La Corda D’Oro - 25 THE END

Hino is going early b/c she wants to prepare for the last selection when she sees Yunoki!!! She is really shocked, Yunoki tells her that he is playing in the last selection. Yunoki says something about going to England but not to enroll in the school. Hino is happy that in the last selection everyone is taking part. In school everyone is happy to see Yunoki. Hihara, Tsuchiura are shocked to see him back. Kanazawa says that Yunoki went to England to get something back not sure but he is back. Lili tells Hino to do her best, and is about to give her her dress when a girl runs in telling Hino to come quickly. Mori-san has hurt her hand so she wouldn’t be able to accompany Hino, Tsuchiura says that he will accompany her in place of Mori-san. But Hino says that a contestant cannot accompany another contestant, plus Hino is going up first. Then a girl known as Shoji-san comes in and says that she will do it, she was the girl who left Hino in the first few selections, but she says she feels bad for it. Then she says that she thought of quitting piano after that but after hearing Hino practice recently she remembered the fun she had playing the piano and she says that she likes music that’s why she wants to head towards it. Hino allows her to accompany her. But Kanazawa is saying that she won’t have much time to practice, then Hihara says that why don’t they make Hino’s performance last and change the order, all of them say that they don’t mind the order changing so it’s changed.

Yunoki goes up first. On the other side Hino and Shoji are practicing with the help of Mori-san. Hino is telling herself that she is really happy that Yunoki came back and she flashbacks, she continues on to say that she was shocked to see his true self but that helped her to move forward and to trust her feelings. When Yunoki finished Hihara tells him that he is happy that they participated in this together. Next is Hihara. Hihara tells Hino to do her best  and that he will do his best too b/c he likes the trumpet, so that this music can reach the people who I treasure. He continues on to say that he wants this music to give people courage, feel good etc. Hino says “The person who showed me that music is fun was Hihara.” She continues on to say that she wants to give a good performance to thank Hihara for the support he has given her and Hino thanks him for always being there. After his performance Hihara says that he never thought he could perform like this. Next up is Fuyuumi. Hino says “Fuyuumi now you can perform without becoming nervous and being calm right? I used to think of Fuyuumi as my little sister but now the concour has made Fuyuumi so much mroe mature and like a lady.

Next Shimizu. Hino is saying that Shimizu tought her a lot of things, Hino then says that just like now continue letting out the feelings inside of him. Ousaki comes in to tell her that it’s going to be her turn. Tsukimori goes up next. Hino is saying that the one who taught her a lot about the violin was Tsukimori and Hino says that she feels that now his music gives out a feel of kindness and his feelings show more. Tsukimori asks her if she is ready and then says that if she does her performance the way she wants she will be fine. Tsuchiura goes up next. Hino says that he always saved her and worried about her. Hino says that b/c of him being straight out blunt soemtimes he has helped her. Tsuchiura is telling his child self to not be sad and says that Hino has helped him, he also says that he is happy playing piano like this. Tsukimori tells Tsuchiura that his performance was just like him and tells him to continue playing it his way, Tsuchiura tells him “I’ll return those words to you”

Finally Hino!!! Hino has not dressed up, she says that she wants to go like this. Hino says “It’s about time corda, the number of kizuna (I think hurt/pain) the music has given” (not sure)  Hino says “lots of things have happened, the violin has made me meet lots of people, music that gave lots of beautiful memories, there were times that were hard and I cried but. Yes, I love this violin, love music, all the people that supported me and protected me, and Lili, who introduced me to music I want to dedicate this to them.” Everyone claps!!!! All of them are on the stage clapping for her. Hino “Thank you for being with me till now” to the violin. After everything is over and everyone has left, Lili goes to Hino and tells her that b/c of Hino this concour became really good and then Lili thanks her. Hino thanks Lili and says that she will continue playing this violin and playing music together with it from now till forever. Hino hears music and stands up and sees Tsuchiura, Tsukimori, Yunoki, Hihara, Shimizu; they are all performing together. Next to her Fyuumi, Amou, Kanazawa, Mori, Hino’s friends and Ousaki are standing. At the end Hino says that she will aim for something new. In the ending they show the kids performing in the charity with Ousaki, Hihara, Yunoki, Shimizu, Fuyuumi,Tsuchiura, Tsukimori and Hino. Kanzawa, Amou and some others are watching.

Hino “It would be nice to meet again”

  • It’s over, it was fun blogging it even though I started blogging it in the middle. The ending was pretty good, instead of being with any one guy Hino said she has fallen in love with her violin and music.
  • This way no one will be disappointed that she wasn’t with a certain guy.
  • Most likely NANA is going to end this week too but the manga is there!.


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  1. Kitkit says:

    the ending is so interesting…
    I wish it will have another season….
    Thank you for blogging it….

  2. melody says:

    the ending was good ..but too bad she didn’t end with any one..were they really all in love with her?…i mean only hihara, tsukimori, and Tsuchiura were the noticeable ways I would really love to see a second season but im sure there wont be(runs off crying) oh well thanks for blogging this.

  3. mio says:

    The ending was wonderful ….I really like it..But I feel sad maybe because there is no episodes any more..
    Thanx Karz for all summaries you wrote^^

  4. mauly says:

    the ending was great…but i feel little disappointed bcause she didn’t choose one of the guys….
    thank’s a lot for all summaries….

  5. asma says:

    thank you very much for the summaries…. you’r a very good person for doing this(blogging the summries) ^^

  6. Lainey says:

    Wait…is this what happens at the end of the anime? Or the manga? Or both? That’s really disappointing!

  7. fanitha says:

    do you know where can i find nana manga online????

  8. esther says:

    yeah. its really disappointing ]= i wished she at least ended up with SOMEONE…[tsukimori =D] but it just ends like this…]=

  9. mrynza says:

    Its was great.I wan amazed you can write so well.Too bad is over.Wat an ending.I think no one satisfy with tat ending.ha!ha!
    Oh yea.I jus wan ask what is the song that
    Tsuchiura played?I cant really translate japanese.thanks yaa!

  10. Melissa says:

    Thanks sooo much for all the summaries for La Corda. They’ve helped me immensely in understanding each show.
    Though I really wanted her to end up with Tsukimori *cough* it was a very nice ending :)

  11. Sarah says:

    Thanks a million for making all of the Corda summaries. :] I’d hug you but it’s not possible.

  12. eury says:

    la corda d’ oro has such a wonderful story.. unforunately i’ve only watch episodes 1-10 but thanks to you..lots of thanks that is for bloging in.. i was able to follow the story till the very end… though i really wanted to watch all the episodes, can you give me a site where i can be able to watch the rest of the episodes… thanks very much

  13. mangaFrEAk19930 says:

    Okay! What’s this??? In the end she didn’t end with anyone!! Nandato! I’ve hoped her to end with Tsukimori and the guys lost to a biola and music!!!!!! What’s that? Nonsense! Making me angry!!! Arghhhhhh!!! The author must make the 2nd season! really!

  14. luvbiwal says:

    Thank you for all the summaries (particularly the last 12). It really helped especially when watching the raws. Could you comment on whether she played well at the end as I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the last ep — doesn’t seem avail on youtube as yet. It’s sad that she didn’t choose anyone…

  15. Karz says:

    I think if I remember correctly she played really well.

  16. ichika says:

    aww i like the ending but i really wanted her to end up with hihari..=[

  17. ai morita says:

    This ending was awesome…
    I think it’s great b/c she doesn’t ends with anyone…
    If she chooses one of them, then others will be frustrated, right??

    ** my english nOt gOOd **

  18. hino's fan says:

    nice ending~!

  19. belial says:

    great ending. although… a little disappointed she didn’t end up with anyone. And i seriously wana watch the anime, reading it just makes me more tempted to watch it >=/ hope they come out with subs A.S.A.P.!!!

  20. belial says:

    o, and thank you for writting it ^^ helps LOADS

  21. Danielle says:

    Thank you so much! I really wanted this but I’m really mad that Hino didn’t end up with someone. Now I don’t like it anymore lol! Gaaarrrrr. What happened to Len?

  22. rachellyn says:

    thanks so much for your summaries!!. .anyways, its a nice ending BUT I’m really disappointed that she didn’t end up with someone (Tsukimori) *sighs*. . .i hope i can watch the anime w/ subs soon, but there’s only one group subbing it and its taking ages to be able to do it. . .well, nothing we can do but wait. .~_~

  23. sherry says:

    This anime is converted from the story of a pc/ps2 game so I think that is why Hino did not end up with any of the guys ^^ Because in the game, you can choose to aim for any of the guy characters to end up with through strategy planning. Overall this is a very nice anime~! ^o^

  24. Rin says:

    The Ending was good

    but i really wanted some romance at the end…

    will .. romance is not every thing…

    thank you very much for this blog…

  25. Neha says:

    Thanx for the blog!I’ve watched eps 1-14 waitign for the rest!The music in this anime is amazing!I love it!I just wish she would end up with Tsukimori:( I just get the feeling that he deservers her the most! But of well!:D its for the best!

  26. vivi says:

    Thank you for the summaries! Right now, tehre are only 14 epis subbed, so your summaries really helped me!

    The ending was a lil bit disappointing (I was rooting for Len all along) but well, let’s wait for the manga ^^

  27. iti says:

    I was hoping that Tsukimori & Hino would end up together..>.

  28. lia_angel says:

    thank you soooo0 much for these summaries.
    i cant believe it ended like that though, because i really wanted hino and tsukimori to be together.
    well, i wanted her to end up with one of the guys because they all pretty much in love with her.
    but still, thank you so much for these.
    i really appreciate it.

  29. carmi says:

    does anyone know what volume/chapter of the manga picks up from this episode?

  30. Tania says:

    i cant believe that it ended up like this…..i really wanted Hino with one of the guys!
    (they’re all hotties!!!) hehehe
    but….i guess its for the best…
    i wonder if Hino will regret wat she did in the end….hmm….
    well…anywayz…thanx for the blog it was great! but i really want her to end up with some one…i think either tsukimori or hihara….
    do any one noe if Hino will end up with anyone in the manga?? 0.o
    cuz i wanna NOE!!! GOD!!!
    this anime kinda reminds me of “fruits Basket” b/c kyo and yuki likes her…and hino and tohru kinda have the same personality….
    maybe its just me…
    ia there a second season???
    wellz….thanx again for the blog! =]

  31. Shannon says:

    I was hoping she’d end up with either Hihara or Tsukimori. I vote for a new season! Too bad this series isn’t fully subbed for people who can’t understand japanese, but oh well.

  32. Anime 4 Eva says:


    p.s. to the person who made the summeries, hoan toni hoan toni arigato!

  33. Anime 4 Eva says:

    I Vote 4 a new season too:)! well more like i wanna force the person to make 1 :P !!!

  34. lynk says:

    not only do i vote for a new season, i vote for a new last episode for season 2. episode 25 didnt say who won the concours. oh, btw, thanks for blogging the series ^_^.

  35. Anime 4 Eva says:

    Thx 4 replyin 2 me lynk XD!!! :)

  36. Anime 4 Eva says:

    But this time i rly hope tat the episodes go up to more then 25 maybe 50… n wish tat all of them were subbed 2 ! :) :P

  37. miley says:

    Thanks or the summaries! They really helped!

    I like Hino and Tsukimori

    But, was there a winner in the concours?

  38. mystique_ghurl says:

    hino played ave maria at this episode. Ave maria is the first piece she played with the violin and it is also the piece she played with tsukimori-kun (their duet).

    She played it exactly how she played it first… Even the stupid trio (yunoki’s fans) applauded the performance. She played Ave maria in such a manner like Tsukimori thought of her being a first class musician at episode 2. suberashi anime… love it, it brought me closer to classicals…

  39. mystique_ghurl says:

    another thing i want to add….

    the part where all the guys are playing together… they created a music that is really warm and very strong that it seems piercing your skin to embed itself on you. it is full of LOVE, and while they are all playing… they are thinking of one particular thought, HINO KAHOKO… those guys all fell in love with her and all of their music changes… all of them learned to express their music with love and they end up wishing from their own hearts… (I’m not so sure about sumizu though, he sometimes make it a point to tell that he loves hino’s music, not her perse.)

  40. jena says:

    thanks a million 4 blogging it was so nice of you. so thank you very much!!!!

  41. whitzly says:

    lol it not very good the ending then if hino choose one of the guys there will be second season i like that so interesting the story if like that so who know the auther ask her or his to do wat im saying jus now but i know there will nvr have next season T T

  42. whitzly says:

    izit MANGA will have season 2.can anyone tell me plz????lol if yes then will it be on anime????

  43. Neigel_Yuwe21 says:

    Gosh… I rly got hook in the story.. I love it…
    But, Disappointed….
    :-( is this really the end..
    sigh… kaho-chan… didn’t end up with someone! I really love Tsukimori- Hino Pair..
    they looked good together..
    I rly love the episode “The Secret Duet” were in they both play ave maria..
    Tsukimori Playin at at balcony while.. Hino play in the garden.. Such a lovely scence..
    And when Hino and Tsukimori was in the music room… where in Len had a fever… and when Tsukimori rest his head on Hino’s shoulder.. there and then i know they are perfect together….

    How i wish theres a season 2..
    wah…. I want Romance…… Tsukimori and Hino….
    I hope…….

  44. Aya chan says:

    i loved this anime soooooo much,acutaly i wanted hino choose Tsuchiura or hihara >.

  45. Neigel_Yuwe21 says:

    guys.. i found a site were u can watch la corda d’ oro up to episode 24…

    sigh but then again no episode 25 …


  46. Neigel_Yuwe21 says:

    guys.. i found a site were u can watch la corda d’ oro up to episode 24…

    sigh but then again no episode 25 …


  47. Nia says:

    thanks for putting up summeries, cause i can’t watch all the episodes now.

  48. Nia says:

    thanks for putting up summeries, cause i can’t watch all the episodes.

  49. tofuulove says:

    WAH! dang! and i wanted her to end up with Tsukimori!

  50. Kahoko says:

    THANKS!!! omg the end already(cryin) wish there will be a second season but i dontt think there will be:’(—-kind of upset she didnt end up with a guy. i wanted her 2 end up with tsukimori! wonder wat happened to the violin romance? ARIGOTOU ^-^

  51. Mare says:

    thank you SO much for blogging these summaries, though I AM really curious as too who won the concours but I guess thats another one of those anime-things. Though I wouldn’t like Kahoko to lose, I can see she wouldn’t be able to win, so maybe this is for the best. Anyway, thank you SOOOO much!

  52. miza says:

    thank you so much for the entries, it were a great help since i cannot understand japanese lang.

  53. Matsuri says:

    you can watch all the la corda d’oro episodes w/ subs at

  54. Julia says:

    tofuulove says:

    WAH! dang! and i wanted her to end up with Tsukimori!

    …….Who does not want to?^^

    Most of my friends wanted either Len or “Prince Flutist” Yunoki

    I do not want Hihara to be Kaho’s love…..He wildly resembles someone That

  55. Julia says:

    I REALLY Know in Real life (yes someone can be like that in real life o.O)

  56. cece says:

    i felt kinda disappointed with the final episode, after all, i wanted Hino to end up with Hihara, or at least someone! :P and it just left me wanting more and wondering what happened after! my wish is for a second season!!

    i did think it was sweet that the guys played for Hino, although they could’ve played a better piece and longer. All the participants, boys and girls, should’ve played a huge ensemble, it would’ve sounded fab! :D

    does anyone know what the song the guys played is called?

  57. kota says:

    omg i liked it but hino doesnt end up with any1?! T-T i wanted her to at least end up with some1…LIKE LEN! T-T is this ending both in the anime an manga?? tell me!

  58. gabrielle says:

    i really wanted her to end up with tsukimori they looked so good together. T_T i wish they would have a season 2 you can watch them all on youtube now!!

  59. gabrielle says:

    i really wanted her to end up with tsukimori they looked so good together. T_T i wish they would have a season. 2 you can watch them all on youtube now!!

  60. rebecca says:


  61. kota says:

    does any1 know if there is a sqeal or something?? cuz the ending was kinda bad i wanted her to end up with some1!

  62. PrincessJiru says:


    I wanted Hino to be with Tsukimori-kun!!!

    I was gonna watch the ending bt now i think i just wasted my time.

    It ws a pretty good story tho.

    I just wish she would have picked someone coz now i’m really disappointed:(

    WHY? WHYYYYYY??? I really wanted her 2 end up with Tsukimori-kunT_T

  63. damuko says:

    aha…good episode. i think it would be more like “now everyone will be disappointed that she didnt end up with their favorite guy” ^__^

  64. Bleh says:

    That’s nice I guess, but they really avoided one of the main themes from the game, the pairing. I wish they did something similar to what they did for Harukanaru Toki no Naka de anime, one ending per guy…
    I think it’ll be nice to make a 2nd season too, that way they can bring up the new guy they made for the game’s sequel.

  65. almazioona says:

    I have been look for this anime in RAW and I just find it from 15-25 , so please where can I find the other raw episodes

  66. lourii says:

    i love this anime but i don’t think there’s going to be another season because it says the concours is every couple of years? in 2 years it wouldn’t be that intresting because hino tsukmori , tschuira hihara and yunoki would be gone :(

  67. julia says:

    there still is ~~special edition~~ after chapter 25
    ive seen it and make me hope for 2nd season

  68. Samantha says:

    Man, I loved this anime so much.
    Especially since i do love music in fact too.
    i wish there will definitely be a 2nd season.
    i hope at least.
    but the ending was sweet.

  69. Suzuki-sama says:

    OH! I wanted more Hino and Tsukimori!

  70. Hat_girl says:

    ok… i LOVED this series… and u r missing the ast episode… that wasn’t the last 1… there r 26… i am verry dissapointed in hino-chan… they ALL showed hr they loved her and yet… she misses it… i want her to pick 1…but she didn’t -cries out of fustration-… i cant choose it…i cant choose hu she ends up with… is it eather tsukimori-kun or Tsuchiura-kun… who…prolly tsukimori-kun tho… u no coz of that hole “violin love story”… but they seem to be verry borring together.. thats y i say maybe Tsuchiura-kun… so fustrated bout the ending… now i am gonna have to go out and buy the REST of the managa series to see who she ends up with… just like fruits basket and host club… -grumble gumble grumble-
    toodle ^_^ thanks 4 reading

  71. arlene_lee says:

    *sigh* i really loved this anime… seems like it open a lot of thing in me.. ehehehehe.. although there is no one that hino really end up with, it makes the anime worth watching. it’s up to you to choose. but well, i admit that i still wanna see if it’s tsukimori-kun or hihara… hmmm… or maybe Tsuchiura-kun???

    and the real last episode is not the ending of the last selection. the last episode(rather special episode eh?)was when they went to another training camp camp and the theme is “to seek the only one and only tune”.. the episode title is “summer encore”… and it was really good.

  72. zeus says:

    huwaaaa, why is Hino didn’t end up with Tsukimori?????!! I love them, they’re a good couple.. huhuu. Is there the season 2? I hope so, so please!!!!
    i’m so sad and mad that Hino didn’t end up with Tsukimori, i feel sorry for Tsukimori!! i love Tsukimori, so please make the season 2!!!
    domo arigatou. ja ne…

  73. zeus says:

    please, i want more the “violin romance” IS resolve! I want MORE
    “TSUKIMORI and HINO”!!!!
    ja ne, sankyu

  74. anne wang says:

    Please sign if you want season 2 of La Corda d’Oro :
    Go to this website and sign now!

  75. Shuurei says:

    I really really love this anime, I really hope that the maker of this anime WILL MAKE A SEASON TWO, ohh please….. I really dreamt of this anime to have a season 2

  76. Addie_14 says:

    hey guyz…2 ol of those who wanna hav a 2nd season of la corda d’oro …there is a petition online for that…just surf the net..until now there are 75 signatures already.i think?..including me…hope this helps^_^ please ol of u sign A.S.A.P

  77. Primo_Passo says:

    there is a second season out!!! it’s being made this year, 2008.!!

  78. Liu mew says:

    hello where can i get a manga of it(season 2)? what website?

  79. nono says:

    y no pictures ?????

  80. nono says:

    y no pictures ?????
    i wan pictures laaaaaaa

  81. yin says:

    everyone! there is season 2 of la corda..its already finished airing in japan

    she end up with the one she loved.i dont want to spoiler and im waiting someone to upload the season 2 of la corda as well:)

  82. natsume x mikan says:

    tell us kapag ipplbas na ang LA CORDA D`ORO PRIMMO PASSO 2 k

  83. fin says:

    if you want this anime to have season 2 please sign this petition in the link

    Online petition - la corda d’oro primo passo season 2

  84. nanami says:

    the ending is really disappointing:(

    I really want Hino ang Tsukimori to end up with each other.

    is there anyone who knows, who will Hino end up with? tnx:)

  85. nanami says:

    is there really a season2?

    there are a lot of rumours about that.

    i hope there is because the ending is really a cliffhanger.

  86. ahtol says:

    is it true dat dis anime has a second season?anyway i’m from malaysia,and the 1st season now has only reached its 16th episode i’m a bit left out.but i really like hino wif tsuchiura!!or len.. i really dont mind!!

  87. leslie ann says:

    thank u foe the summary,, really i dnt like the ending coz she didn’t end up with one of the boys,,but i hope their will be a season 2,,,hoping for more romantic scene .especially with len,,

  88. kahokohino49 says:

    The ending is sooo nice!!! I think it’s better for her not to end up with someone, ‘coz she needs to choose 1 and break 4 hearts! I think the ending is so nice!!! But I rally like her with Hihara and Tsukimori XD

  89. Muna Ita says:

    La Corda D’oro Primo Passo is the best anime ever!!!!!!!!!!*_*I haven’t saw this season 2 anime yet, but, I already can imagine them( I meant the guys) They’re cute (triple cute!) When they play their own instruments together. I think I can’t sleep today, because of them!!!!(Kiding…) Anyway, Nadia, If you’re reading this, It’s me! Anne! (The other readers, please do not take care of that, ignored about Nadia) Anyway… Ryotaro & Len is the cutest+ handsome guys ever! You are my love!!!! Always! Okay, I’m over exiting right now. Arigato gozaidimasu! Good luck in everything you do,HIno!(I think you’re not alive, don’t you?) Okay!BYE!!!

  90. shruti says:

    wooww nice ending..slitely dissapointing…dint end up wid anyone?? poor Hino… :(

  91. ahtol says:

    muna ita!!i agreed with u!!!ryotaro is sooo hot!!ssooo sporty and nice!!

  92. len tsukimori junior says:

    pleaz….continue the story…….it such so sad it ending so fast……………………………………………………..

  93. len tsukimori junior says:

    the best anime i ever saw in my life…..

  94. len tsukimori junior says:

    toki no naka..gome ne hino..ja ne

  95. MADEL says:


  96. Harima Kenji says:

    Hello I have a favor to ask you, Could you please help me?
    I need the La Corda Primo Passo Raws, Do you have the raws… ? When yes,Could you please help me? and the raws to send??

  97. Harima Kenji says:

    Hello! I have a favor to ask you, Could you please help me? i need some raw´s of la corda, could you please send me the raws or tell me where i can get them?

  98. joan says:

    there’s a season 2!!!!
    hope it will come out soon online
    you know, mangafox have the manga till vol 11, not all intact though (btw, is it the same???)
    hope hino will end up with len!!!! (like both of them plays the violin!!!)
    can’t wait(:

  99. Ivana Campbell says:

    there is a season 2 it is call secondo passo