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NANA - 47 Season Finale

The episode starts with the same words Nana said in the ending of the last episode. Hachi is saying that she the fireworks will come in, on that day she will be waiting with everyone else in room 707 and she says that she has a yukata ready for Nana. In the present Hachi and [...]

NANA - 46

Reunion! Hachi and Shoji 
Nana’s voice is saying that now they are no more an amateur band and that they have signed a contract with Gaia. Nana also says that she thought that they could play in the band freely with Hachi and her kid. Nana says how their day goes by, first they all play [...]

NANA - 45

Episode starts off with Nana and the other BLAST members thinking Takumi might be with Reira. Nana is very angry, but she has to calm herself b/c she starts feeling like her breath is going away. Blast and Trapnest are getting ready to come on TV. Hachi and Junko are watching the show and they [...]

NANA - 44

Nana’s voice “My dream was to make the band really popular and to make every japanese person know our name even if I had to go to everyone one by one”
Nobu and Shin are looking at their schedule. Yasu goes to see Trapnest, there Reira calls him a traitor. Yasu sees Ren’s hands shaking and [...]

NANA - 43

                                       Blast, Guerilla Live
    Nana’s voice “If I died now I don’t think Ren would die with me, but thats fine, if it wasn’t like that I wouldn’t be able to go on. The me who thought that, that was sad/painful is strange for sure.”
    Nobu goes to the next room, Miu’s room, asking for a paper bag. [...]

NANA - 42

     Reira is thanking Shin for replying back to her mail and she tells him that she has been saved by Shin’s words again. Hachi’s dad asks Takumi whether he can handle taking care of Hachi and the baby while being famous. Takumi tells him that he will take care of them well. Reira is [...]

Nana - 41

Ren wants to go back to Japan and isn’t happy that Takumi got to go back to Japan. Takumi has gone back to Japan to meet Hachi’s parents. Hachi is back at her home-town and she visited her family and told them that Takumi is coming tomorrow. Her sister is telling her that Takumi seemed like [...]

NANA - 40

                                                BLAST, Debut!!
   Everyone is talking about Nana and Ren. High school kids, middle school and even mothers are talking about Nana and Ren. Gaia or search weekly (not sure) is being flooded in with phone calls. Kawano and Matsuo are talking about what has happened and the consequences. And they are saying that they [...]

NANA - 39

      This episode starts off with everyone watching the Morning 7 news, they are talking about Ren and Nana. Hachi’s family is shocked that the girl who came over to their place with Hachi is with Trapnest’s Ren. Shouji calls up Kyosuke and Junko, asking them to switch on the TV. Hachi and Takumi are [...]

NANA - 38

       Mari comes into Reira’s room and tells her that today she has lots of stuff to do like the recording etc. When Reira goes to the washroom she finds Shin’s chain/lighter and she remembers back to the first time he had left it and she is really happy. Switches to Nana and Ren talking [...]