NANA - 46

Reunion! Hachi and Shoji 

Nana’s voice is saying that now they are no more an amateur band and that they have signed a contract with Gaia. Nana also says that she thought that they could play in the band freely with Hachi and her kid. Nana says how their day goes by, first they all play mahjong together then I think Nana takes Yuri to her room. Then Nana tries to sleep but she is thinking about Nobu and says that she wants Nobu to only think about Hachi for now and she wants him to still like Hachi. Then she prays to God, the Demon Lord for Nobu and Hachi to be together. Miu goes to wake up Nobu. Nobu is discussing with Shin whether Miu hates him. Nobu wants to stay in the room next to Shin’s, but Shin tells him that he moved from the 6th floor room next to Nobu to the 4th floor room so that he can escape him lol. Shin asks Nobu is he going to the fireworks festival, Nobu says yes, then Shin happily asks him “You are going to get Hachi back??!!”  Nobu tells him no and that if she is happy its okay but if she is alone then he can’t leave her. In the car Ginpei is telling them that they can’t cancel, then Nana scratches his head saying that he just needs to change the time. Nana tells Ginpei that their make-up artist will dress them up so they won’t be recognized. But Yasu makes Ginpei understands so he changes it. When Ginpei tells them that he has changed the plans and they can go Nana says “Our band has become like a family”  Nana says that she is being protected by such a family that’s why she can be selfish sometimes. Then she is trying to figure out who would be like a father b/c Ginpei is like a mom. Nana says that she has always admired a family like the one in the dramas and she says that if Hachi comes into Nobu’s dream, then it would be perfect.

Hachi has gone to the doctor and she asks Hachi whether she wants to know the gender of the baby or wait till it is born. The doctor tells her to take care of her health. When Hachi is going back her stomach starts growling and so she says “Did you say somethign Sachiko? Ahh! Jackson Burger No not there, there are unwanted people….” (not too sure about why she didn’t want Jackson Burger) Shoui is wondering whether he should go to the fireworks festival or not and if he doesn’t go he feels like Sachiko has got excited for it so it would be sad to turn her down. Then Hachi comes in to the Jackson Hole, Satou Kouichi and Shoji are shocked to see her. Hachi thinks it’s the demon lord’s doing. Shoji asks her why she has come here, Hachi says that Sachiko got hungry. Shoji asks her why she has named her kid Sachiko. Hachi says she doesn’t know why and that she doesn’t like it either but Takumi wanted it. Shoji wants Hachi to get Reira’s signature sicne she is married to Takumi. Hachi tells him that she will try but Reira is busy. Shoji thinks that Reira and Hachi are friends and Hachi plays long.

Takumi is saying that Ren wants to marry Nana, Reira is shocked that Ren said that. He says that Ren has gone to buy the ring and then Takumi says “If it’s that ring, Nana-chan will also like it. There is no need to worry now”  Shoji is telling Hachi that its good things didn’t work out with him b/c then she wouldn’t be with Takumi. Then they start fighting as to whose fault it was. Hachi asks him why he cheated and lied, Shoji says that it must have been the demon lord. Reira is happy that Takumi worries about Ren, Takumi says that he worries more about Ren than Reira does. Reira then says that if Nana is always with Ren then he would stop his bad habits. Takumi tells her that he can stop whenever he wants (drugs), Reira says that she always thought Ren was a guy who if he wanted to stop could stop on his own. Reira says that Takumi said he would stop smoking for the baby but he hasn’t, Takumi tells her that its not easy to stop. Reira tells Takumi to think about Ren as a person not about the band, Takumi replies by saying that, that is not his job. Reira and Takumi are talking about the reason behind Ren’s marriage. Reira says that their main fans are young girls and if Takumi and Ren get married their fan base might reduce.Takumi says “I understand, it should be okay if its only Ren”

Hachi is asking Shoji why Sachiko is working and he is just roaming around, Shoji tells her that they have different shifts. Then he asks her who she is going with to the fireworks festival. Hachi tells him that she won’t tell who b/c celebrities have many secrets and she tells him that if they see each other they shouldn’t call out. Then Shoji apologizs for everything, Hachi says that she also has lots of bad parts. Shoji continues saying that now Hachi’s selfishness doesn’t seem like much, he also says that he enjoys talking to Hachi and is happy that they met again but from now on they can’t meet. Then he asks her when Sachiko is going to be born and I think Sachiko will be born the same day as Shoji’s Sachiko was. Yasu, Shin, Nobu and Nana are waiting in Room 707 for Hachi to arrive. Shin says that the long hair suits Nobu and that Hachi mgiht fall for him. Yasu says that he looks a bit like Shoji. Shoji goes to meet Sachiko for the fireworks festival. Nana’s voice is saying something about how the first time a person is hurt by someone close to them it’s realyl hard and then she tells Hachi that if all of them could meet again then she would be scared again and won’t be able to move.

  • Sorry for the summary being late. I think Sachiko had a ring on…
  • Shin looked sooo cute dressed as Misato!!!
  • I think next week is the last episode!!!! no, no, no!!! :(

Next Week Last Episode - 47

The Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA

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  1. Mary says:

    ooo i hate shoji!!! Dx Omg I so want Nana to be with NOBU!! GOD DAMMIT!!

  2. lynxz says:

    erm…nex week last?
    but the manga juz goes on wor…

  3. Lissa says:

    no way! i thought there were gonna be like, 52 episodes. and yeah, the manga is still going

  4. Glo says:

    Wee! gosh when i saw it i was like OMG! with hachi and shoji meeting but she played it out and it was funny. I hope that the next one is not the last one cause I think they’re a few more things to be done but who knows. Hopefully not!!! I can’t wait though cause Nana and Hachi can see each other!! And yeah I saw the ring on Sachiko it looked like just a green band though.

  5. kistou says:

    yearh watashi mo, i hate shoji and his sachiko…

  6. TOKYOSISTA says:

    same here kistsou!! ^o^

  7. Katelin says:

    damn i wanna kno wher i can watch it… but I HATE SACHIKO, cuz she ruined everythin…

  8. Hachi says:

    Hey, Does anybody know where I can find this episode with subtitles in English? I just looked for it everywhere and can’t find… please help me o/