Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 10

Kisaragi shows them a map type thing that shows where all the onis have killed recently. Kisaragi tells them that lately the onis haven’t been appearing. Komaki thinks that they might have left Tokyo and is excited. Kisaragi tells them that Kozunu most likely has planned something. While going back Daigo says that they have to wait for him to make a move. Aoi is day dreaming, when Komaki asks her whats going on, she tells Komaki that she has been busy lately with the student council. They all are going to eat ramen but Hiyuu says he has to do something else so he goes off. Toono shows them pictures of that girl with Hiyuu. Kyouichi and Daigo think that Hiyuu and her are on a date. But Kyouichi remembers her from the accident with the crow. Her name is Sayu/Sayo Hirasaka ?. Her favourite word is something and that means that a person’s soul can be reborn many times but is lost forever in a world that is sad and painfull. Her parents were killed in the crow incident. When Aoi is staring at the picture of Hiyuu and Sayu Sayo she suddenly sees a zombie type person’s eye. Then Aoi’s eye starts hurting.

Kisaragi is remembering back to the words his master said to him about their family’s mission and about a thing appearing when it will be time, it’s known as the Eye of Bosatsu. His master tells him “Hisui, when that thing shows itself you should…” Kyouichi drops Aoi to her house. He tells her that if anything happens to call him. Aoi comes face to face with Kozunu. He tells her that he has only come to meet her this time. And then he says “It’s scary isn’t it? Your power” He continues on to say how she feels something powerful inside but tries to act like its nothing. He says that if she stays she will hurt someone. Aoi says that she just wants to protect everyone. Kozunu tells her that if she comes with him she can protect everyone her friends and this town. He tells her to remember that she can’t run away from it. In class the next day Kyouichi noctices that Aoi isn’t there. Then he sees Inugami-sensei looking at him and remembers the time he told Kyouichi to take Aoi to the hospital and Kyouichi is wondering who or what Inugami-sensei is. When Hiyuu is going to meet Sayu Sayo, Kyouichi tells him “You do know, right” Hiyuu replies by saying “right now I am sorry, but I have to go now.” Aoi is remembering what Kozunu said “You can’t run away from your destiny, remember that Aoi Misato” Then Aoi thinks that its the same as Hiyuu. Sayu Sayo seems to be leaving Tokyo. Aoi sees Hiyuu and Sayu Sayo. 

Kisaragi is saying some sort of spell/chant and he is remembering Aoi. Kyouichi is behind him.  He tells Kisaragi to tell him everything and not hide stuff. Kyouichi asks Kisaragi about Aoi,whats happening to her and whats he doing. Kisaragi says that the power Aoi has is the Eye of Bosatsu. One of the most cursed powers in this world. Aoi is listening to Kyouichi and Kisaragi. Kyouichi asks Kisaragi if something is wrong with Aoi b/c she is protecting Tokyo too. All the oni incidents that have happened were so that the Eye of Bosatsu came out. Kozunu is aiming for that power so he making people into onis. Kyouichi starts getting angry. Kisaragi says that that power cannot be left alone. He remembers back to the master, he tells Kisaragi that no matter what the situation is he has to kill it, the Eye of Bosatsu before anything else happens a “Kisaragi” has to kill it and he can’t let the Eye of Bosatsu go to Kozunu either. Kyouichi takes his bokuto (wooden sword) out and starts fighting while asking Kisaragi “That means you are going to kill Aoi!!!!!!” Kyouichi says that he was wrong to trust Kisaragi. Then they start fighting. Kyouichi asks him whther what he said about protecting Aoi was all a lie. Then Aoi comes out and says “All this was my fault, all the incidents till now” Aoi then runs off, Kyouichi and Kisaragi follow.  Aoi’s voice “I want to protect a person, save them, more than my life. What all am I saying. I could only say I wanted to protect a person, everything’s result was…” Her eye becomes red and she says people dead like in a war. Then she sees Kozunu’s nightmare about his mother hanging. Aoi jumps from the cliff. But these weird purple symbols save her and she disappears. Toono sees in the picture that Sayu’s Sayo’s one hand is only bones and blood on her uniform. Sayu Sayo is saying that she was happy to meet Hiyuu and then she thanks him and when the train is about to leave Hiyuu gets in and says “It will be okay, b/c I will come too”   

  • Not sure if its Sayu or Sayo. I just changed it to Sayo b/c I found a site that said it was Sayo Hirasaka will change it if wrong

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  1. Yuki says:


  2. ambient says:

    Ive been watching only raws so I dont fully understand whats going on since I dont know japanese but Who exactly is sayo?? She isnt human right?
    Is she going to be hiyuu’s love interest or he just feels sorry for her because she lost her parents?
    Is she that much more important then Aoi that hed just leave even though he knows that she was going to be in danger? Thats pretty sad and that kind of ticked me off lol Since I am a Hiyuu and Aoi fan

  3. Lissa says:

    no way. i didn’t expect that about Aoi.

    do i sense a hiyuu x sayo pairing? and ooo. kyouichi’s getting more protective of aoi ^^

  4. Tess says:

    apparently sayo lured hiyuu into a trap setup by kozunu (thats what i heard but not really sure) and the others go off to find Aoi
    i dont really hate anyone i just like the whole story
    i am also a Aoi and Hiyuu fan!! ^^
    waiting for the next ep

  5. Nova says:

    Ty for ur info on the anime’s, I love ur blogs, helps me to understand what i’m watching allot ^^, please cont to write ur very good at it. *bows* ty =D

  6. Karz says:

    Thank you!!!! I am glad you like my blog!! >_<

  7. Nova says:

    ^^;; why the ” >_