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D.gray-man - 17

                Kanda gets hurt and so does Allen while fighting Vittorio. In the cottage where they are staying at, an old lady tells them the story of the Vittorio. There was a princess named Sandra who said that she would marry the strongest man in the world. So many men fought against Vittorio to marry [...]

D.gray-man - 16

    Allen and Lenalee go to Rome to find Kanda. Lenalee is not talking to Allen, so he apologizes to her in the train station. She tells him that he shoundn’t do thinks on his own and that they are comrades. She also says she hates his left eye because he can see the akuma. [...]

D.Gray-man - 15

  Lenalee wakes up and remembers her past. Allen wakes and finds himself being carried by Lavi. Allen and all stay at a cottage with Elda and her father. Kanda left the finder in the cold but luckily he finds his way. But tells Kanda that he cound’t [...]

D.Gray-man - 14

  Allen ends up going with Kanda to find an Innocence. Lavi and Bookman tag along too! In the train Lavi troubles Allen but eventually Allen goes to sleep so Lavi goes and braids Kanda’s hair, he gets angry and is ready to cut Lavi when [...]

D.Gray-man episode 13

Bookman is introduced to Allen. Allen and Lavi go to the city. There we come to know that Lavi is 18 years old while Allen is 15 years old. We also come to know Kanda’s first name is Yu. Allen freaks out when he can’t make out whether a person is a human or an [...]

D.Gray-man episode 12

 Allen and Lenalee fight with Road. Road kills her own akuma to make Allen suffer as he can see the akuma’s soul. He can see the pain he is going through. Allen tries to safe the akuma but Lenalee stops him saying that he will die too. Late when Road is about to leave, Allen [...]