hino asks him “Are you going to sing again? The person singing in that tape was you, Kanazawa-sensei right. It was a really good song” Hino sees Kanazawa’s sad face and apologizes and goes off. Kanazawa tells her that when he sees all of them his hurt is shown. Then Hino says that she wants to hear Kanazawa-sensei’s song again.

The next day Hino is practicing and she sees Hihara watching her. Hihara gives Hino a treat to some cake for working so hard. Hihara is about to tell her that cake is something to do with the girl a guy likes… but he stops b/c he starts blushing and instead says that cake is like loving music…?? Then Hino says like Cabot Gavotte cute and makes the heart feel light. Hihara tells Hino that the song he is going to play in the concour will be for the most precious person to him and that he will continue music for that person to be happy and to cheer that person up. Hino is practicing and can’t seem to get one part so she says that she will do it a certain way but Shimizu tells her that, that is not her way and that she should play from her heart. Then he thanks her saying he found his b/c of Hino. Hino goes to the beach b/c she came early for the charity show, she finds Tsukimori there. Hino is surprised to find him at the beach, Tsukimori says that he wonders why he suddenly wanted to be on the beach, the wind warmed him. When Hino is about to pick up a shell, Tsukimori stops her by saying that she could break her finger again and tells her to take care of her finger. Hino says that feeling this way, touching things if everyone showed those emotions through music then it would be great. Tsukimori then says that music being born from the heart is Hino’s music. Hino remembers back to what Lili and Shimizu said.

Hihara has also come for the charity show. All of them were given tickets to the charity concert by Tsukimori’s mom. Hino is wondering why Tsukimori only gave her the ticket. Then Hihara asks her why her seat is in a different row. Then Tsukimori’s mom comes up on stage and starts playing. Then Tsukimori comes and they start playing together. Hino sees herself in a garden with Tsukimori playing. Hihara, Tsuchiura, Fuyuumi and Shimizu are also there. They both finish playing with everyone clapping. All of them are talking about Tsukimori’s performance being really good.All of them go to meet Tsukimori and his mom and thank her for the tickets. Tsukimori’s mom says “I thought so” While going back Hino tells them that she is going to play a song that is her type and that she likes.

  • Sorry for getting this out so late. The next episode is the last episode!! looking forward to it.

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  1. Kazia says:

    i hope it will be out soon!!! i’m really looking forward the end of this cute story…

  2. mio says:

    thanx a lot for the summary ^_^
    I kept waiting for it for two days^_^
    I wonder what will happen at the last episode??!

  3. mauly says:

    hua this story really great,i love it…
    thanx’s a lot for the summary ^^
    i wonder with who hino at the end…

  4. Katrina says:

    Whoa.. I really like this… especially Tsukimori and Hino… tnx for posting it..
    I Really really love this… i’m very excited to read the ending…

  5. Katrina says:

    I wish it will be out very soon…..
    Thanks for the summary…

  6. CrazyMcChan says:

    It seems everyone is in love with Hino

  7. melody says:

    So does tsukimori invited hino to go watch him because he lkes her or what?…Also did the mom say that because she sort of noticed who found a way to his heart…man I would like to see some devlopment w/ this couple but im sure is gonna end with them just playing or something it doesn’t seem it will end with hino choosing between the guys i mean everyone likes all of them..hehe

  8. Karz says:

    I think Tsukimori likes Hino thats why he invited her, and the mom figured out that Hino might be the person who has found a way to his heart.

  9. louri san says:

    i think tskumori’s mom said i thought so because she thought hino was the one who stole tskumori’s heart~!

  10. Courteny says:

    this is my 1st time reading this page!!!
    it is heaps good!!
    i really like manga/manwha
    some of my faves are k2 la corda d oro love hina kkj(kamikaze kaito jeanne) land of silver rain and heaps more!!!!

  11. jhae says:

    I really appreciated reading these summaries since the episodes I could find from 14 onwards are raw! Thanks!! (P.S. I think she was talking about Gavotte the song, not Cabot)

  12. Karz says:

    ya you maybe right, i’ll change it, thanks for the info.

  13. Anime 4 Eva says:

    Omg it’s gonna end so fast! Noooo i don’t want it to end =.=!!! Hope there will be a new La corda d’oro 2 or sumthin like tat!^_^

  14. Anime 4 Eva says:

    Btw thx 4 the summary i rly enjoyed it, n it helps soo much ^_^… I_I

  15. ellena says:

    can you please send all of la corda d’oro primo passo to my email? cause just know this movie not a long time. so can you?

  16. ellena says:

    can you please send all of la corda d’oro primo passo episodes(all of the episode, 1-25)to my email? cause just know this movie not a long time. so can you?

  17. Fate says:

    Darn it!!!! Why is La Corda D’oro only STARTED playing on Animax THIS year?! I hate this sooo much!!!

  18. Fate says:

    Hey!!! I want to watch La Corda D’oro so where can I get the episodes??? Send the lnk to my email please!!!!!!!!!!!! I willbe eternally grateful!!!

  19. akish says:

    i love this anime!can you please send all of la corda d’oro primo passo to my email? cause just know this movie not a long time. so can you?

    !!! plz

  20. heide says:

    i think len and hino will be together i wish so thats very exciting to me! thank you i love to them