Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 13

Episode starts off with that Yagyu guy asking Kozunu whether he wants power. Hiyuu, Kyouichi, Kisaragi, Daigo, Komaki, miko twins etc are going to where the oni is. Kozunu is saying that some guy told him that if he wants to release something he needs power and that if he is ready to throw away a person’s heart, then he has the ability to gain that power. They are recaping on all the events that have happened so far and Kozunu is saying that he doesn’t need a heart and that he has already thrown his away. He is also saying “A person’s heart look what it did to mother” Kozunu continues to say that he has been chosen and he is telling to kill and to become an oni, he also says that he will show geiho. Onis are trying to get to the hospital, Ryuuzan tells Toono that they can’t come in the hospital b/c of a barrier. On the other side Kyouichi etc have their weapons ready to fight. Aoi is screaming and there is a big eyeball type thing, Kozunu is telling his mom to watch and see the same thing they had done to his mom. Then a corpse type thing comes out, in the hospital the doctor and Ryuuzan say that it’s here. Kyouichi etc arrive. Raito goes first but goes down easily. Kozunu sends the other onis to fight with them, miko twins tell Hiyuu to go ahead and save Aoi. They are getting beat badly. Hiyuu reaches where Aoi is but when he tries to touch her, Aoi stops his hand and electrocutes him her right eye is a black hole. Shifts over to Kyouichi and Raito fighting. Miko twins are surrounded by wind. Komaki and Daigo are in like a ball of water.

Kozunu takes a blade out and tells Aoi to kill Hiyuu. But Hiyuu doesn’t move he just smiles and closes his eyes, Hiyuu gets stabbed. Aoi’s right eye has a weird purple symbol on it. Kisaragi tries to kill Aoi, but Kyouichi deflects the blade. Hiyuu “Misato-san, misato-san, can you hear me? I am sorry. Even though Misato-san was hurting I couldn’t do anything. I said that I was happy to meet everyone. I had never had friends like everyone. I was very happy and wanted to think about everyone but… Misato-san you were worried about not being able to protect but it’s not like that, Misato-san has protected all of us so many times, so many, so many times, you protected. I don’t know if Misato-san has realized or not but Kyouichi, Sakurai-san, Daigo-kun and everyone has realized that because Misato-san was there… because she protected…. we all have been able to fight till now. We need Misato-san, it doesn’t matter what power you have, but we will protect you. We will show you that we can protect you for sure. That’s why please come back, Misato-san” Then there is a blast and the corpse that was in her goes out and the sword breaks. Aoi is back! Kozunu is shocked that his jutsu was released and he says that Aoi is his property. Aoi “I will protect. I won’t be beaten. I will protect everyone” Daigo and Komaki burst through the water ball, the miko twins also get out of the wind barrier. Raito “ Fight to protect” All of them get their energy back and start kicking butt. All of Kozunu’s onis are being defeated.

Kozunu is remembering the time his mom was taken away. Before Kozunu’s hand can reach his mom it gets cut off by Raito. A yellow stream of light springs out and clears away the red clouds. The nurse and Sagaya reach up with Kyouichi etc. Kozunu is hurt really bad. Aoi tells him that she felt the sadness in Kozunu’s heart, Kozunu tells her to shut up. Hiyuu “Kozunu Tendou, I want to save you” Kozunu starts punching Hiyuu, Kyouichi stops Daigo from stopping Kozunu. Hiyuu punches Kozunu, Kozunu is crying and saying that he won’t be beat and tells his mother that he will come. Then the place starts shaking and that corpse guy comes out and some other things, they try to pull Kozunu down, Marie Claire is also being sucked down and streams of purple light start shooting out from the ground. Hiyuu, Kyouichi etc run out from there. Yagyu is watching all of this and says “One thing that was wanted has fallen, foolish Kozunu Tendou.”

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4 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 13”

  1. Lissa says:

    and so the story continues… ^____^ i hope its more than 14 episodes.

  2. diwj says:

    shocks, it seems a bit too easy getting Aoi back. lol, i’m happy all the same!

  3. sashi says:

    when did the 13th episode come out?

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