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NANA - 45

Episode starts off with Nana and the other BLAST members thinking Takumi might be with Reira. Nana is very angry, but she has to calm herself b/c she starts feeling like her breath is going away. Blast and Trapnest are getting ready to come on TV. Hachi and Junko are watching the show and they [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 23

Kanazawa gives all of them a copy of the theme for the next and last selection. Hihara, Hino and Tsuchiura are talking about Yunoki and what he might be doing in England when they start walking in a hall where all the girls are gloomy and sad especially the three girls who are after Yunoki [...]

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 8

The two mikos tell the old man the situation. People are being attacked by onis and Kyouichi, Hiyuu, Komaki, Daigo and Aoi are fighting one of the onis. Later on all of them are training. Aoi is trying to train by fighting against Kyouichi. Toono is asking them if an oni came out the night [...]

NANA - 44

Nana’s voice “My dream was to make the band really popular and to make every japanese person know our name even if I had to go to everyone one by one”
Nobu and Shin are looking at their schedule. Yasu goes to see Trapnest, there Reira calls him a traitor. Yasu sees Ren’s hands shaking and [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 22

Tsuchiura, Shimizu, Fuyuumi, Tsukimori, Kanazawa and Hihara are hearing people talking about Hino and how she should quit etc. Hihara’s friend tells him to practice and to do his best b/c when Yunoki goes only Hihara will be left from the 3rd year music students. Hihara asks Kanazawa if just loving it is enough and he [...]

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou - 7

Episode starts off with a flashback showing Aoi meeting Kisaragi when they were kids. Kisaragi is hurt pretty bad and he flashbacks to when he was a kid and he broke a cup at Aoi’s place. Kyouichi notices that Aoi has been day dreaming a lot so he asks her why she is day dreaming [...]

Spring Season 2007 preview

Spring is almost here. Time to check out what shows I might blog and the other shows that are around. There are loads of anime to look forward. I can’t wait! The list may increase later on! The summaries are from anime news network, anidb and animeNfo.
-Very Interested in!!-
Heroic Age 
Airing: April 1

Answering the call of [...]

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Opening/Ending

Opening 0:00 AM by ACID
instrumental version 0:00 AM
Ending Hanafubuki by Acid
Instrumental Version Hanafubuki
Please support the artist by buying their CDs thank you!
Thank you Lissa for sending the links!!

NANA - 43

                                       Blast, Guerilla Live
    Nana’s voice “If I died now I don’t think Ren would die with me, but thats fine, if it wasn’t like that I wouldn’t be able to go on. The me who thought that, that was sad/painful is strange for sure.”
    Nobu goes to the next room, Miu’s room, asking for a paper bag. [...]

La Corda D’Oro - 21

Hino wants Tsukimori to teach her how to repair the violin. Tsukimori flashbacks on the first day they meet. He tells himself that “she looked at me with the same eyes as that time” Anyways he takes her to this guy Nakata-san who owns a violin shop and makes violins etc. Nakata-san tells her that [...]