Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 12

Episode starts off with Kozunu saying “the time has come to release..” Marie Claire is telling some guy named Yagyu that Kozunu has got Bosatsu’s eye in his hand but he seems to be hiding something else. Yagyu tells her to let Kozunu be. The detective guy is telling the scientist dude that its really quiet and that he has a bad feeling. Kyouichi asks Raito why he came back. Raito tells him that it has nothing to do with Kyouichi etc but when he follows Kyouichi etc Raito thinks that he can meet him (Kozunu?) When Kyuoichi is about to ask him who “he” is, the nurse comes in and tells Kyouichi that Hiyuu doesn’t seem to have any life threatening injuries. Komaki asks the miko twins why they helped out then Daigo’s teacher comes in and says that he will explain. Kisaragi knows Ryuuzan too and the doctor, Iwayama knows him too.

Ryuuzan says that there is something known as bosatsu’s eye and he says that it has a lot of power and something about it being very dangerous. He also says that if someone can manipulate ryuugyaku Ryumyaku (dragon vein) it would be dangerous. He continues to say that a person that has Bosatsu’s eye has a certain kind of power, I think it’s like a healing power b/c Komaki remembers to when Aoi healed that girl and then Komaki wonders if Aoi has bosatsu’s eye. Iwayama says that Bosatsu’s power is different from hers, Bosatsu can make a dead person alive and heal wounds. Ryuuzan says how in the first episode he tried to get Kozunu but Kozunu was too powerful. Komaki then figures out that Kozunu was after ryuugyaku Ryumyaku so he is also after Aoi b/c she has Bosatsu’s eye. Komaki asks Kisaragi whther he talked to Aoi and tells him that he is stupid if he told her and she asks him what he told Aoi. Kisaragi says that he has to kill bosatsu’s eye before it becomes too dangerous. Komaki punches him b/c she is so angry. Daigo and Toono try to stop her, Komaki asks “why? why does Aoi have to be killed???!!!! It’s not Aoi’s fault that she has been born with that power”  Ryuuzan asks Kisaragi whether his father told him to do that and he says that he knows that the kisaragi family protects Tokyo and protected it in the Edo period. Ryuuzan says that Kisaragi family’s mission is to kill Bosatsu’s eye.

Marie Claire goes to Kozunu, he makes fun of her by saying that her master was also using her a puppet. Ryuuzan says that its about time for it to start and he needs to talk to Kisaragi and everyone about something. Ryuuzan says something about Kozunu’s family protecting the person with Bosatsu’s eye by geiho. He is talking about some battle that happened long ago. Ryuuzan says that Kozunu family continued to exist in the shadows of history and he says something about Tendou Kozunu having something. Kozunu remembers back to when his mom was taken. Hiyuu wakes up and says that he thinks he understands. Hiyuu says that Kozunu tried to look inside his heart, he says that he felt Kozunu’s regret, pain and he says that he wants to save Kozunu’s heart. Raito gets angry and says no way. Hiyuu says that he wants to fight to protect and he says that Aoi must have thought that too. Marie Claire goes to Kozunu and asks him whats going to begin, Kidou-shu symbols start flying up, Kozunu says something about the Kozunu family members lying dead there and that when he reads something from a book their blood will be released?? Then Ryuuzan, Iwayama and the others feel something. Kozunu is chanting something and all the Kidou-shu symbols are going into the book, Aoi’s eye is being pulled out, pillars of light shoot out from different places in the whole city. Then all the purpleish light goes into Aoi’s eye she starts screaming. 

Iwayama says that its begun and she tells them to try to get Aoi back as soon as possible. The guy from the before episode who took Aoi away in his little world says that he can hear Aoi’s crying voice. That guy says that Aoi saved him last time so now this time he wants to help her. Hiyuu is looking at the toy and saying “I couldn’t protect you but…” Kyouichi asks Kisaragi whether he is still going to kill Aoi, Kisaragi tells him that, that is his mission, Kyouichi tells him that then he will be Kisaragi’s opponent and Kyouichi says that he will protect her. Raito says that he will get Kozunu for sure, Hiyuu tells him that he won’t let Raito get Kozunu. Then weird explosions are shown, Ryuuzan says that it is an oni. Toono takes a picture of everyone that’s going to save Aoi, then she tells them to come back for sure and tell her everything.  Then Kyouichi says that “this is the last battle, get your spirits up and lets go!!”

  • sorry it took so long to finish the summary. I am not sure if Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou is going to run for 14 episodes or more.
  • next episode seems like a big one, there should be lots of fighting.

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7 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 12”

  1. Yuki says:

    I heard there was only going to be 25 episode. Someone I know read it on the web-pge for this anime.

    But when I watched this episode it looked to be about 13 episode.

    But I also watched another anime that was like that and I though only 13 episode. Come to find out it was 24 episodes ^.^()

    So who knows intil Next week episode is on.

  2. Nova says:

    I read somewhere it was 14 only, thou its a weird number, hehe i never new an anime that would end at 14 eps ^^;;, Anyway ty for review

  3. Lissa says:

    it certainly DOES look short. but maybe there will be someone worse than Kozunu coming along later…

    i hope its 25 eps!

  4. M says:

    “TMGK: Tou” ends at episode 14. However I won’t be surprised and I also expect there to be a sequel. After all, there were 25 episodes announced in total, I presume they’ll finish the “Tou” part and move on to what happens next in the TMKG game, well whenever. I suggest checking out tokyomajin @ livejournal community in my link for more info.

    Also, for the interested, a drama cd will be out in June. =)

  5. Karz says:

    Thanks a lot for all your information. I’ll check the site out. Hopefully it will go on for 25 episodes.

  6. diwj says:

    i realllllly don’t like the sound of this ending so soon…… you have got to be kidding me!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! >.

  7. Testament says:

    This show is good, i would like it to go up to 50 eps