Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 11

Episode starts off with Inugami saying that something is coming tonight??  Anyways Sayo is on the train with Hiyuu. While back in Tokyo Kyouichi and Kisaragi are frantically looking around for Aoi. Kyouichi calls Komaki and tells her that Aoi is missing and that Kozunu has started to move, Kyouichi tells her to contact Daigo and search for Aoi. Toono finds Kyouichi and shows him the picture where Sayo’s hand is only bones and she has blood on her uniform. Sayo and Hiyuu get off at a station, Sayo calls her uncle but he can’t come pick them up b/c he is busy so they have to walk b/c buses don’t run at that time. Sayo suddenly stops and says “I am sorry” Then she starts remembering the accident and how her parents died and her hand starts aching, when Hiyuu asks her what happened she says nothing and they continue walking. They both come across many flowers, Sayo says that there are many flowers of the same kind ahead, she says that its the same as before only then her parents were there. Then Hiyuu says that his parents too, and then he gets that same toy thing out which she had in the car and a keyholder from his hood. Sayo says something about wanting to go around looking for a certain kind of flowers and she wants Hiyuu with her. Then they show Raito. Then they show the hospital with the nurse taking care of the guy who had taken Aoi. The nurse senses something. Then Kisaragi is remembering Aoi crying after hearing everything, then Komaki and Daigo find him. Sayo and Hiyuu have reached the house. Sayo is going in when she tells Hiyuu that he can stay the night b/c it’s too late,but when Hiyuu steps in the house turns into this weird place. Kisaragi says that most likely Kozunu has Aoi. On the otherside Hiyuu is facing Kozunu and Sayo.

Infront of Kisaragi, Komaki and Daigo Aoi comes out, when Komaki is about to go to her, Kisaragi stops her and tells her to look carefully Aoi’s right eye turns into like a ying-yang sign. Kyouichi I think is going after Hiyuu. Kisaragi is flashbacking to different things and then he starts moving towards her but Komaki. Daigo and Kisaragi get thrown back. Kisaragi tells Daigo that they have to stop Aoi and then Kidou-shu appear and Marie Claire. On the otherside Hiyuu can’t move, Kozunu tells him that Sayo isn’t living, then they show how Kozunu brought her back. Kozunu says that she is some sort of an oni and that she died long back and then he shows her hand which is dead flesh. Kozunu said that he brought her to life to bring Hiyuu here, then Sayo says that Kozunu promised that he would bring her parents back to life and that everyone can come back to how they were and then Sayo apologizes. Hiyuu says that he understands. Aoi is fighting with Komaki. Kisaragi and Daigo. Kozunu tells Hiyuu that Aoi has become his possesion, Kozunu had planned it so that Sayo would take Hiyuu away from Aoi. Kozunu wants to know what Hiyuu is. Then Kozunu says that he will see Hiyuu’s truth and then Kozunu sees all  that has happened so far including way before his master told him to go to Magami school. He sees Hiyuu when he hwas a small kid and a guys face with a big scar, when Hiyuu was a baby and way before to I think when Hiyuu fought Kozunu. Then Kozunu says “you, he is..” and then he bangs his head with Hiyuu’s. Then Kozunu sees his mom hanging and I think he kills some other people. Kozunu is saying “wrong, no I am Kozunu, I am Tendou Kozunu.”

Back to present Kozunu says he knows now why he was soo interested in Hiyuu, Kozunu says “you have, your family has” and then Kozunu says “die” and a tear drop falls and then Kozunu screams “die!!!!!” he puts his hand through Hiyuu. Sayo is remembering back to what all Hiyuu did for her when she looks at that toy and says “stop, please stop!!, I don’t care what happens to me” and then Sayo starts melting or something like that, Kozunu tells her that if she likes Hiyuu that much she should go die with him, when Kozunu is about to finish Hiyuu off, Sayo tries to stop him and then Sayo melts away. Hiyuu wakes up to find him self outside there is no house there only the toy is left, Kozunu stamps it. Then Hiyuu starts fighting with Kozunu b/c he is soo angry. While fighting Kozunu says “you, b/c of you the Kozunu family, mother… You, you, to mother, give back mother, give mother back!!!!” Hiyuu gets cut really bad by Kozunu but he heals very fast. On the otherside Komaki,Daigo and Kisaragi are being sucked down by weird things. Kisaragi is chanting something, Maire Claire is watching all this when suddenly weird blue symbols causes the thing which had caught Kisaragi etc to disappear, Marie Claire is really pissed, Raito Umon comes to their rescue and then the miko twins come to help. Raito makes them disappear. On the otherside Kyouichi reaches up, but Kozunu just laughs and disappears, then Hiyuu collapses.

  • I don’t know what is said in the ending and I can’t figure out who it is. 
  • Hiyuu kept on taking stuff from his hood lol!
  • This episode shows us more about Kozunu’s past and Hiyuu’s.

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3 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 11”

  1. Yuki says:

    FINALLY!!!!! HIYUU PAST! ;.; Poor Hiyuu *hugs him* AMM SO SORRY HIYUU! I LOVE U!!

  2. Lissa says:

    holy crap. crazy action. and wow. im speechless

  3. Nova says:

    Thats just crazy! whats the connection between Hyuu and Kozunu i wonder!? 0_o,, Wahh cant wait for more XD~~ ty