NANA - 47 Season Finale

The episode starts with the same words Nana said in the ending of the last episode. Hachi is saying that she the fireworks will come in, on that day she will be waiting with everyone else in room 707 and she says that she has a yukata ready for Nana. In the present Hachi and Satsuki go to room 707 for the fireworks festival at night, Yasu is there too. Yasu says that when he talks to Satsuki he feels like he is talking to Shin when he was younger. Right then Shin comes in wearing a yukata. Hachi says that it’s the fireworks festival day and she says that even if everyone is really busy they will still get together in this room on this day. Then Nobu also comes. Nobu says that Yasu hasn’t changed a lot. Hachi gets Nobu’s yukata for him and tells him to wear it after his shower. Nobu asks about Ren, Hachi says that he will come only when the fireworks starts. Nobu buys a present for Satsuki, a doll, Hachi is way more excited to see it. Hachi says that time heals wounds but there are also wounds that are not talked about. Hachi also says that time has stopped in room 707. When Hachi is getting the bath ready she remembers talking to Nana in that tub. Nobu comes in and asks what she is doing. Hachi tells him not to worry about her b/c she is fine now. When Hachi is leaving Nobu stops her. Hachi “Nana, there are lots of stories I want you to hear. This room is full of memories.”

In the past Nana, Yasu, Shin and Nobu are watching the fireworks. Nana is wondering where Hachi is. Hachi is crying and saying that she needs to go fast b/c everyone is waiting and that if she doesn’t keep this promise she will be a betrayer but her tears aren’t stopping. Hachi says that she thought that if they talked everything would be fine and thought that they could go back to being friends, she also says that she should have treasured him more b/c now she has lost him forever. Hachi’s phone rings, she tells herself that she won’t be able to face Nobu. Hachi is about to cry and tells Nana “I am sorry, I can’t come” Nana asks her why she is crying. Hachi tells Nana that she is scared to meet Nobu. Nana tells her that Nobu didn’t show up even though he is there. Nana tells her to come quickly b/c Shin and Yasu are also waiting. She also tells Hachi not to say things like she can’t come. Nana “I want to meet you quickly Hachiko, come quickly” Nobu starts leaving, Nana asks him where he is going, Nobu tells her she is going home. Nobu says that Hachi doesn’t want to meet him. Nana tells him that that’s nto what she said, Hachi said she is scared of meeting him and Nana says that Hachi must be still in love with Nobu. Nana says that she understands why Hachi is scared. Takumi and her wedding is close and if she gets back together with Nobu it would be like a drama. Nana then says that Nobu just wants to comfort Hachi and doesn’t even like her. Nobu screams “I do like her!! What would you know?” Nana talks about Miu and how she has the same condition as Nana so sometimes she can’t go to work until she has her medicine. Nana then says that Nobu likes to save girls in situations that don’t concern him, so he can feels like a hero but if Nobu gets too involved he would leave her. Shin, Nana and Yasu are watching the fireworks. Shin says that Nana has purposely made it so Hachi and Nobu can meet. Shin tells her that Hachi might become hurt again if she meets Nobu, but Nobu does his best to choose certain things to make sure that everyone is happy. Nobu is still in the room taking his wig out and he remembers what he told Hachi “I will make you happy no matter what” Hachi rings the bell. Nobu is about to open the door when he remembers what Nana said about Hachi’s world becoming like a drama if they got together. Hachi calls Shin and asks him whether they have already gone b/c no one is answering at first Shin is shocked then he tells her that they are outside watching the fireworks, so Hachi leaves to meet them. On the otherside of the door Nobu is crying.

Hachi finds them. Nana comments on how big the diamond on Hachi’s ring is. Nana asks Hachi why she hasn’t invited Nana, Shin and Yasu to the wedding. Hachi asks her wther they would come,Nana says “Ofcourse” Then Nana says “Become happy for sure!!” Nana says that Nobu thought about Hachi’s happines and didn’t try to get her back but if she isn’t happy he won’t be able to stand it. Nana tells Hachi not to worry about a few betrayals, Hachi flashbacks to when she saw Shoji and Sachiko together. Hachi says something about her emotions flowing but it wasn’t b/c of seeing Shoji and Sachiko. Ginpei asks them if the fireworks festival was good, no reply. Hachi is telling Nana that the summer that Nana was aiming for but couldn’t is here right now. Hachi also says that she will wait forever, 10, 20 or even 50 years. (When Hachi is saying that they show Nana’s yukata that Hachi got) Satsuki wakes up to see the fireworks.

  • The ending song is Kuroi Namida
  • Shin looked cute in the yukata!!!! >_<
  • Nana 1st season is over I hope there is another season. It was fun blogging Nana even if I started from the middle.
  • The manga is still going on, I will be following Nana by reading the manga.
  • That’s it the end till hopefully another season *keeps fingers crossed*

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  1. Mary says:

    OMG! >___

  2. lynxz says:

    ooo!! diz is 1st season
    y so faz end

  3. Andrew says:

    That episode was so good; I hope they start a second season soon.

    Awww I feel sorry for Nobu. I want him and Hachi to be together lol.

    Thanks very much for the summary ^_^

  4. trinalina says:

    i hate takuummiii…and everything he has ever done to nana…although he said he will provide for her…he’s still so mean and rude to her. He took theonly chance to steal ehr back and thats when she got pregnant…UGH….

    i want nobu and nana to be together!!!!! *WAHHHHHHHH

  5. inaho says:

    I feel bad for Nobu

    I so wish that he should fight the odds to get Hachi back

    They are so meant to be


    Ike! Ike! Go

  6. Mary says:

    wow there has 2nd season?

    someone answer this plz!!

    cuz I love this show soo muucch and it’s my fav manga/anime

  7. Vicky says:

    Everybody hates Takumi, but he really loves her, in the manga you can see that, and Hachiko loves him too, actually she is quite happy with him.

    In here u can dwld the manga


  8. Katie says:

    I tried the anime eden site, but they don’t seem to have Nana.. anyone knows another site?? Actually, I don’t really understand y so many ppl seem to dislike Takumi. I think hez soooo cool and i think he does love Hachi even from just the anime.. of course I feel bad for Nobu too, but I think he thinks more of himeself than of Hachi. Takumi is the one who says he will take care of Hachi and the baby even when he doesn’t know if the baby is his.. while Kobu is just shock and helpless.. too kidie

  9. kistou says:

    i agree with Vicky and Katie. But I was really angry when I saw Takumi having an affair.

  10. TOKYOSISTA says:

    ;_; It’s the end of the first season…boo hoo. I love how cute Hachi’s daughter is, too bad it seems to be 100% that she is the daughter of Takumi. ::sighs:: Why can’t Nobu have his girl…why why why?!!!

  11. kistou says:

    i think that satsuki could still be Nobu s daughter since Nobu has his hair bleached! I mean he must be dark haired naturaly :-p

  12. yasmin says:

    hasn’t anyone notice that the ring that Hachi has in the “future” when the future nobu grabbed her hand in the bathroom scene, is different from the one in the “past” , that ring to the one she has in the “past”, when hachi was at the festival with nana , staring at the firework,.. Hachi claps her hands together and “Nana comments on how big the diamond on Hachi’s ring is” the ring looks different , am i wrong? maybe nobu and her got together in the future…maybe…

  13. Sarah says:

    I think that Satsuki is Takumi child, because she has long black hair , and her eye do look like him a bit. Nobu hair is brown , if u see Nobu story the cover shows that he had brown hair. Anyway I still believe that Satsuki is Takumi’s daugther.

  14. cecilie says:

    I think satsuki is Takumi’s daugther, because she has long black hair , and her eye do look like him,definitively is his clon.

  15. Alexa says:

    satsuki is 100% Takumi’s daugther

  16. Sharienne says:

    Hachi must go to Nobu.

    Takumi is really nice and he love Hachi but i hate him somehowe.

    Whene Hachi and Nobu are togeter i get a big smile in my face.

    Satsuki is so sweet

  17. Nicole says:

    I think that Satsuki is Takumi’s child because she calls Nobu “Nobu san” and not dad, however I do agree with Yasmin about the rings because I watched this episode twcice and the rings are different! so maybe they do get togther in future (who knows?)

    Also I remember in a previous episode Haichi saying that one day she would like to cook for the one she loves and in the scene where Nobu arrives and Haichi gives him a drink, you there is alot of food on table.

    Another indication that could mean they are together is that the fact Haichi runs a bath in the apartment could mean that she is no longer lives with Takumi and has moved back in, AND the fact that she brought Nobu his yukata and told him to wear it after his shower could suggest that he also lives there.
    Also the part at the end where Haichi says “the summer Nana was aiming for but couldn’t is here right now” could mean they’re together because the one thing Nana wanted that summer was for them all to watch the fireworks togther and for haichi and Nobu to be reunited.

    However I could be worng and all this could be my wishful thinking.
    Unfortunetly the upload of this episode I was watching did not have any english subtitles so I had to come up with all this using my own judgement!

    The summary provided really helped alot though so thank you!!

    And I hope all my evidence is proved right and Haichi and Nobu are together in end!

  18. Sharienne says:

    I hope it’s true what you sai Nicole

    but something wasnt right
    whene nobu grabs her hand and look at her he looks a little sad. :(

  19. Nicole says:

    I think he looked sad because he was worried about haich because he knew something was wrong.

    But still who knows I got excuses for everything I want them to get together so bad it’s unreal!
    Who knew you could so wrapped up in an animation!!

  20. anonymous says:

    I’m sure there will be second season…

    Shizue Nana (the TV announcer) said so in the earlier episode…

  21. makenzie says:

    I know what you mean I sooo want Nobu and Hachi to get togther cause I like hate Takumi when he’s with Hatchi but I think he should get together with like a random person Oh doesn’t he like already have a wife her name was like Stela or something

  22. Nicole says:

    It’s me again!
    I just been snooping around and looking for more hints to prove my theory on haichi & Nobu and although I think I could I be right I also have alot of doubt.
    In the manga it seems a long way off before haichi & Nobu get together and so far the anime has stuck very close to plot in the manga so I could wrong afterall but the good new is I do think there will be a season 2! There was two live version films of Nana so the future looks bright! (just not for Nobu and Haichi) How sad

  23. Sharienne says:


    If you have read v18 C66
    it looks like Hachi and takumi are not together anymore

  24. Nicole says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t but thank you Sharienne for restoring my hope!

  25. Mary says:

    i think nana and ren are dead.

  26. Mary says:

    ren said something about killing nana.

    lol i read it in japanese version probably around vol 15?

  27. Ameena says:

    Its impossible for that girl to be Nobu’s daughter, seeing as she is in highschool he would have had to be aroun 10 ish to make her…

  28. midori says:

    i think that after i just read the first paragraph that the thing that is wrong with nana is that she got out of being with takumi so its just her and satsuki.

  29. craziijoonii says:

    eeh when will second one come out !!!
    roooar >O

  30. Baron Superbadass says:

    The rings are probably different because engagement and wedding rings are different. Everyone seems to focus on the Hachi/Nobu/Takumi triangle rather than the real significant issue which is the absence of Nana. Hachi states that no matter how busy anyone is, they always show up, and Nobuo asks after Ren singular only - Nana is neither present, nor does anyone ask where she is. As for the parentage of Satsuki, I’m fairly sure there aren’t too many naturally blonde Japanese people, so the fact that she has black hair is not necessarily indicative of her father being Takumi.

  31. cucho76 says:

    For those ones looking for Nana english scanlations (in Spain is being published by Planeta de Agostini Comics so I prefer to wait and read it on paper rather than using scanlations), check

    Enjoy it !

  32. Tina says:

    In the last episode when Nobu grabs Hachi’s arm. We zoom in on her hand. Her ring is different perhaps because she never got married to Takumi? Nana and Takumi had to postpone the wedding because of publicity reasons. Maybe that is an engagement ring instead. I’m pretty sure the diamond ring from the past was the actual wedding ring. One would think by now they had gotten married. But I don’t think they did due to the different ring. I really hope Hachi and Nobu gets together. I like to believe that Nobu confesses to Hachi again that day in the future. Yes he did look sad but he was always emotional. On top of that who wouldn’t be sad after seven long years? He wants his Nana back. I would be sad too! I hope there is a season two. I only finished the anime series, still working on the manga. Hachi X Nobu!!!!!

  33. Senna says:

    i think that nobu and hachi look so cute together and i relly want another season soo badly i watch it on youtube all the time but when i cheked for episode 48 there was no more it made me feel really sad cause i wanted to know whats goin to happen!!!! oh and were do you get the manga 4 nana?? i know were to get other manga books like bleach but were do ya get nana manga?

  34. Senna says:

    i think that nobu and hachi look so cute together and i relly want another season soo badly i watch it on youtube all the time but when i cheked for episode 48 there was no more it made me feel really sad cause i wanted to know whats goin to happen!!!! oh and were do you get the manga 4 nana??

  35. anime 4 life says:

    i know soo cool but i want to know whats gonna happen at the wedding soo badly!!

  36. inoneoutheother says:

    wow.. people really read into this stuff.. or maybe i’m just negative-but i agree with one of the other posters.. the issue with the final episode was the absence of nana.. i got the sad vibe from hachi and nobu, but i think that had more to do with nana than their past history.. and when hachi said that time couldn’t heal all wounds, i got the distinct impression we were referring to someone’s death.. maybe i really am negative.. heh.. and since people keep mentioning the rings i’ll throw in my 2 cents.. as far as i could tell they were just the wedding rings added with the engagement ring, leading me to believe that she did get married [and i think to takumi].. no reason to believe she and nobu ended up together.. definitely the exact opposite.. eh.. i hate sad endings.. i cried wayy too much during this series.. =/

  37. Jon says:

    I have to agree with you… I believe Nana Osaki died, possibly due to hyperventilation. Notice how she is crucial in the story and they didn’t even mention her in the future. Notice how even those close to Nana remember about Ren, but no one wants to talk about Nana. Notice why her yutaka was placed on the bed, but she was not in attendance.

    I take it somewhere down the line, she might have passed away from hyperventilation. But who knows, I love this anime tho :)

  38. Kim says:

    I noticed the difference in rings too. Actually, when Nobu grabbed Hachi’s hand… it looks like she’s wearing TWO rings. One of the rings is a little tilted… I find it a very odd ring if it was really just one ring. It looks like the diamond is on the lower ring, not connected to the first ring at all. Additionally, when Nana comments on Hachi’s big diamond, the ring looks like the lower ring she wore when she prepared Nobu’s bath. I noticed some of you commented that her rings look different because she got an engagement and marriage ring from Takumi so that should explain it. However, that means the ring with the diamond is the engagement ring and the ring with two bands is the marriage ring. Shouldn’t the marriage ring have a bigger diamond or look prettier, instead of having just another band added? It doesn’t seem right to me.

    Take a look for yourself if you have the episode on your computer. The rings are seen around 7:15 and 18:08.

    I could be wrong, but that’s what it looked like to me. I even paused it and stared at it for a while :P

    If those are really two rings she is wearing when Nobu grabs Hachi’s hand, I think the plain ring may be a ring Nobu had given her and the diamond ring may be her wedding ring from Takumi. I don’t think Hachi and Nobu ever get back together, but perhaps she still wears a second ring in memory of Nobu… hmm, I dunno.

    I also want to comment on something… in episode 45 Nana is narrating and she says to Hachi that she hopes Hachi will not forget the name-brand diamond ring. I’m not sure what this means, but maybe she divorced Takumi after all. Otherwise, why would Nana be telling Hachi to treasure that ring? The rings are very confusing to me, and there are so many speculations…

    And as for Nana… I think she did die. When Hachi narrates she always has a longing in her voice and she speaks to Nana as if she’ll never see her again. Or if anything, perhaps she just is never able to see Nana ever again for some reason.

    Everything’s so sad :( Maybe we’re all wrong and they live happily ever after (ah, wishful thinking).

  39. Love is so freaking hurt!! says:

    will do 2nd season?? i hope because i would like if nobou go with hachiko and not takumi in the final episode i felt very bad because nobou was crying and hashiko didn’t know nobou was in the door..but almost open the door but he did’t open the door!! i would like if hachiko go with nobou and live takumi! he sometimes is bad!! but do the arthor will make 2nd season!! can someone reply my comment and tell me !!! i want to see more episode!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jing says:

    I don’t know if someone said this already, but doesn’t a lot of what Nobu’s wearing look like Nana’s old jewelery? like the neck band and the clips around his fingers? ahhh…I was so depressed when this ended.

  41. Jing says:

    Oh yeah…I don’t think Nana actually died since she narrates many of the episodes…hmm, could be though, because I thought that for a long time before she started narrating

  42. Pau says:

    I don’t think Nana dies. At the begining of one episode in wich Nana. O. is narrating she says that if she were to see her friends again she would start depending on them again, so i think she is staying away from them because she doesn’t want to suffer, but that is just my imagination.

    Well, i didn’t really look closely to the rings so i’m going to see the last episode again.

    I think satsuki is takumi’s daughter, just instinct, maybe i’m wrong.

    I will try to see the series again to find more hints about the second season and i will try to read the manga.

    P.D: just my crazy imagination, but maybe Nana went solo. :P bye.

  43. Sarah says:

    There is going to be a second season, but even before they annouced it they had already decided to wait until the manga was finished. I don’t think this was a good decision for all those who only watch the episodes are left sayin WTF?

  44. @$hl3y says:

    nobody seems 2 b saying anuthing `bout mayb nana o’s mom came back and she probly betrayd them.

    hm…maybe im wrong.

    also don’t hate me 4 this but i kinda like takumi. he’s had a pretty hard time tryin 2 deal wit nana’s pregnacy and reira and his father being a complete drunk!

    And y does nana call nobuo yong master….hm…..seems kinda odd 2 me. mayb nobu goes bac 2 that big fortune after nana leaves or dies.

    wat about shin and reira? i was kinda hopin that they wold make it. o well we can always hope 4 another season.

    i realy hope nana doesn’t end up with nobuo hes nice and everything but he’s pretty selfish.

    I realy didn’t notice the rings but i realy hope that everything goes the way i want it


  45. @$hl3y says:

    I’m bac!
    I just saw ep. 47! the rings r totally different! wtf!

  46. @$hl3y says:

    okay its me again.
    Member how nana said that some pple in da world shouldn’t be parents….well…. wat if nana and ren had a child and nana couldn’t deal….. soooooo…….she ran away like her mother did 2 her? Now call me crazy….but, it seems like dat. this show is 2 addicting… i cant wait till the 2 season!

  47. yumi says:

    I love this anime..
    it’s so good..
    i love takumi and i hate nobu (he was the one at wrong for abounding hatchi when she needed him the most) and only takumi was there for her..
    and the relation between hatchi and nobu started after when hatchi met takumi so it’s not their fult..

    now i’m reading the manga, and it’s getting good T_T

  48. sae says:

    hi everyone iwana to see nana episode 48,49,50.51,…
    if any one know that they are gona to come tell me please
    my email :-

  49. ohh, yum! says:

    If Nana died, I’ll be so cut. But I think that she’s just avoiding her friends, because she doesn’t want to depend on them (as said in the begining of 47 and end of 46). She was like “I don’t want to move” or something like thattt.

    Anywho, I don’t like Hachi cause she’s kind of really selfish ==” only sometimes though.

    I HOPE REN AND NANA ARE STILL TOGETHER caue I love Ren. Then again if they broke up, Ren can be left for me :).

    Ren’s hot.

  50. Miki says:

    I am so hurt with the ending! Nobu totally rocks. But thats how it is. Thanks for the translations!

  51. Victoria says:

    Takumi is a workaholic. Whether he really loves Hachiko is irrelevant because he will always put his band first. Nana K needs someone like Nobu . He will always put her first. :)

  52. nobu clone says:

    for me takumi is with hachi because satsuki in the manga say daddy sorry for nobu or nana but it’s like this

  53. Julia says:

    I think the reason why hachi and nobu looked sad when nobu grabbed hachi’s hand was because nana died.
    At the very beginning of the episode nana has a very sad face. Shin also has a very sad
    face when he is alone in the dinning with yasu. hachi also says “there are some wounds you must not speak of”. and then says how she wishes she could tell nana many things. but obviously can’t. and even when hachi is looking in the bath water remembering being in the bath with nana. i think she was really focusing on nana not the stuff nobu said.
    Nobu is wearing the V. westwood ring nana used to where which is a clear indication that nana is dead. if there was anyone like nana’s child in the group, it was nobu. since he was like a child to nana he would wear her jewelry in memory of her. it would be too painful for yasu or ren to keep her jewelry.
    Also, after nobu says yasu is the same every time nobu sees him, Yasu says that people don’t change in a few months. This implies that it has been a few months since they saw each other, which means they are probably not in a band together anymore since bands meet much more often.
    At the beginning of the episode nana says she is terribly afraid of seeing everyone again cause she will depend on them. Maybe she killed herself? so she wouldn’t see/depend on them anymore. just a thought.
    i’m pretty sure though that nana is dead by all the things i mentioned above and more.

  54. yellowmica says:

    I also think Nana is dead. Big importance is to be set on the black butterfly Sazuki sees. The meaning of a black butterfly is the spirit of a person who returns to visit the living. So I guess it’s Nanas spirit.
    Hachi also says that some memories you can forget (like the time she was with Nobu), some others are impossibile to forget(like the dead of Nana).
    Hachi doesn’t live in the old appartment,but only coming there when she meets here old friends, because while talking about it she says that it is full of memories,memories she won’t see if she lived there every day. Nana is not able to live without her friends, especially Yasu, and it is impossible that she broke up with all of them.
    The only thing that leaves a doubt is, that Hachi says she would wait 10, 20,50 years for nana to come back, and it seems strange because she should know that it is not possible if she was dead.This leads me to the guess, that Nana is missing and maybe killed or raptured but not found.

  55. Natsumii says:


    Ooohh i rlly love this anime, i didn’t read ever the manga. but im really confused, & i think also everyone is. But i can say anything how its gonna end >O

  56. Natsumii says:


    Ooohh i rlly love this anime, i didnt ever read the manga. But i am really confusef, & i think also everyone is. But i cant say anything how its gonna end.. but i got confused and didnt understand it all: when takumi and reira were talking about Ren and NANA getting married and such, Reira thought it would be a problem or so, if they both will get married(Ren and Takumi) then Takumi said; I get it. It should be only Ren, right? i got confused with it, if he wouldnt marry Hachi anymore.. compared what you guys say, about that future.. anyway i HOPE NANA and Ren DIDNT DIE!!!=O i dont want them to DIE!!=( i wouldnt like the anime serie anymore, then! uhh anyhow, i am really looking forward to the second season.^^ (P.S doe someone knows when the manga (NANA) will end/finish?)

    Byeeee! ^^

  57. Natsumii says:


  58. layla;] says:

    i luvv luvv the manga & anime !!

  59. Nas says:

    Hey guys!
    Geez, all of the speculations I read down here, it’s just unbelievable! Very interesting though, because I’ve never even thought of the possibility of Nana dying. Now however things start to come together, and this option seems to be more likely, but still I wouldn’t really like that. :)

    Somehow I feel Hachiko is the main character, or is it just me? Probably it is. :P

    Anyway, I’ll be reading all of your new speculations with interest. OF COURSE I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE 2ND SEASON TO COME EITHER! :)

    Somebody, please let us know here, when ‘the time has come’! ;)

    Greets to all of you, my co-Nana-fans! :P