Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 14

Starts off with kid version Hiyuu. He is telling his mom that he loves strawberries. Back in the present Aoi is talking to her teacher, and she tells Aoi to come talk to her if anything happens. Aoi and Komaki are thinking about what they want to do after they graduate, Daigo shows them a letter from a scout that he got but I think he wants to become a cook instead. Komaki while looking at Kyouichi says that there are some people who haven’t thought about it at all. It has been a week since the whole Kozunu thing. Hiyuu had fallen and so the nurse lady took care of him. Everyone has gone back to their jobs etc. They show a glimpse of Raito and the miko twins. Ryuuzan is saying that the journey or path of the Kisaragi family isn’t alone and he says to think about it carefully. Kisaragi is telling his teacher that he doesn’t know/understand his path. Komaki makes fun of Kyouichi by saying that Hiyuu has recently started doing things on his own and leaving Kyouichi behind. Then Toono comes out and tells Aoi, Kyouichi, Komaki and Daigo something, so all of them run out saying that its sounds interesting.

Hiyuu is with his parents and has bought lots of food for them and then Aoi, Kyouiochi, Komaki and Daigo come out and Toono is also there. Kyouichi is making fun of Hiyuu b/c his mom calls him “Hii-chan” Hiyuu’s mom says that Aoi is as pretty as it says in the letter. Aoi etc are wondering what happened to Kisaragi. Then Hiyuu  sees a kid in a wheelchair and he looks really shocked to see him, but when Kyouichi calls Hiyuu, the boy disappears. Then they show some girl. Yukino goes to Kyouichi and Hiyuu, and Hinano goes to Komaki. Everyone is called to Ryuuzan’s place b/c he has something to show them. He shows them Kozunu’s hand. Ryuuzan tells them that there is something known as “shukusay” It has something to do with people being born under a star and then they take the path of that star or something like that. Ryuuzan says that all of them met to fight Kozunu and that is is shukusay’s path. Kyouichi says that life cannot be chosen right when they are born and he says that he isn’t fighting b/c of that, he is fighting b/c he wants to. Iwayama is telling the nurse that Aoi’s power and her power are totally different. The doctor explains why Aoi’s power is really dangerous. Aoi says that if that is her shukusay then she will surpass it b/c she has her friends with her and if shukusay brought all of them together then… Ryuuzan says that if she can control her power then she might be able to save a person’s life.

Kisaragi comes face to face with Aoi. Ryuuzan has planned it so that all of them will meet each other. When he is about to leave Aoi asks him where is he going. But Kisaragi tries to go away from there but Aoi stops him, Kyouichi says “You couldn’t kill Aoi, so you want to die” Aoi gives that bracelet back to him, Aoi asks him to stay with them like before. Then suddenly the barrier gets broken and then Kozunu comes out and he collapses, Aoi wants to go help him but Kisaragi is trying to stop her and then an oni comes out from inside him. Ryuuzan is saying that that is the power of geiho’s true identity. Hiyuu and Kyouichi get ready to fight. When they think they have defeated it they see the kidou-shu protecting it. Kisaragi is flashbacking on what all Ryuuzan said. The oni is right infront of Kisaragi and Aoi. Aoi runs to the oni and tells him to stop. Kisaragi comes in the way and the oni slashes Kisaragi. Kozunu’s hand breaks free from the cloth wrapped around it. Aoi is telling Kisaragi that she doesn’t want anyone else to die and that she won’t allow it for sure. Hiyuu is getting ready to finish off Kozunu. Aoi heals Kisaragi. Kyouichi and Hiyuu finish Kozunu off. Aoi goes to Hiyuu and Kyouichi and tells them that they didn’t need to kill him, Kyouichi said that Kozunu wanted this to end. Aoi is telling Kozunu “it must have been painful, but now its going to be over” Kozunu is remembering his mom then he disappears. Ryuuzan is saying that Kozunu couldn’t have got all this power by himself and that most likely there is someone else behind it. They all think that Kozunu came to warn them about whatever is coming and to tell them that its not over yet. Kyouichi tells Kisaragi that Aoi will continue fighting and he tells Kisaragi “If you want to die, die after Aoi. Till then you aren’t in any hurry right?”

  • The character drawings for this episode was pretty bad.
  • This arc is over and i think the next arc is coming back in July 
  • Also the whole thing about shukusay I think it means that a person’s destiny is already chosen before they are born.
  •  Also I am not sure about the spelling of shukusay.

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9 Responses to “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 14”

  1. Lissa says:

    in JULY?!!! nooooooooooooo!!! What am I supposed to watch until then??!! crap.

    thanks for blogging though!

  2. eden says:

    Thanks! I think 14 episodes won’t wrap it all so I’ll be waiting for the second season.The drawings were really bad though.

  3. darkarcher says:

    dude there are tons of shows (my favorite Fate/Stay Night)its a must watch!!

  4. Lissa says:

    ^ Already seen it :)

  5. diwj says:

    BACK! anyway, thanks so much for the info! and YESSS there is a 2nd season. a bit dissapointed with this ep. but still heck i love the characters too much now. Kyouichi is the best! Hiyuu is too sweet, i can’t not like them! ^o^/

  6. ericthefred says:

    According to Wikipedia, “Second Act” begins on July 27.
    Hopefully some light will be shed on two characters we were teased with for the entire first season. The teachers Inugami and Maria both clearly know what’s up (maybe less so with Maria. It isn’t clear, but she does seem to have a part.) Since the name of the series Tokyo Majin Gakuen can be translated roughly Tokyo Spirit Academy or Tokyo Demon Academy it would be interesting to know if the school and its teachers play into the story more than we now know. Inugami did send them to Dr. Iwayama when Misato collapsed, so he at least seems to be on the good side. An ‘inugami’ in Japanese folklore is not necessarily a good thing, though.

  7. zenical says:

    i love the storyline tho i though that 14 episodes were short.. the drawing sucks abit too.. but storyline is great. OH WELL xD

  8. aya says:

    if you want to find more about it or dl free eps
    check this site out x3

  9. Lissa says:


    Just letting you know, TGMK 15 RAW must be out now, I’ve seen several clips from it. =D

    Hope you’ll finish blogging the rest!